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Rebecca Martinez

Project 3

May 11, 2017

HED 044

Project 3 Case Study: Katya

Katya is a college freshman, who like other students is struggling with

anxiety. Katya however, is dealing with severe anxiety. Combined with the

feeling that her studying is not going to make a difference, she feels the

pressure to do well on her Chemistry exam or else shell loose her

scholarship. With only two days until the exam, Katya suffered a panic attack

while trying to study. Her anxiety is holding her back from studying and

doing as well as she can on the exam.

Like most students, Ive experienced anxiety right before an exam as

well. However, its not all tests and exams that leave me struggling with

anxiety. Its the exams that I know I must get a good grade on in order to

pass the class. Ive had professors in the past who make it extremely clear

and almost threatening that we need to pass a certain exam in order to pass

the class. On top of that feeling, theres the pressure to get all As and Bs

and maintain a great GPA. Most of the students that Ive talked to worry

more about getting an A than actually learning the material being taught.

This causes negative stress, which is not going to help students do their best.
From trial and error, Ive learned different ways to manage testing

anxiety. For me, one of the most important steps I take is to get a

goodnights sleep. If I find myself struggling with the decision of either going

to bed early or studying as much as I can, I will always pick going to bed

early. My body and mind doesnt function well if I dont sleep, and all the

information that I studied will not be there in the morning. By sleeping early,

Im able to wake up not just early but very well rested and more confident for

the day.

Because Katya went through a panic attack and is dealing with severe

anxiety, it would be best for her to seek professional help immediately from

the resources her campus offers. According to the ADAA, the anxiety a

student feels can cause them to have a panic attack. The panic attack then

leads to the student with the inability to breathe. Even with her exam just

two days away, getting help as soon as possible would be very helpful for her

mental health. From there Katya can take steps that will help her manage her

anxiety. The Princeton Review focuses on 10 Ways to Overcome Test Anxiety.

Because every student is different, Ive pick out a three tips for Katya.

The first tip is the most important for Katya, which is focusing on a

positive attitude. Katya is letting her fear of failing fuel her anxiety making

her mental health suffer in a downward spiral. I believe that if she focuses on

something positive then she will be able to put herself into a more relaxed

state. The next tip is concentrating on breathing slowly. Breathing in and out
slowly will allow her mind and heart rate to go into a more relaxed state. By

being able to physically and mentally relax, she will be able to recall

information more easily. The next tip for Katya would be to get to class early.

Princeton Review mentions that, feeling rushed will only amp up the

anxiety. Getting to class on time allows Katya to focus on the previous two

steps and gives her time to do a quick review. For me, getting to class early

allows me to get a comfortable seat and be able to get settled and calm in

my environment.

Katya currently has very low self-efficacy, which is causing her to have

severe anxiety. In order for Katya to really make a difference in her life, she

has to develop her self-efficacy. By doing this she will raise her confidence in

herself and take control of anything she sets her mind on. A great way for

her to develop her self-efficacy is to accomplish a small goal. By doing this

repeatedly her confidence will be able to strengthen. After strong efficacy

expectations are developed through repeated success, the negative impact

of occasional failures is likely to be reduced. (Ootim, 2000, Web.) Since

Katya is a freshman in college, she has a long way to go before graduation.

She will especially feel the toll when she has to face difficult classes on her

journey to success. With each new semester Katya has to be more open

minded and optimistic. For myself, I treat each semester as an opportunity to

do the best that I can. Even if the previous semester was difficult, I go into

the next one feeling confident. If I was able to get through a hard semester,

then Ill be able to get through the next one with more experience.

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