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Note! For the current release My Courses can be configured to support the
Program of Study configuration only and not the Program Type configuration.

Other notes:
My Results can be configured for the current release to calculate results by
Program of Study only and not by Program Type.
The grades displayed are calculated using a set of criteria for performance
indicators that is calculated in the back end.
The rank displayed on the detailed appraisal page is calculated using a
standard report, the "module based student " report. During configuration of this
report, the Module ID, the Session ID and Appraisal Type must be maintained
without ticking the test run check box.

The world is changing. Our new standard of user experience takes into
consideration all aspects of the users interaction with products, systems,
processes, and services. It is not limited to the usability of a system but looks at
the users holistic experience. Usability as part of UX relates to the ease with
which users can achieve their goals while interacting with a system.

The overall experience of consumer apps is quickly becoming the new standard
for enterprise applications and is rapidly redefining the business experience.
Business users want the same ease of use and convenience with their
enterprise software that they experience with their consumer apps. Business
users demand that consumer experience in the enterprise.