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31 January 2012

Robust design and superior coverage,

backed by experts
Openreach makes every effort to ensure the information in this report is accurate at the time of
compilation, however, Openreach does not represent that it is complete and Communications
Providers should check with Openreach for the latest available information. Openreach reserves
the right to modify delivery criteria and delivery dates.
The OSA FSP 3000 is supplied in association with
ADVA Optical Networking

About ADVA

ADVA Optical Networking equipment provides Openreach with unparalleled flexibility in

multiplexing, transporting and protecting high-speed data, storage and video applications.
It has a long established working relationship with the BT Group and Openreach in
particular, and continues to develop joint solutions to address the future market needs
around high-speed Ethernet, cloud, storage and infrastructure services.

ADVA FSP 3000 - Overview
Enhanced optical terminating equipment from ADVA
Optical Networking
Supersedes the ADVA FSP 2000
Attractive entry level prices
Commercial & technical flexibility (via Slimline 1U &
7U chassis)
Route distance range - up to 100km available
Significant space and power savings
Wide range of flexible options for design
Additional resilience capability for RO1 circuits
Improved management and availability of technical
data for customers.

Lead times System latency

Initial view available
targeted at 35
at pre design stage
working days with actuals upon
for forecast orders installation
ADVA FSP 3000 - chassis
A fully featured, high capacity chassis, with slimline
(1U) and 7U options which provides the flexibility to
meet an extensive range of needs at a great price.

Slimline 1U chassis

1U has a double card slot capability. This can run either

without filters (max 1 wavelength) or with an additional 1U
passive filter shelf (max 4 wavelengths)
Standard and RO2 bearer options
Ideal to deliver higher volumes of 1Gig services

Standard 7U chassis

Chassis capacity - 12 channels, less if double-width

transponders or RO1 used. Bearer will have capacity for 32
optical channels, in most cases this will require 3 chassis, but
could be more if double-width cards are used
Standard, RO1* and RO2 bearer options
Future FSP 3000 developments mid point amps, and rings &

* RO1 uses a protection module known as the VSM card. This will
protect against fibre breaks only and will use one wavelength on the
bearer, leaving 31 for customer use.
New slim line 1U chassis

Single (1 slot) with RO2 option 1U chassis offers a choice of

configurations and a low entry price
1U high chassis for a single wavelength (all card
product to meet light initial
Compact service option requirements.
Can be upgraded by adding expansion
filters and chassis.
Uses less space in the exchange
and provides an ideal solution where
Standard (2 slots) with RO2 option there is limited space to terminate
an Optical service.
Enables the build of a mini Optical system to cater
for up to four wavelengths The single (1 slot) option allows you
Can be grown by adding extra modules.
to start small with lower risk.

Choosing an additional filter pack

(standard option) will enable you to
grow capacity easily (up to 4
chassis wavelengths) and at your own pace.
2 slots

Passive shelf
required for
7U high chassis option

A fully featured, high capacity chassis which

provides the flexibility to meet an extensive
range of needs at a great price.
16 slots available for all card types
including transponders, filters, protection
cards and optical supervisory cards
12 channel chassis capacity (less if
double-width transponders or RO1 used)
32 optical channel** bearer capacity (in
most cases this will require 3 chassis,
more if double-width cards are used)
Resilient options RO1 and RO2.
ADVA FSP 3000 v FSP 2000
FSP 2000 features (superseded Jan 2012) FSP 3000 features (launched Jan 2012)

35 km radial distance 103km route distance

57 days lead time 35 days lead time (for forecast orders)
5U chassis Choice of 1U and 7U chassis
Chassis Capacity 12 channels, less if double-
Chassis capacity - slot capacity for 8 single-width width transponders or RO1 used. Bearer has
transponders. To support 32 optical channels, 4 capacity for 32 optical channels, in most cases
chassis are required this will require 3 chassis, but could be more if
double-width cards are used.
2.5Gb, 4Gb or 10Gb or a combination of both on
2.5Gb or 10Gb or a combination of both on each
each bearer, depending on fibre characteristics
bearer, depending on fibre characteristics and the
and the overall distance between the sites to be
overall distance between the sites to be connected
Resilience Options 1 and 2 (RO1 and RO2) Resilience Options 1 and 2 (RO1 and RO2)
available on unamplified section of circuit available over full length of circuit
Full Enterprise Certification (Brocade, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Hitachi, EMC2, NEC and Juniper Networks)

Five hour guaranteed repair time

Proactively monitored with optional fibre and wavelength protection
Subject to design considerations, existing wavelengths can be easily upgraded and interfaces can be
changed to keep up with changing customer demands

Low latency

Secure un-contended bandwidth

A choice of 1, 3 or 5 year minimum periods

Distance support
The FSP 3000 provides increased distance support by means of end point optical
amplifiers. Distances of up to 103km route can be supported.
It has been agreed that planning rules will be introduced so that 4Gig cards can be
deployed with a shorter reach.

2.5Gb & 10Gb

Enterprise &
4Gb Core Cards
10Gb 10Gb
Access Cards 5 Port D09534
Access Card Core Card
Service offering 4 Port D09529 10 Port D09532
Dual Port D09533 Dual Port D09531
4 Port D09530 Single Port D09526
(km) (km)
(km) Single Port D09527
Dual Port D09528

OSA RO1 with booster +

50 64 71 100

OSA standard & RO2 with

66 72 76 103
booster + pre-amp
ADVA FSP 3000 card options
Card D-code Bandwidth Protocols

Single port D09527 2.5Gb STM16, STM-4, STM-1, OTU1

D09526 10Gb STM64, 10GbE WAN, 10GbE LAN and 10G
Multi-port cards

4 port (Data) D09529 4Gb GEx4, 1Gb FCx4, 2Gb FCx2, 4Gb FC, 2G
Coupling Link
4 port (TDM) D09530 4Gb STM1x4, STM4x4, 1GEx4
10 port D09532 10Gb GEx9, 1Gb FCx10, 2Gb FCx5, 4Gb FCx2,
STM4x10, STM16x3
2 port D09528 2.5Gb STM16, 1GFCx2 GbEx2, OTU1
2 port D09531 10Gb STM64, 10GbE WAN, 10GbE LAN, 8Gb FC,
OTU2 (10GFC not supported)
2 port D09533 10Gb STM64, 10GbE WAN, 10GbE LAN, 4Gb FC,
8GFC, OTU2 (10GFC not supported) *Low
latency card*
5 port D09534 Max 10Gb 1Gb/2Gb/4Gb/8Gb/10Gb FC, GE, 10GE (LAN
PHY only), ISC-3.
A quality service from a credible supplier

Experts backed by experts - solutions True resilience our resilient paths

designed by highly qualified teams and use dedicated fibre too, so youll never
supported by our equipment vendors, have to compromise should the worst
ensure they are the very best that can happen
be provided
Range of service interfaces to
Your promises are our promises meet any customer requirement
circuits that are installed on time, every
time so you can keep your promises to UK wide coverage expand to new
your customers sites later without the worry of being
off net, incurring extra charges or
Dedicated fibre avoid the hidden risks finding you cant
of a shared infrastructure and get
exactly what you pay for with full control Choice of minimum period options -
on additional bandwidth/wavelength one, three or five years.
Our commitment to you

We will
We will
make sure you
We will always make sure we
understand the
We know that make sure we offer you the
solution we are
one size does understand solution that
offering and
not fit all what you best meets
well help you
need your individual
brief your

We reserve fibre
We will show The delivery
capacity for you
you how date is our
when we quote,
what we are promise to you
so that you know
offering helps well even try
its available
you save or to beat it and
when you place
make money often we do
an order
Expert advice that really counts

To ensure your optical network investments work as hard for you as possible well
help you:

Make choices that meet your longer term requirements

Avoid solutions that will restrict your ability to expand
See through solutions that are cheap at first, but force you to invest again later
Understand exactly what youll be risking if you choose a shared infrastructure.

If youre new to Optical solutions, or need our advice, well help you understand:

When it makes sense to switch from multiple circuits

How to add optical circuits to improve business continuity in your existing network
How optical solutions can help you save thousands of pounds on space and power.
New to Openreach Optical products?

If so we need to do a few things to get you started:

Explain the process and provide all the advice and guidance you need
Answer all your questions about working with us
Provide product information/guidance if needed
Complete all the details necessary to set you up on our systems.

Our establishment process ensures you are ready and able to order OSS:
Normally takes between two and six weeks to complete.
What next?

Spend time making sure we fully understand what you need

Carry out a survey and agree the design with you
Verify the design with our equipment vendor
Provide a price
Place your order
Start the provisioning process.
Links and contacts
Product Information for ADVA FSP 3000:

Optical Spectrum Microsite: www.openreach-communications.co.uk/optical/


Specific product queries: