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Intergraph Corporation

PO Box 240000
Huntsville, AL 35824

p: 1.256.730.2000

Dear PDS Customer,

PDS documentation is delivered as Printable Guides on the PDS Reference Library CD-ROM
and as Help in the product. Intergraph customers have permission to print as many copies of the
Printable Guides (PDF files) as they need for their own internal, non-commercial use.

The PDS 7.3 Release Bulletin includes all features and documentation updates for the release. The
Printable Guides include new features and document changes in Document Addenda. The
documentation is available on the PDS Online Reference Library CD and at the following eCustomer
Web site: http://ppmcrm.intergraph.com/ecustomer.

PDS Reference Library (CD delivered with PDS software)

Document Number PDS 3D Document Title Document Date
DPDS3-PE-200037B PDS 7.3 Release Bulletin October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200019C Plant Design Licensing (PD_LICE) Installation and October 2004
Users Guide
DPDS3-PB-200023C Project Setup Technical Reference October 2004

DPDS3-PB-200010B 3D Theory Users Guide October 2004

DPDS3-PE-200003C DesignReview Integrator (PD_Review) Ref. Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200004C Drawing Manager (PD_Draw) Users Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200013B EDEN Interface Reference Guide (Vol. 1 Piping) October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200041A EDEN Interface Reference Guide (Vol. 2 Equipment) October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200042A EDEN Interface Reference Guide (Vol. 3 Pipe October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200005D EE RaceWay Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200015C Equipment Modeling (PD_EQP) Users Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200006C Interference Manager (PD_Clash) Users Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PE-200029B PD_Model Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200025B PD_Stress User's Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PE-200016B PDS Express Project Creation Quick Start Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200017C PDS ISOGEN Reference Guide (Vol. 1) October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200038B PDS ISOGEN Reference Guide (Vol. 2) October 2004
DPDS3-PE-200020C PDS Material Data Publisher Data Model October 2004
DPDS3-PE-200031B PE-HVAC Getting Started Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PE-200032B PE-HVAC Overview October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200033C PE-HVAC Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200026B Pipe Supports Modeler (PD_Supports) Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200022C Piping Component Data Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200028C Piping Design (PD_Design) Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200030C Project Administrator (PD_Project) Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200034C Reference Data Manager (PD_Data) Reference Guide October 2004
DPDS3-PB-200035C Report Manager (PD_Report) Users Guide October 2004

October 2004 - DPDS3-PE-200018C

Document Number FrameWorks Plus Document Title Document Date
DFWP3-PE-200002C FrameWorks Plus Help Guide October 2004
DFWP3-PE-200008C FrameWorks Plus Material Data Publisher Data October 2004
DFWP3-PE-200005C FrameWorks Plus Overview October 2004
DFWP3-PE-200004C FrameWorks Plus Programmer's Reference Guide October 2004
DFWP3-PP-200001C FrameWorks Plus Reference Guide October 2004
DFWP3-PP-200003C FrameWorks Plus Tutorial Imperial October 2004
DFWP3-PE-200006C FrameWorks Plus Tutorial Metric October 2004
DFWP3-PE-200007C Intersect Reference Guide October 2004

Document Number DM/DB Access Document Title Document Date

DNA113310 DM/DB Access Administrators Guide August 1994

Document Number Batch Services Document Title Document Date

DSA070841 NT Batch Quick Start Guide May 2000

Document Number RIS Document Title Document Date

DNA1151A0 RIS Installation Guide for 32-Bit Applications August 1996
DNA119040 RIS Programmer's Guide for 32-Bit Applications August 1996
DNA100940 RIS Programmer's Quick Reference August 1995
DNA115310 RIS Report Writer User's Guide for Windows August 1994
DNA100340 RIS SQL Commands Quick Reference August 1995
DNA111660 RIS SQL User's Guide for 32-Bit Applications August 1996
DNA111760 RIS Utilities Guide for 32-Bit Applications August 1996

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information about any Intergraph
Process, Power & Marine documentation. We welcome your comments and suggestions, which
you can e-mail me directly or to PPMdoc@intergraph.com.


Betsy Applegate

Sr. Technical Manager, PPM Product Documentation

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (PPM)

October 2004 - DPDS3-PE-200018C