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Arianna Coty

May 4,2017

Battered Women of All Ages

In America there are so many women who constantly get

abused. According to dictionary.com abuse means to treat in a
harmful, injurious, or offensive way. If you are a woman being
physically abused by your partner and youve lived through at least
two cycles of being battered, you might have whats known as
battered woman syndrome. Battered women syndrome is a mental
disorder that develops in victims of domestic violence as a result of
long term abuse. Battered woman syndrome is dangerous primarily
because it can lead to what some scholars say is learned
helplessness or psychological paralysis. Sometimes when I am
watching Tv I see women get abused. When the women are getting
abused I feel bad for them. Most of the time when people are
getting abused they don't do anything to try to stop the person from
abusing them. The ADL principle I picked that connects to Battered
Women are Be Reflective. Being Reflective means that you are
capable of reflecting on the past. People need to reflect on the past
and try to become better. Facts about Domestic Violence and
physical abuse. Intimate Partner Physical Abuse: More than 10
million Americans are victims of physical violence annually. According
to NCADV.ORG, 20 people are victims of physical violence every
minute in the states. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men is a victim of
some form of physical violence by an intimate partner during their
76% of intimate partner physical violence victims are female; 24%
are male.
1 in 7 women and 1 in 18 men are severely injured by intimate
partners in their lifetimes.
Domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime in the
United States.
Domestic violence is most common among women aged 18-24 and
A majority of physical abuse is committed by dating partners rather
than spouses.
More than 75% of women aged 18-49 who are abused were
previously abused by the same perpetrator.
Intimate partner physical abuse has declined 67% since the
passage of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994.
Slightly more than half of intimate partner physical violence is
reported to law enforcement.

Intimate partner homicide:

In 2007, 1,640 women were murdered by intimate partners; in

2012, 924 women were killed by intimate partners.
40% of female murder victims are killed by intimate partners.
Almost half of intimate partner homicides are committed by dating
76% of women who are killed by intimate partners and 85% of
women who survive homicide attempts are stalked prior to the
murder or attempted murder.

Why Does it matter:

Intimate partner physical abuse is not bound by age, socioeconomic

status, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion
or nationality; it exists in all communities. Contrary to popular belief,
physical abuse is not simply a mal- adjusted persons occasional
expression of frustration or anger, nor is it typically an isolated
incident. Physical abuse is a tool of control and oppression and is a
choice made by one person in a relationship to control another.

Other forms of abuse


1 in 5 women and 1 in 59 men in the United States is raped

during his/her lifetime.
9.4% of women in the United States have been raped by an
intimate partner.


19.3 million women and 5.1 million men in the United States have
been stalked.
66.2% of female stalking victims reported stalking by a current or
former intimate partner.


1 in 3 female murder victims and 1 in 20 male murder victims are

killed by intimate partners.
A study of intimate partner homicides found 20% of victims were
family members or friends of the
abused partner, neighbors, persons who intervened, law enforcement
responders, or bystanders.
72% of all murder-suicides are perpetrated by intimate partners.
94% of murder-suicide victims are female.
Why Do Women Stay In Abusive Relationships???

According to Kamilah, Some stay in abusive relationships because

they feel like they cant find nobody else to love them. They think
they might get hurt.

According to Darion Brooks, Women Stay in their abusive

relationship because the men make them feel like they cant do
things on their own so they stay because they feel like they need

According to Daniel Smith, I think women stay in their abusive

relationships because the are scared that they might get hurt even
more if they leave and they feel as if they need to stay because
they need to help the person that are abusing them with things.

Can Men Experience Domestic Violence???

Recognize domestic violence against men-Mayoclinic.org

It might not be easy to recognize domestic violence against men.

Early in the relationship, your partner might seem attentive, generous
and protective in ways that later turn out to be controlling and
frightening. Initially, the abuse might appear as isolated incidents.
Your partner might apologize and promise not to abuse you again.

You might be experiencing domestic violence if your partner:

Calls you names, insults you or puts you down

Prevents you from going to work or school
Stops you from seeing family members or friends
Tries to control how you spend money, where you go or what
you wear
Acts jealous or possessive or constantly accuses you of being
Gets angry when drinking alcohol or using drugs
Threatens you with violence or a weapon
Hits, kicks, shoves, slaps, chokes, or otherwise hurts you, your
children or your pets
Forces you to have sex or engage in sexual acts against your
Blames you for his or her violent behavior or tells you that you
deserve it.

Business plan:

My business plan is to have a safe haven. A safe Haven is a place of

refuge of security. Temporary refuge given to a persecuted person or
group. My Safe Haven is going to be for Women that are being abused and
their children and animals.In order to contact Aris Safe Haven, you will
have to dial ARI (274) In my Safe Haven is going to have many things in it.
In my Safe Haven it is going to have a Variety of food places, Play rooms
for the children, Play rooms for the animals, and different roms for their
mothers. It will have a nail shop, massage rooms, pools, yoga room, and a
game room. Three times a week there will be people that works there
checking up on them. Asking them about their past and asking them what
they think they should in the future so that it will never happen again. The
workers will help them find a job and a new pace to stay. Once the women
leave Aris Safe Haven they will have to contact the worker that helped
them once a week. If they feel like they need to come back they are
welcomed back anytime.