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SUMMARY OF THE WORK THE PRINCIPLE OF ANTONIO DE SAINT EXUPÉRY The story is told by the Aviator, an adult who is difficult to understand with his contemporaries. In a solitary flight, its airplane undergoes a defect and it lands of emergency in the Sahara desert. There is a meeting with the Little Prince, a child who comes from another planet, so small that only three volcanoes, dwarf baobabs and a flower. The Little Prince asks the aviator to draw a lamb to take him to his world. After making friends with the Aviator, he tells how lonely and melancholy his life was until the arrival of the Flower, a very beautiful flower that loves the Little Prince, but who is difficult to express with sincerity. Because of his doubts about the love of the flower, the Little Prince leaves his asteroid and travels through different worlds, inhabited by curious characters such as the king, the vain, the drinker, the farolero and the geographer. He arrives at last to the Earth, where he knows the serpent and the fox, with whom he establishes a very special bond and of the one who learns that "only looks good with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." At last, the Little Prince returns to the Sahara desert, the place where he descended to Earth, to befriend the Aviator and tell him his adventures. When the Aviator manages to repair his plane, Little Prince is bitten by the snake, as this is the only way he has to return to his planet, to take care of his flower. The Aviator discovers that although the Little Prince has managed to take with him the drawing of the lamb, he has not taken a muzzle to tie it. So it remains with the question of whether or not the lamb can eat the flower. Finally, invoke those who read the book to warn you in case the Little Prince returns to Earth. Comment from The Little Prince The Little Prince is a critique of modern society and the ideals of the civilized man that leads the human being to lose the most elementary values, preventing him from being able to discern the relevance of his own existence. Adults are serious men, people who live without considering what they do each day with their life. They stay in the superficial, the appearances. They lack imagination and have lost the wisdom they had as children. The author shows how the society and the values imposed by it lead inevitably to different forms of obsession such as: power over others, the search for admiration and money, competitiveness at work or the achievement of professional goals and Intellectuals The characters the little prince knows about asteroids embody these aspects of the human being. For them, life is suffering, self-denial and pain. Asteroids are the representation of the isolation they suffer, 'an isolation that prevents them from interacting with anyone else and therefore leaving the vicious circle in which they find becomes totally impossible

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