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Fifth Form Chemistry Practical we 2006-10-16 ASp.Obj.8.1 __Enthalpy of Solution of Magnesium Sulphate EY 2007 MM & AI EY 2012 Ar: O=16 Mg=24 S=32.. Use specific heat capacity of HO = 4.2 J g" °C" as that for the solution..Use density of soln. as =1g cm’ (same as that for pure water at 25°C) ‘You are required to determine the enthalpy of solution of magnesium sulphate. Procedure: Place the 50 cm’ beaker, which has been provided as the weighing vessel, on the top-pan balance and determine its mass. Weigh out in the same beaker about 6.00g of solid magnesium sulphate. Using a measuring cylinder measure 80cm’ of distilled water and transfer the water to:the plastic cup provided. Find the initial temperature of the water by monitoring the temperature over a three minute period keeping the thermometer in the cup through out the period. Record the temperature after three minutes provided that the temperature has reached a steady state. With the thermometer still in the cup, carefully transfer the solid to the cup, stir immediately, taking due care, until the solid has completely dissolved. Record the maximumy/minimum temperature reached. Reweigh the beaker in order to find the mass of residual magnesium sulphate. This mass must be subtracted from the mass of magnesium sulphate previously determined in order to find the mass of the solid actually dissolved. Results: le of Balance Readings I ‘Mass of beaker +magnesium sulphate’/ g Mass of empty beaker”/ g Mass of magnesium sulphate’ 7g 4 Table of Balance Readings II Mass of beakertresidue' /g Mass of empty beaker /g Mass of resiudue™ 7g Mass of MgSO, used £.e.(3-5)/g (4) ‘Table of Thermometer Readings Final Thermometer Reading/ * C Initial Thermometer reading/ °C ‘Temperature Changel °C {6} west of. 1. The plastic cup used in this experiment has a low mass, How does this help in the experiment ? re] 2. An improvement suggested for the experiment was the use of a Styrofoam cup with a cover through which the thermometer passed rather than an open polythene cup. Suggest in what ways these were improvements to the experiment described above. @ Styrofoam cup Gi) cover B] 3. Calculate: @ the no, of moles of MgSO4 dissolved. \ (Gi) the enthalpy change taking place in this reaction ii) the enthalpy of solution of anhydrous magnesium sulphate 3. Draw an energy profile diagram to show the relative positions of the anhydrous salt and its solution Bl 4, In solid hydrated magnesium sulphate the ions have molecules of water of crystallisation partially surrounding them. Suggest an explanation for the lower exothermicity of the heat of solution of the hydrated salt as compared with the anhydrous salt. BI