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International Association of Advances in Research and Development
International Journal of Economics
And Business Management
International Journal of Economics and Business Management, 2015, 1(2),62-63
Communication Barriers in Global Business
Suresh Talamala
Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India
Abstract: Global business communication is a company's ability to send and receive professional messages in
various parts of the world and cultures. In order for global business communication to be effective, the messages
must be easily understood by the receiving culture. Many times global business communication requires mediators,
translators and a linguistic specialist to ensure proper delivery of the message. International communication is the
vaguest type of global business communication. It addresses a broad-spectrum of people without adjusting to a
specific culture. Multicultural communication is the sending of messages to various cultures of people that may
differ in language, customs and culture. Cross-cultural communication is the sending of a message from one unique
culture to another unique culture. This form of business communication is tailored to meet the cultural norms of the
specific country the message is being sent.
1.Introduction collected from the news papers, journals, online data
Cross-cultural communication has now become base, and on the views of writers in the same discipline.
a new avenue for human development that is As well as the reference books, magazines, government
encouraged by the whole Focusing community. The publications, press notes and internet also used for the
world is searching for new patterns of relating that purpose.
enable us to engage differences in such a way that 2. Communication Barriers in Global Business are:
difference functions to further our development and For any kind of communication to be
contribute to global community and peaceful, creative successful, it is essential that the receiver attributes the
living. same meaning to the message as intended by the sender
To maintain harmonious relations communication of the message. But all acts of communication are not
help to both public and private sector enterprises. It perfect or successful. At times, some meaning is lost as
specifies various obligations for the management and the message encounters various barriers along its
the workers with the objective of promoting passage between the sender and the receiver. Such
cooperation between their representatives... The basic barriers may arise at any of the stages through which a
objectives of communication is message passes during the process of communication.
Maintain peace in industry. This is also called miscommunication.
Promote constructive criticism at all levels of We may define communication as a psycho-
management and employment. semantic process. Therefore, the barriers that affect the
Avoid work stoppage in industry effectiveness of communication are mostly of social-
Secure the settlement of disputes and grievances by psychological-linguistic nature. These factors may act
a mutually agreed procedure upon any or all of the elements of the process of
Facilitate a free growth of trade unions communication, that is, the sender or the receiver or the
Eliminate all forms of coercion, intimidation and channel. And a common barrier for both the sender and
violations of rules and regulations governing the receiver can be the absence of a common frame of
industrial. reference which often leads to the breakdown of
Need for the study communication in a specific situation.
Communication helps in increasing the morale Misunderstanding, contradictory and language
of the employees which in turn increases the distance epitomize of ineffective communication,
productivity. A formal communication system should leading to a number of negative affects for the
be established in the organization to build cooperation appearance and productivity of business. The distance
among the employees. Hence, the need arises for between two difference cultures is the most arduous
undertaking the study. hindrance for business. There are numerous definitions
Research Methodology of culture one of them is A culture is a way of life of a
The kind of research being conducted here is group of people which are the behaviors, beliefs,
Analytical Research and adopted descriptive and values, and symbols that they accept, generally without
comparative methodology for this paper. In this thinking about them, and that are passed along by
research the facts and the information as so gained from communication and imitation from one generation to
various secondary sources have been used to make an the next. In business, before an adventure on a new
analysis of industrial discipline, disputes and grievance global market, it is necessary to distinguish cultural
handling in India. The data for the present study is differences of one country from the others. Most of

International Journal of Economics and Business Management, 2015, 1(2),48-54

differences are intangible hence the awareness of 4. Conclusion

national culture is essential in global business. In conclusion, the trend of extending the
The difference of nation culture and the brassiness scale into international markets is currently
misunderstanding of partners are the main factors to top target for their long-term development. The
belittle the success of international business. communication incompatibility is one of difficulties
Specifically, each country has its own expression about that businesses have to face with, hindering
things that it can be inoffensive to you but it does not effectiveness. The acquisition of effective
mean not offend others. This is also true with the communication is acknowledged as strategic
gesture which is one of the most important factors in advantages in conducting business overseas. All these
diplomatic rituals. The gap of culture between differences may lead to communication difficulties.
enterprises which are from Western countries and Cultural in consistence is one of the major factors of
Eastern ones are more obvious. communication which is caused the misunderstanding
Another drawback in the international business and hampering the successful international business.
is the language barrier. That is the reason why Having effective global communication technology and
translators are always needed when doing business potential cultural awareness can offer companies
transactions in international trade. That would increase various prospects of a global market. Communication
confusion in contract terms which consistently require contains a large number of aspects and factors. This
high accuracy. Moreover, language differences can be a essay is a brief study hence it is difficult to discuss all
disadvantage for enterprises to completely represent those effects of the development of communication for
their views as their native languages, especially in international business. In my opinion, all businesses
complex business requiring greater details. currently should be looking for the effective methods to
3. The most common language barriers are listed as hurdle communication barriers in order to achieve
under: success in global market.
Misinterpretation of Words: 5.References:
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that as understood by the receiver. This happens when 1998.
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the same words or use different words to convey the
same meaning. Sometimes, wrong and speculative
assumptions also lead to ambiguity. A sender often
assumes that his audience would perceive the situation
as he does or have the same opinion about an issue or
understand the message as he understands it, and so on.
All such assumptions may turn out to be wrong and
cause communication failure.