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Nokia NetAct OSS4
Nokia Networks / Operations Solutions

ASCII Interface for NSS Measurement Data

ASCII Interface for NSS Measurement Data is an open interface for external systems to interface
with the Nokia NetAct. The ASCII file interface can be used for transferring and storing Nokia NSS
(Network Switching Subsystem a.k.a. Circuit Switched Core Network) specific measurement data to
a user-definable directory in the NetAct regional cluster. M11 level and older measurement data is


The ASCII interface is available for the Nokia NSS measurement interface. Observations are not
included in the ASCII interface due to their different nature when compared to measurements.
ASCII interface is compatible with the MSC, HLR and SRR network element versions given in the
Nokia NetAct compatibility plan. For example, if M11 counters and/or measurement types are
available in the Nokia NetAct database, they are available in the ASCII file interface.

Benefits of the Interface

No extra load to other parts of the Nokia NetAct system

Centralised and easy access to network performance data

Possibility to select only those measurement types that are of interest to the other system


This interface is implemented by using separate background processes running in a dedicated virtual
computer (mediation function) in parallel with the standard Nokia NetAct measurement data
collection processes in NetAct regional cluster. CMIP and FTAM are used for transferring
measurement data to configurable data consumers such as the Nokia NetAct database server and the
ASCII Interface for NSS Measurement Data. After the data transfer, the background processes start
producing ASCII files.

Additional Information

The configuration of the ASCII interface is handled with the standard Nokia NetAct configuration
files. Error indications are stored in log files and alarms are sent to the workstation.

No 3rd party hardware or software is needed with this functionality module.

Note! ASCII Interface for NSS Measurement Data has been co-existing with another functionality
module Measurement Data Export for CS Core since Nokia introduced MSC/HLR/SRR M12, CDS
and MSC Server. ASCII Interface for NSS data only supports counters on M11 level even with
M12 or M13 NSS. In order to get all the countres (including M12 and M13 counters), Measurement
Data Export must be used. For further information, refer to Measurement Data Export functionality

Along with the interface software, Nokia provides with official interface specifications that facilitate
integration to external systems.

ASCII IF for NSS runs on the NetAct server.