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Strasbourg, June 1st 2017

Dear student,

We are very happy you have chosen to take the British Option of the International
Baccalaureate and look forward to this 2-year course with you. Both groups are going
to have four hours of literature a week, divided between Mrs Woods and Mrs Ruch
(full syllabus below)

The next two years will be quite challenging in terms of workload and schedules. You
will develop a personal appreciation of the set texts along with furthering your
enjoyment of literature for an oral and a written exam. Regular work, personal
research and active class participation are essential to succeed, therefore we advise
you to get a head start and read extensively over the summer (all books are lent to
you by the section).

More information regarding the OIB may be found on http://www.asiba.fr

(presentation brochure, handbook, past papers) but we will fill you in on all aspects
of the course, have no fear! Until then, we wish you a great summer!


J. Woods & D. Ruch



Written Paper

Drama: Tom Stoppard: Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead (Mrs W)

Prose fiction: Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility (Mrs W)
Poetry: Kei Miller: The Cartographer Tries To Map a Way to Zion (Mrs R)
Preparation for the Critical Appreciation (Mrs R)

Oral Exam

William Shakespeare: The Tempest (New Cambridge Edition) (Mrs R)

Synoptic Topic: Postcolonial Writing (Mrs W)