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Nokia NetActTM Reporter/ 3G

SGSN Reporting Suite component
Nokia Networks OSS4

3G SGSN Reporting Suite component


Flexible Reporting Suite provides ready-made on-demand or scheduled reports for analysing the
performance of the network. There are close to 200 pre-defined reports for different technologies
including over 1000 Nokia-specified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to fulfil the information
need on traffic, mobility, resources, quality, charging, and Quality of Service. Detailed KPI matrices
support optimisation & troubleshooting tasks.

Flexible Reporting Suite is divided into technology based report components, which can be ordered
and installed separately. This way operators can build a report combination to suit their purposes

3G SGSN Reporting Suite component includes reports, for example, about

3G SGSN traffic (UL/DL per traffic class), RT/NRT traffic UL/DL

3G SGSN PDP context usage per traffic class, packet lengths and erroneous packets in
Iu/Gn interface, PDP resources

RANAP report (3GSN SRNC relocation procedures), SMS (started SMS operations and
failure ratio), mobility (attach/detach) and charging (CDRs)

Interface traffic

Traffic reports are available also for GPLC level.


When creating reports, user defines a specific network area, time period and time aggregation level,
after which the tool generates a detailed textual report. KPI values are presented in a matrix, which
enables the user to

sort the values by any column

drill down" to lower level matrices for more detailed information (either drilling down to
lower level network elements or time aggregation levels)

open a graph presenting the KPI values

export the data in Excel format

open On-line Help for more information on the KPI in question (description, formula,
related counters, measurement table name)

The scheduling of reports can be used to automate tasks and balance the load to the system by
running reports at night, for example. Scheduler is configured with an XML file and it saves the
executed reports automatically into folders. The clean-up interval for reports is configurable. You
can view and analyse the saved reports in Excel format with Report Download Browser. When
necessary, for a more detailed analysis you can open the Excel report in a Web UI from a link in the
Excel sheet, for example, to drill down to another object level.
Nokia NetActTM Reporter/ 3G
SGSN Reporting Suite component
Nokia Networks OSS4

XML file based configuration definitions of Flexible Reporting Suite reports includes e.g. easy
KPI & report customisation/configuration, report scheduling, web download of scheduled reports, e-
mailing of scheduled reports and working set generation.


Reports run on the GUI Server of Nokia NetAct. Reports are easily accessible via web browser in
both regional and global cluster.