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From the Director's Desk

I have great pleasure in writing the foreword of this inaugural

Newsletter of IIEST Shibpur, being brought out as a
commemorative volume containing a brief prole of the
Institute, highlighting some of our contributions in the realm
of science and technology. While presenting this Newsletter, I
express my deep appreciation of the stupendous work done by
the publication committee in bringing out the newsletter in a
very short span of time.
The story of this Institute is the story of its evolution during
the last 158 years - from a small seed, Civil Engineering college
and then Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur to its new
incarnation as ' Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur' -- The rst
IIEST of India , which has been dedicated to the service of the nation by Shri Pranab
Mukherjee, Hon'ble President of India and the Visitor of the institute on 24th August 2014.
With recognition comes a greater responsibility. IIEST aims at integrating undergraduate,
post-graduate and research in engineering and science under the same umbrella. IIEST will
be an institution of International standard and will produce quality manpower for the
strategic sector of research and development in our country, research laboratories,
modern industries and also quality teachers for the Institutions of engineering and science
education. This reects the aspirations of the people of India from us.
The world today faces extraordinary challenges and opportunities in several areas, such
as, energy, healthcare, water and environment, advanced material, fabrionics,
transportation and telecommunication. The solutions of the challenges in each of these
areas need an interdisciplinary approach. Today's students should be ready to approach
and solve these most pressing global problems with an unbiased, innovative and
independent mind. Our Institute today strives hard to contribute signicantly in each of
these areas.
This Newsletter will present some of our research and development eorts in these
directions. The Institute takes great pride in announcing that a number of research
projects developed at our Institute have been transferred to the Industries for product
development. Appropriate funding from various Government agencies will be available for
such activities through the Incubation Centre of the Institute.
The clock tower of the Institute has witnessed the growth and development of one of the
earliest engineering Institutes in the country. The tower reminds us of our obligations and
responsibilities towards our future generations in ensuring a healthy, strong and self-
reliant India. With deep sense of gratitude to our glorious past and strong conviction for a
brighter future, we rearm our commitment in dedicating ourselves to the service of the
IIEST Newsletter Committee

Prof. Konika Das Bhattacharya

Prof. Gautam Bandyopadhyay
Prof. Aditya Bandyopadhyay
Prof. Gautam Bhattacharya
Prof. Manas Sanyal
Prof. Netai Chandra Dey
Prof. Santanu Karmakar
Prof. Sujay Mukherjee
Prof. Mallika Ghosh Sarbadhikary
Prof. Souvanik Roy
Prof. Tapas Kumar Gangopadhyay
Prof. Kalyan Bhar
Prof. Mousumi Basu
Prof. Koustuv Debnath
Prof. Sekhar Mondal
Prof. Sudip Chattopadhyay
Prof. Arindam Biswas
Prof. Ajit Kumar Mahapatra
Prof. Partha Bhattacharya
Prof. Manojit Ghosh
Prof. Abhinandan De
Prof. Avra Kundu
Prof. Guruprasad Samanta
Dr. Biman Das

T he Institute in its 158 years journey has contributed to the making of ne
engineers, who have shaped the realm of technology in this country and perhaps outside
With the present branding as the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and
Technology, IIEST Shibpur is the rst and youngest IIEST of the nation. At this juncture of
transition, it is important to highlight its achievements and activities over the years,
and the journey ahead keeping in the backdrop a rich legacy of the nation's most vibrant
alumni base of the erstwhile Bengal Engineering College (established 1856).

This is the rst printed newsletter of the Institute after its conversion to an
Institute of National importance. All the activity clusters in the Institute seamlessly
integrate to create a theme . A CLEANER, GREENER AND A SMARTER WORLD

Apart from under graduate and post graduate teaching the faculty members are
involved in active research sponsored by numerous Science & Technology research
Institutes of the Government of India.

(I) Research in Science & Technology for enrichment of the global

knowledge in specic segments of Energy, Environment, Material
Science, Bio- Medical Engineering & Mechatronics, Sensors and
Communication and Information Technology and Research for Society.
(II) An endeavor to create a closed loop network with the industries to
carry out need-driven research for the industry
(III) Technical awareness and knowledge up gradation courses conducted by
IIEST for the Research and Academic world as well as Corporate Sector
and also create value addition for students in tune with the
requirement of the corporate world.
(IV) Industry-Institute Partnership of IIEST with dierent corporate
collaborators are being carried out in various areas.
(V) Commercialization of models developed in the laboratory for mass use
and scaling up for industry are being taken up.
(VI) Student Activities and achievements
(VII) Rekindling the Legacy of the Institute

I. Research in Science & Technology for enrichment of the global
knowledge base in ve specic segments.

A. Energy
I. Magnetic fault current limiter
II. Analysis and development of a single-axis control repulsive-type magnetic bearing.
III.Front surface glass texturation for improve performance of amorphous silicon solar cell
IV. Silica nanoparticles on front glass for eciency enhancement in superstrate type
amorphous silicon solar cells
V. Fuel cell technology and dye sensitized plasmonic solar cell
VI. Single phase grid connected solar photovoltaic systems

B. Environment
I. CO2 Sequestration into the Wyodak coal seam of powder river basin-Preliminary
reservoir characterization and simulation.
II. Determination of landuse inventory of the mining areas of Burdwan district of West
Bengal and preparation of reclamation plan for the abandoned opencast mines in the
study area.
III. Landslide hazard zonation of Kalimpong sub-division of West Bengal and creation of
portal to upload landslide hazard map and all other maps created using open GIS.
IV. Assessment and management of ground water resources for English Bazar Block,Malda
district of West Bengal.

C. Materials Science
I. CH4 and CO2 sorption and their variations with coal properties.
II. Open shell molecules: A challenge to electronic structure theory & Taming the
electronic structure of Relativistic systems.
III. Synthesis of Nitrogen containing heterocycles.
IV. Synthesis and characterization of ecient optical materials and application in nonlinear
V. Visible-light-driven synthesis of 2-substituted Benzimidazole and Benzothiazole.
VI. Optoelectronic and electrical properties of silicon nanocrystals and nanoparticles for
photonic, photovoltaic and sensing devices.
VII. Nanocomposites and its constituents for applications as thermoelectric (TE) materials
and gas sensors.
VIII. -Fe2O3 nano-particles: An easily recoverable eective photo-catalyst for the
degradation of rose Bengal and methylene blue dyes in the waste-water treatment

D. Bio-Medical Engg. & Mechatronics

I. Electro-cardio graphic assessment to focus on the varied work eciency of two dierent
groups of miners in Indian coalelds.

II. Pain and discomfort level of SDL operators under a given environmental work load in
underground coal mines.
III. Impact Bio-Mechanics & Implant Bio-Mechanics
IV. Water soluble carbon nano-onions in Bio-Imaging and crossing Blood Brain Barrier
V. Chemodosimetric Based Fluorescence Chemosensor for Toxic Ion Detection and Live Cell
VI. DHP selective o-on o responses of pyridoxol appended uorescent zinc complex, its
DNA binding and Bio-Imaging applications: crystal structure, spectroscopic study, DFT
calculations and application in logic gate.
VII.Plasma application on blood: Development of atmospheric pressure, plasma
jet, understanding blood coagulation by plasma, plasma treatment on
infected skin surfaces and skin cancer cell.

E. Sensors and Communication and Information Technology

I. Selection of sites for small hydel in Kalimpong sub-division of West Bengal using remote
sensing and GIS.
II. Gas leak hunter: A portable fast response sensitive unit for leak detection of methane/
LPG gas.
III. Methano-meter: A portable fast response sensitive measuring unit for methane/LPG gas.
IV. Development of hetero-junction based selective gas sensor for capacitive mode sensing
& Coupled semiconductor thin lms: And eective materials for photo degradation and
peroxide sensing.
V. Carbon nanotubes and sensors
VI. Design and optimization of dispersion managed broad band ber optic communication
system with emphasis on nonlinear eects.

F. Research and Consultancy and Technology awareness for Society

I. Development of Solar Lantern & central charging station with monitoring system.
II. Seismic vulnerability assessment of existing building to supplement rehabilitation
practices with special emphasis to north eastern region.
III. Passive control of seismically excited short linear structure by the compliant liquid
column damper.
IV. Capacity building for technological solution & training to improve groundwater
resources management in arsenic aected areas of eastern India (DeIPHE Project).
V. Assessment of eects of arsenic pollution on health in rural Bengal and development and
implementation of sustainable technology solution (UKIERI Project).
VI. Static and dynamic failure analysis of cost eective hybrid laminated stiened plates in
marine structures & Geometric nonlinear thermo- mechanical analysis of FRP bridge
VII. Health inspection of Vidyasagr Setu Kolkata & Water supply lines from river Hooghly to
New Town.

Some photographs of activities for societal causes.

Photograph 1: Men at work in Hooghly Bridge

Photograph 2: Typical distress in slab

Photograph 3 : Checking for proper wiring and electrical safety of
Medical College Hospital of Kolkata

Photograph 4 : R G Kar Medical College Kolkata

Photograph 5 : Checking for proper wiring and electrical safety
of R G Kar Medical College and Hospital of Kolkata

In September 2013, upon the invitation from the MSME, Govt. of West
Bengal, BESU students (PG & Ph.D.) o rganized a vibrant Technology
Pavilion at Milan Mel a Ground, Kol kata at SYNERGY MSME 2013.
There was participation from AE&AM, ME, CEGESS, ETC and EE
Accessing Appro priate Technologies.


(II) Research and Consultancy for different Private Organization
and Public utilities since June 2013

Id entification of Spatial Dispersi on
Pattern of Dredge Materials in a Coastal Board of Research in
12 Civil Ri ver Reach from Rad ioactive T racer Nuclear Sciences (B RNS), 3 Years 2013
Experiments and Hyd rod ynam ic DAE , Govt. of Ind ia
Mod eling
P ost -Disaster Situ ation Analysis an d
Resource Management Using Delay - ITRA, Govt. of Ind ia,
13 CST 3 Years 2013
T olerant Peer-t o-Peer W ireless Net works Media L ab Asia

Remote Health: A Framework for

ITRA, Govt. of Ind ia,
14 CST Health care Services usi ng Mobile an d 3 Years 2013
Media L ab Asia
Sensor - Cloud T echn ologies

15 ET C SERB Women E xcellen ce Award SE RB 3 Years 2013

Mul tisensory Myoelectric Controlled

16 SM&R SE RB 3 Years 2013
In telligent Acti ve Ankle-Foot Prost hesis

Synt hesis of Reversible Circuits u sing

17 IT Probabilistic Meth od s and Fu nctional DST-DAAD (GOI) 2 Years 2013
Tran sform ati on

Performanc e Eval uat ion of River

Brahmap utra bed mat erial s for use in
18 Civil DST(GOI) 3 Years 2013
Constructi on of Road E mban km ent,
Su bgrade and Subbase

Modernization of VLSI Design

19 VLSI AICT E 1 Year 2013


Consultancy and Others 2013-2014

S l. Year of
Dep t. Title of the Project Fund ing Agency Du ration
No. Sanction

Consultancy Service Preparation DPR of Howrah Imp rovement

1 Civil 2 Mont hs 2013
Salkia Flyover Projec t Trust

Kolkat a Metropolitan
2 AE&AM Calibration of Rotameter Water and Sanitation 1 Month 2013
Au thority

P ile Int egrity Test (PIT ) with PIT

Dilip Kum ar Saha (Govt.
3 Civil Collect or Mod el, Foundation Syst em of 7 Days 2013
Cont ractor and Engineer)
RCC Bridge Over River Saniajan

P ile Int egrity Test (PIT ) with PIT Dooars Construct ion
4 Civil Collect or Mod el, Foundation Syst em of Company (Rly and Govt . 7 Days 2013
RCC Bridge Over River Saniajan Cont ractor)

Soil Investigat ion Rep ort for th e Design

of Gangway and P ump house Stru ctures
T raders & E ngineers
5 Civil based on Fi eld and Laboratory testing / 6 Mont hs 2013
Private Lt d.
observations for R.C.C. Intake Jetty at
T itagarh u nder JNNURM


National Museum of
Heritage Survey and Zone P lan Proposal
6 SEIHSM Denmark Research & 3 Mon ths 2013
in Seramp ore's Historic Cent re
E xhi bi tions

Geotechnical Invest igat ion connection

wi th (1) P rop osed Connect ing Road from
Kamard anga t o Howrah Am ta Road
Road Infrastructure
7 Civil Inc luding ROB at Kam ardanga., Howrah, 6 Mon ths 2013
Consu ltant Pvt. Ltd .
an d (2) Prop osed Multilayered P arkomat
Includ ing Allied Facili ties at Domrajola,
for DP R preparation under JNNURM

Health Monitoring of Namkum B ridge, C.E. T esti ng Company

8 Civil 2 Weeks 2013
Ranchi Pvt. Ltd ., Kolkata

En gineerin g drawings sup ported by bac k

up calculations on structu ral strengt h for
Him ad ri Memorial
9 Civil constructin g a temp orary shoring by 3 Mon ths 2013
Cancer Welfare Trust
St eel Sheet Piles of Arcellormitt al profil e
Ambu ja Cement s Ltd .,
Vibration Measurement at site d uring
10 Civil Vill. & P .O. - Dhul agori, 15 Days 2013
t est pil e Driving

Strat a monitoring at CM Di strict (Sub-

11 Mi ning Panel P6, P7A and P 8) of Sarpi p roject , SS E CL - Bankol a Area 1 Year 2013
Pu r Colliery, Bankla area, ECL

Vettin g of G+ 8 Storied Bu ildin g in Indian City Prop erties

12 Civil 8 Weeks 2013
Kolkata Ltd .


Vetting of DP R for Bairabi Dam Project, Sikaria Power L td.,
13 Civil 4 Weeks 2013
Mi zoram Kolkata

14 Civil T elescope Tower Hou se at Falta B ose Institute, Kolkata 6 Mont hs 2013

Validat ion of the d esigns and drawi ngs

for t he work and Ap proval of "Design ,
Drawi ng, Construction of R.C.C. Int ake
Jett y and Jetty Mou nted Pump House of
capacity 210 MLD inc ludin g substation T raders & E ngineers
15 Civil 1 Month 2013
bu ilding along with ancillary works at Private Lt d.
Glass Kothi Gh at, Titagarh un der Trans-
Munici pal Water Supply Schemes of
T itagarh and Khardah Muni cipality
und er JNNURM"

National Rural Roads

16 Civil STA, PMGSY, West Ben gal Development Agency - 2013

Howrah Imp rovement

17 Civil Prep aration of DPR u nder JNNURM 1 Year 2013

Inspect ion of Sewer L ine Work at Howrah Imp rovement

18 Civil 1 Month 2013
Doomrajala Scheme - II, Phase - II Work Trust


Mu tually
Con su ltancy Servi ce in the form of
up on
Ad vice and Guidance for P avem ent ITD Cement ation India
27 Civil bet ween 2013
Design of Runway, Taxi way and Apron L imited
of Kannur Int ernat ional Airp ort , Kannur
g Agent &

Vett ing of Slip Form Shu tterin g in Basu & Associat es,
28 Civil 1 Week 2013
B arau ni Kol kata

Pile Integrity Test (PIT) with PIT

L&T Con struction SPCL
29 Civil Collect or Mod el for TCS IT SE Z Project , 1 Year 2012
K olkata

Vetting of detail d esign of substruct ures M/S L arsen & T oubro

30 Civil and sup erstructu re of Kal yani ROB of L imited, Const ru ction 15 Days 2013
KMDA Flyovers and ROB s Infrastructu re IC


Burdwan Univer sity Division,

31 Civil So il Explo ration Wo rk at four Sites of Burdwan P.W. (CB) Dir ectt., Govt. 6 Months 2013
o f West Bengal

Technical Vetting of Technical Feasibility Repor t Conveyor & Ropeway Serv ices
32 IIPC 10 Days 2014
fo r Ro peway at Kurseo ng Pv t. Ltd.

Independent Assessment of effect o f vibr atio n,

emanating from installatio n of Sheet Piles
using a v ib ro-sinker at 52/1, Shakespear e
33 Civil M/S Expr ess Dev con Pvt. Ltd. 45 Days 2014
Sarani, K olkata - 700017, on the adjoining
structur es and pro viding guidance to the
constr uctio n team

Bhushan Po wer & Steel Ltd.,

34 Civil Vetting of Pipe Conveyor Over Br idge in Orissa 3 Months 2014

Vetting of pavement desig n o f strengthening and

M/S CE Testing Com pany Pvt.
35 Civil widening to 2 lane / 2 lane with paved 1 Month 2014
shoulder of a Section of SH-6

Vetting of pavement desig n o f strengthening and

M/S Car itas Infra C onsulting
36 Civil widening to Barjo ra to Mejhia (Dur lavpur 1 Month 2014
Pv t. Ltd.
Mor e) Ro ad

37 Civil Design of Animal Ho use in Shyam nagar Bo se Institute, Kolkata 3 Months 2013

Vetting of detail design of substructures and

superstructure of Chandan Nagar ROB of
M/S Lar sen & Toub ro Limited,
K MDA Fly over s and ROBs excluding span
38 Civil Constr uction 6 Months 2014
between P19 and P20 along with the
Infr astr uctur e IC
pr opo sed road including the minor br idge
over river S araswati


Co nsultancy at Gov ernm ent Hospitals in West
39 Electr ical PWD, Govt. of West Bengal - 2013

Design of pipe bridge & mo tor lifting

40 Civil IOC L 6 Months 2013
ar rang em ent at Haldia

Amiya Co mmerce &

41 Civil Vetting o f Wareho use at Maheshtala, K olkata Constr uction C o. Pv t. 2 Week s 2014
Ltd., K olkata

42 Civil Vetting o f Superstructure o f G+13 Building Partha Das & Associates 3 Months 2012

Structur al v etting for Constr uction of C lear Water

Reserv oir, Pump House and Cho rine Haldia Dev elopment
43 Civil 3 Months 2013
Ho use for dedicated water supply sy stem Author ity, Haldia
for IOC L, Haldia Refinery

V etting of Plan and Estimate of the Pro posed Pr ab hat K umar Co llege,
44 Civil 1 Month 2013
Librar y Building & PG Building Co ntai

Com pilation Wor k on Stainless Steel for Institute for Steel Developm ent
45 Metallurg y 4 Months 2013
Constr uction Segm ent and Gr owth (INSDAG)

Co nsultancy on Geotechnical Pro perties of Ro ck

46 Mining Western Cluster Limited 6 Months 2012
at Bom i Iron Ore Pro ject


In July, a team of f acult y mem bers (Civil, Electr ical, M echanical success fully
carr ied o ut technical inspect ion and f urt her iss uance of clearance certif icate
for a passenger Ropeway at Darjeeling for Conveyor & Ropeway Services Pvt.
Lt d., Kolkat a.

DRV ropeway i nspect ion for passen ger ope rat ion for P WD West Bengal

(III) List of Specialised Courses conducted by IIEST for
Research and Academic world and Corporate Sector

Conference Details held in the Institute from June, 2013

Conference /
Title of the Con feren ce / Work shop / Training
S l. No. Dept. Level
Train in g Programm e P rogramme

15t h of
In ternational conference on Coal and December to
1 Mining Energy- Technological Advances an d In ternational 17t h of
Fut ure Chall enges December ,

2 CST Role of Mat hematics in Compu ter Science Nati onal during 2013-14

A short term c ou rse on Social Med ia Jun e 10-14,

3 Nati onal
Analysis and Dat a Mi ning 2013

Two Day Workshop on Rooft op Solar 20-21t st

4 CE GESS State Level
Photovoltai c Systems February, 2014

Workshop on Worl d Environment

5 Ci vil Nat ional 05.06.2013
Day, 2013
Short-term Course on Social Media
6 CST Nat ional 10.06.2013 - 14.06.2013
Analysis an d Data Mining
Advances in Struct ural Vibrat ion
7 Ci vil Nat ional 19.08.2013 - 20.08.2013
Research Promoti on Workshop on
8 IT Signal Processing and Wireless Nat ional 22.08.2013 - 24.08.2013
Communi cati on
Workshop on Ad vances in Scientific
9 CHE ST and T echnological Research i n Nat ional 26.07.2013
T radi tional Medic ine
Internati onal Con ference on
10 Mini ng Advances in Coal T echnology - Intern ational 15.12.2013 - 17.12.2013
P resent and Futu re
Int eract ive Session for Collaborative
Research in En gi neering and
11 CHE ST Bi om edic al Sci ences between B ESU Intern ational 26.10.2013 (1 d ay)
& Rhine W aal Universit y of Applied
Sciences, Germany
International Seminar on
12 CHE ST Tech nol ogic al Ad vances in Health Intern ational 05.12.2013 - 06.12.2013
National Workshop on Innovation
13 Ci vil Nat ional 10.12.2013 - 12.12.2013
in Concrete Tec hnology

International Workshop on 58th
14 AE&AM Congress of t he Ind ian Societ y of Intern ational 18.12.2013 - 21.12.2013
Theoretical and Applied Mechan ics
One-way expert lectures on
Electrified Transform ation in charge
15 E.E. Dep t. Nat ional 08.01.2014
an d t hree level neu tral point
clamped inverters
Institut e
16 Research Scholars' Day - 2014 Nat ional 29.01.2014 - 30.01.2014
17 B ESUS Ai rcraft Design and Optim isat ion Nat ional 19.02.2014 - 24.02.2014
18 B ESUS Lecture Series on Space Dynamics Nat ional 18.03.2014 - 22.03.2014
19 Ci vil Udbh avani Nat ional 28.03.2014 - 30.03.2014
Seminar on "Mi crostru cture of
20 MNDSMSE Nat ional 12.03.2014 - 13.03.2014
Mat erials (Metal lum'2014)
Invit ed Lecture of Aircraft Design &
21 AE&AM Nat ional 28.03.2014 - 31.03.2014
Opti mization (Struct ural Aspect s)
Short-t erm Course on improvement
Institut e
22 of Engl ish Skills (1st Batch) by Nat ional 21.10.2013 to 23.11.2013
Briti sh Council


Tracer St udy for Career P rospecting

23 HRM Dept. Nat ional
of BE SUS Stud ents
Remed ial Coachin g on Data
24 CST Nat ional 23.10.2013
St ru cture and Al gorith m
Short-t erm Course on improvement
Institut e
25 of E nglish Skil ls (2nd B atc h) by Nat ional 27.01.2014 to 24.03.2014
Briti sh Council


Photograph 7

Photograph 8

Photographs 7 & 8 : Classes on Structural Analysis by IIEST faculty at the

Nigeria Delta Afric Waley Parson, a world renowned Gas and Oil company

TEQIP funded lecture series organized by Jadavpur University, and BESU, Shibpur for Students of
Electrical Engineering and Architecture Prof. Woud Van Bommel , an eminent Lighting expert
delivered the lecture for nearly ten days

Closing c eremony of the workshop 21st Nov ember 2013


(IV) Industry-Institute Partnership of IIEST with different corporate collaborators

Photograph 9: Cognizant IIEST Shibpur Innovation Laboratory

Cognizant - BESU Innovation Laboratory:
The Cognizant - BESU innovation Laboratory has been established during 2012-13
academic year. This Open Source Software (OSS) laboratory is an advanced state-of-the-
art industry-university setup aimed at fostering a long-term relationship with Cognizant
and BESU in the areas of training and research and development. It is agreed that both
parties will actively engage themselves in the practical applications and implications
OSS while other fundamental research and training activities will also be pursued.
The activities of the R&D will include, but not limited to the following:
1. Tools and infrastructure for OSS Development
2. Agile Methodologies
3. Single System Image, Clusters, and Grid Computing
4. Localization of OSS into national and regional languages
5. Use of OSS education and training
6. Aspect oriented training
7. Search technology
8. Service oriented architecture

Photograph 10 :
Rustam Dastur (CMD), M. N. Dastur & Co. Pvt. Ltd., signing the MOA with the then
Vice- Chancellor Prof. Ajay K. Ray for carrying out breakthrough research in Steel Technology date
June 2013 in the presence of the faculty members of the
MN Dastur School of Materials science and Engineering


Held with participation from reputed academicians and corporate heads on 24th
August 2014 on the occasion of the inauguration of the IIEST by
the President of India Sir Pranab Mukherjee.

On the Podium: Prof. Sougata Roy, IIM- Calcutta, 1989 Alumnus

Left to Right: Prof. Gautam Biswas, Director IIT Guwahati, Kallol Dutta, MD Andrew Yule, Prof.
Amitava Ghosh, Emeritus Professor IIEST, Shibpur, Mr. Shuvomoy Chattapadhyay, Intel Corporation,
USA (1989 Alumnus), Prof. Indranil Manna, Director, IIT- Kanpur, Mr. Gautam Roy, ED HR, CESC,
Prof. P. P. Chakraborty, Director, IIT- Kharagpur, Mr. Shubho Samanta, President, Atos India.

During the closing ceremony

(V) Technology Transfer for Commercialization

Sl No Project

1. Subject specic customization of hip implant

2. RC Blimp

3. Underwater Lift bag

4. Rear Projection Balloon

5. Safe Home for Lone Elderly People

6. Energy Saving for Bulk Customers

7. Data-logging & Remote Monitoring System for PV Application

8. Gas Leak Hunter

9. Fabrication & Assembly stages of 2kVA PMSM

10. Development of Improved Heat Exchanger by Heat Transfer enhancement

11. Solar lantern

12. Methano-meter

It may be pointed out that The Department of Science and Technology; Government
of India has given a meaningful thrust in this direction.

Subject specic customization of hip implant
Primary purpose of the research is to develop patient specic hip implant. It
should be fully customised and compatible particularly Indian subjects.
MIMICS used for creating 3-D model

Finite element analysis through commercially available high end

packags such as Ansys

Implant designed and fabricated through various advanced machining processes

1) These implants are subject specic as per the specic anatomical
geometry and physiological presurgical condition of the bone (femur).
2) Incorporation of hollow cavity within the implant in order to reduce it's
gross stiness to mimic bone more closely
3) Dierent types and extends of incorporated hollowness

(ii) RC Blimp

Radio controlled Blimp is an aerial vehicle, a type of an airship

without internal structure in which case the balloon envelope,
when lled with lighter-than-air gas (such as helium or hydrogen)
lifts the complete system in air. A control box called the gondola
carrying drives and wireless electronic controller tted underneath
the envelope controls the movement of the complete system in air.

Demonstration: - RC blimp had been tested and demonstrated in the
campus of IIEST Shibpur in the month of May 2012. It can be used for local
weather forecast, aerial forest security, remote aerial surveillance,
disaster management, brand promotion, lm shooting etc. Blimp of size
35ft, 40ft and 45ft length are being planned for larger payload capability
with high endurance capability with customized specication.

Target users: -

1) Indian armed forces

2) State Police
3) India Meteorological Department
4) Central board of excise and customs
5) National Disaster Management
6) Forest dept
7) Electronics media
8) Event management
9) Major Advertising agencies
10) Corporate companies for specic product promotion and
surveillance etc

3. Underwater Lift Bag

A lift bag is an item of diving equipment consisting of a robust and air-tight bag with
straps, which is used to life heavy objects underwater by means of the bags buoyancy.
The heavy object can be moved horizontally underwater by the diver or sent
unaccompanied to the surface.
300Kg load recovery: -

300Kg load was recovered from the pond near the IIEST campus as shown in the gure
above. The load had slipped from the edge and plunged into the water which was
dicult to recover by the swimmers alone. A closed bottom lift bag which itself weight
12Kg was used, which just took maximum of 20mins to recover.

2 ton load recover: -

In the MCEME Hyderabad campus, a demonstration was carried out to understand the
feasibility of the lift bag for the Indian armed forces. Military truck axels were put
inside the re ghting well which were then oated and recovered by 2 quantities of
3ton closed bottom lift bags. The lift bags had weight of around 26kg.

4. Rear Projection balloon

Projection balloons are image display balloon device made of light weight plastic
fabric material, is inated with air or helium gas, where it has at least one projector
positioned with a projector case inside. The main change is the balloon shape which is
being called the pearl shape designed by the team which has bit of cylindrical shape
from the exact spherical shape due to which eects of the joints of the fabric is
eliminated from the surface of the projection.

Demonstration :- The projection balloon was used and demonstrated for the closing
ceremony of the prestigious Kolkata International Film Festival 2013. It was used to
display the gist of the activities conducted during the festival days to the visitors in the
Science City Auditorium, Kolkata.

Target users: -
1) Event management
2) Major advertising agencies
3) Corporate branding for outdoor and indoor activityp

5. Safe Home for Lone Elderly People
A non-invasive multi sensor wireless system
A project funded by Department of Science and Technology,
Government of India

I. Monitoring the regular activities using sensor nodes (no camera
included) at important locations.
II. Assessment of abnormal behavior by interpreting the information of
the sensor nodes using an intelligent controller
III. Communicating the message to the mobile phones of caretakers
IV. Power saving algorithms incorporated to minimize the energy
V. Components:

VI.Hardware: XII. Software:

VII. PIR motion sensors XIII. Behaviour prediction algorithm

VIII. Current Transformers in central controller
IX. Central controller unit XIV. Inactivity period prediction for
with LCD interface
each sensor nodes
XV. Status checking algorithm in
XI. ZigBee wireless
transmission, 2.4GHz

List of deliverables:
a) Packaged wireless sensor nodes to be xed in the house
b) A central receiver to be xed in the house
c) The sensor nodes can be removed when required
d) Connection of the central receiver through mobile network to the telephone
numbers of the caretaker/s.
e) Features:
f) Non-invasive and does not use any camera
g) Sensor nodes are light weight, portable and easy to install
h) Low power consumption to avoid electrical loading
i) Automatic refreshing of memory after 16th day of installation for continuous
j) Emergency situation is assessed and message sent to the caretaker through
mobile phone

k) The user does not have to keep track of the operation of the instrument.
Health status of the sensor nodes and the central controller is checked at
regular intervals and message sent to the maintenance person if required.
User group:
1. Elderly Person staying alone/ with a domestic help
2. Persons with some physical disabilities staying alone/ with a domestic help
Typical Installation Pictures:

Motion sensor installed in drawing room Motion sensor installed in front of

wash room

Current sensor connected to TV set Current sensor connected to toaster

Central controller unit installed Message transferred to mobile phone

in drawing room

6. Energy Saving for Bulk Customers

The details of the functions that are to be performed by the device are as follows:
I. It will switch ON/OFF the capacitor banks at the right instants as per the VAR requirement of
the system to reach the desired power factor (set by the user).
II. It will display the instantaneous power factor and annunciate the actual capacitors
functioning in a healthy mode.
III. It will protect the capacitor banks from excessive voltage and unwanted harmonics and keep
them o under such condition. It will annunciate the malfunctioning of specic banks.
IV. It will alert the user in case of Maximum Demand and penalty p.f. is reached.
V. It will communicate with a computer situated at a distance location and act as a data logger
(of p.f. of active capacitors, of actual VAR position of the system) and give a printout of the
measured parameters from mini-printer attached to the instrument. This will improve the
user-friendliness of the device.
VI. It will tide over transitory VAR swings and take action only for persistent VAR requirements.
VII. A Power Quality Index will be available to the user. This is important in connection with
various power electronic drives being used.
VIII. It has a watchdog facility to detect any inherent vulnerability in the instrument.
IX. It will calculate the change in KVAR of the capacitor banks with change in voltage and
frequency and select them accordingly.

LIST OF Prospective BUYERS

a) All consumers of electricity at 415V and above.
b) WBSEDCL, CESC who are supplying power to industrial consumers may also be contacted.
c) Tea Gardens.

7 (a)

7 (b)


9. Investigations on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG)
for Dierent Renewable Energy Sources in the Power Range of 2-5 kVA
(Distributed Generation System with Micro/Pico Grid Structure)
International status:
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators (PMSGs) are the state-of-the-art
apparatus for generating electrical power from renewable sources like wind, fast
owing mountain streams etc. A PMSG with a back to back PWM converter connected
to grid controlled by digital controller are in use in the power ratings from as low as 1
kW to as high as 5 MW. These technologies are patented and usually manufactured by
big multinational companies like Enercon, Siemens Wind Power A/S, GE Energy,
Northern Power Systems etc. The following websites provide the informations about
this technology.
In order to accept inputs from more renewable sources the conventional power grid,
which is normally based on centralized and large power plants, has to be modied to
be able to tap power from a large number of distributed and smaller generation units.
This distributed generation systems with micro grid (or may be pico) structure require
technological maturity.
National status:
In India there is not a single company who designs and /or develops or manufactures
and sells this whole technology indigenously. But there are manufactures of
generators, power electronic converters. There are no manufacturers who produce
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator/ Motor.
Our laboratory work status:
A 2kW PMSG. has been fabricated in the laboratory. The developed set-up has been
coupled with a dc motor. Fabrication of a back to back PWM converter is going on. The
generator has been loaded with an existing PWM rectier and resistive load. A
laboratory scale dc-dc converter (Cuk converter is proposed here) which will be used
as an extra power electronic converter to increase the operating range of the
generator has been fabricated and control strategy has been implemented. The
following gure shows the conguration of the total system.
A Research Project on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine is ongoing at the
Electrical Engineering Department in collaboration with M/S G.E. Motor Pvt. Ltd. (a
small scale company near Kolkata) where 3 Phd students are working on it. Several
interactions with the rm take place both at the institute and the companys premises.
The rst prototype is shown in the images as follows. One possible application is Pico-
Hydel generation

Stator Rotor with Magnet

Assembled machine

Fig. Block diagram of the laboratory prototypechine

Our aim:
This work is expected to develop a new technology for controlled operation of
an energy conversion unit in the power range of 2-5 kVA and suitable for pico-
hydel system in remote hilly region where there are sources of fast owing
mountain streams but no electricity as transmission of electricity from
national grid is not possible due to the distance and remoteness of those
Partner Industry:
This PMSG is fully fabricated at the works of M/S G.E. Motors Pvt. Ltd. This
research is funded by the Department of Electronics and Information
Technology (DeitY), GOI. The proposed research aligns very closely with the
M/S G.E. Motors Pvt. Ltd s vision of manufacturing permanent magnet
synchronous machine (both motor and generators) indigenously. The company
along with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Department of Science
and Technology (DST) is also providing generous fellowship to a scholar for his
doctoral research under Prime Ministers Fellowship scheme from April, 2014.

10. Development of Improved Heat Exchanger
by Heat Transfer enhancement
Users: Heat Exchanger Industry

The setup in which the Heat Exchanger is being developed

The heat exchanger with Enhanced heat transfer

11. The Howrah Solar Mela organised by the Howrah Municipal Corporation in
September 2013, was a success. The products on display was mainly from CEGESS

Events Organised for Commercialization of Technologies
A Technology Innovation Programme (SRIJAN) For Technology Transfer
Organized by
Industry Institute Partnership Cell, IIEST Shibpur
Supported by
Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC)
Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
Dated: 7th November 2014

In this event ve technologies have already been chosen for

commercialization. Patent facilitation facilities of the TIFAC was also
extended to the members of the institute.

Photograph 11

Photograph 12

Photograph 13

Students who visited Foreign Universities for Internships
1 Sanjukta Dawn University of Windsor Electrical
2 Debasish Dhua University of Windsor Electrical
University of
3 Sabyasachi Bandyopadhyay Electrical
Massachuse s, Lowell
4 Abhrokan Saha University of Windsor Civil
5 Soham Mitra University of Windsor Civil
6 Sayanta Barman Wayne state University Civil
7 Pra k Garg Wayne state University Civil
8 Partha Saha Wayne state University Civil
9 Samanwita Kar McGill University Aerospace
University of Illinois at Metallurgical and
10 Indrajit Srivastava
Urbana Champaign Material Science


T he beginning of the history of Bengal Engineering College goes back to the rst

half of Nineteenth century. Industries in the sense we understand today were

practically absent. Consequently, facilities for technical education did not exist.
Sensing the need for trained personnel in development works like excavation of
canals, building of railroads etc., the Council of Education in Bengal decided on
opening a Civil Engineering class, which subsequently led to the establishment of
Bengal Engineering College. The tiny seed sown on the 24 of November 1856 steadily
grew into a mighty tree with branches spread over various elds of engineering.

T he Bengal Engineering College has stood the test of time-spread over a long one

hundred and sixty years, full of uncertainties, vicissitudes, and world-wide turmoil
accentuated by two World Wars and a number of revolutions. During the long and
eventful existence as one of the oldest technical institution in the country, the college
produced qualied engineers who ably served the humanity with immense
contribution in their respective elds of engineering and, to a great extent, shaped the
engineering and industrial developments of the country. Besides, many of them left
their indelible imprints in various important landmarks of the world. It is indeed
dicult to name the notable alumni, as the long list would easily run into a few pages.
However, it may be worth mentioning a few whose contribution we can readily align
ourselves to.

S ir RajendraNath Mukherjee was an alumnus of 1883. Among his achievements

were the construction of Palta water works including the mighty 'Tala water tank' to
the eyes of everyKolkatan and the great Victoria Memorial, the most important
landmark of Kolkata. He pioneered the laying down and operations of Martin's Light
Railways.Along with Sir Acquin Martin, he founded Martin & Co. and contributed to the
success of Bengal Iron at Kulti. Later he joined G.H.Fairhurst in founding the iron works
of The Indian Iron and Steel Company. His son, Sir Biren Mukherjee, carried his father's
mantle and took IISCO to a new height. He was instrumental in setting up the steel
plant at Burnpur. Girish Chandra Das (alumnus 1891) became the chief Engineer of the
light railways under Martin and Co. He was also the Engineer-in-Charge of the Calcutta
High Court, which is a famous heritage building in the city. Amar Nath Das (alumnus
1895) joined the Indian Service of Engineers and rose to the position of Chief Engineer
of Bengal. RaiBahadurAnukul Chandra Mitra (alumnus 1900) was the Engineer-in-
Charge of the construction of Victoria Memorial. RaiBahadurAnnada Prasad Sarkar
(alumnus 1893) rose to the position of the rst Indian Chief Engineer (Irrigation) of

A lumni of the college not only left their marks on the important landmarks of the

country, many of them also itched their names in some other landmarks in the world.
DrFazlurRahaman Khan, the Einstein of Structural Engineering, studied civil
Engineering at the college. He was the Chief Designer of landmark buildings like Sears
Tower and John Hancock Tower in Chicago. DrKajal Gupta became the Chief
Technologist at National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) and was instrumental in
designing many of the landmark space missions.

T he institute proudly carries this legacy and continues to produce some of the

brightest minds that shape the society as engineers, scientists, and technology

Dr Fazlur Rahaman Khan and Sir Biren Mukherjee

Photograph 14 :

On the occasion of the Inauguration of IIEST, Shibpur the following NavaRatna and
other signicant Heads of Industries were felicitated in the presence of the
President of India.

Right to Left :

Prof. M Anandakrishnan,Chairman, BOG, IIT Kanpur, Lt.Col. A.K Verma, CMD,

Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers; Mr. Chandrajit Bannerji, Director-
General, CII, Mr. T.V Narendran, MD, Tata Steel; Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, President of
India; Prof. Ajay Ray, Director, IIEST; Mr. C.S Verma, Chairman, SAIL; Mr. B.P Rao,
CMD, BHEL; Ms. Shanta Ghosh, Chairperson, Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Mr.
S.P Bhattacharya, GM, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.