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Digital Media & Strategic Doing:

Bringing Ideas to Life
April 12-14, 2007
Thursday 1 pm to 8 pm
Friday 8 am to 6 pm
Saturday 8 am to 1 pm


Lorain County Community College
Elyria, Ohio


Defrag, an international business network focused on next generation
industry opportunities in creative digital media.
April 2007

April 2007

The Defrag Ohio network o!ers an integrated, “Ohio’s business development opportunities in
multi-disciplinary approach to identify and creative digital media. Beginning in 1997, the
connect Ohio resources and capabilities in economic developer's view of the role of arts in
creative digital media to accelerate business an economy began to shift. The Blair government
development and the formation of next in the U.K. published an important report on "the
generation industry clusters. Defrag quarterly creative industries". (Note that this development
conferences illuminate new research, models and took place 4 or 5 years before Richard Florida
projects leading business development with published his book.)
disruptive innovations in response to envisioning
alternate futures. Unlike any other time in the The idea of treating creative industries as an
history of civilization, we are required to work important source of high income jobs began to
collaboratively as leaders and in teams to identify take o". Now, you can see in the UK a wide range
gateway solutions capable of the scale and of urban centers that are embracing the strategy
interactivity needed to address critical world of developing creative industries. They have
challenges, such as climate change, renewable developed their own web site for creative
energies and urban re-densification. industry development.
During the course of the conference we will Additionally, within the UK, di"erent locations
consider opportunities in five topic areas and are launching their own e"orts. So, you can now
three cross-cutting themes. Next steps will visit Creative ! Edinburgh, for example.
identify business opportunities leveraging the Creative!London is the most advanced of these
process of Strategic Doing and Web 2.0 local sites, and Creative London has recently
collaborative online project development formed a joint project with ! Toronto. Other
platforms. We will be joined by economic countries including Austria, Finland, Denmark,
development professionals and social software Australia and New ! Zealand see the creative
practitioners guiding us in these next steps. industries as a path to high value added
! employment.
The Defrag Declaration is being prepared as a !
discussion draft for acceptance by participants to In June 2000, the New England Council picked up
bring attention to the important issues discussed the trend when they published the report,
at the April conference. The Declaration serves as The!Creative!Economy!Initiative:!The!Role!of!Arts!
a self-commitment by contributors to actively and!Culture!in!New!England’s!Economic!Competit
support and implement new behaviors and iveness. With their partners, they have launched
practices to accelerate open innovation in Ohio, the Creative ! Economy ! Initiative. More recently,
and to call upon our colleagues to do the same. Providence, home of the Rhode Island School of
Send your comments and suggestions to info@i- Design, has adopted creative industries as a core
open.org. of their economic development strategy.
! Savannah's ! Creative ! Coast and the
We welcome you to a diverse leadership Charleston!Digital!Corridor represent other local
community of industry, academic and mixed e"orts to capitalize on this emerging
media performers sharing what we do know and opportunity. Earlier this month, Los Angles
testing what we don't know. Defrag conferences released its report on the creative industries.
bring innovators together to learn, connect, !
clarify insights and refresh perspectives! Our The fastest growing segment of the "creative
appreciation is extended to Lorain County industries clusters" comes with "creative digital
Community College, the Division of Math & media" or "rich digital media". It stands to
Science and the LCCC Foundation for its reason. Information is being digitized. The
generous support and strong spirit of explosion of low cost computing power (Moore's
collaboration in hosting the Defrag Ohio Lorain law), coupled with the power of connectivity and
conference. the Internet (Metcalfe's law) creates an entirely
new opportunity to create, produce and
distribute rich digital content.

April 2007
Others are seeing the opportunity. Ball State Strategic Doing, moves ideas to action around a
University has landed about $40 million in process of engagement to explore, focus, align
funding from the Lilly Endowment to launch a and innovate.
digital media initiative. Interactive gaming and
simulators are changing the way in which CONFERENCE INSTRUCTIONS
complex learning is taking place. The U.S.
Defense Department is heavily involved in this Check in at registration table and get your name
research. badge. Make sure we have your correct contact
! information.
A big opportunity in Ohio comes with creative
digital media. Through an extensive set of If you have not previously registered, fill out the
meetings at REI, FUTURE and Defrag, we are sign-in sheet available at the registration table.
seeing the opportunities emerge in Ohio around
gaming, 3-D visualization, and education. We Fill out the network map questionnaire during
have extensive assets, and we are uncovering registration and turn in to one of the conference
more through Defrag. representatives at the registration table.
Building interactive games -- and applying this CONFERENCE GROUND RULES
technology to education -- represents one of the
promising areas for Ohio. To give you some Everyone is encouraged to participate.
orientation to this opportunity, read the report
from New Zealand that looks at their interactive No one or two individuals dominate the
gaming cluster. Austin has jumped on this discussion.
opportunity with its Gaming!Expo.
All participants listen carefully to each other and
Defrag is continuing to develop this cluster with a consider all ideas and viewpoints.
set of "link and leverage" strategies. To give you
some sense of urgency and the opportunities, A positive and constructive atmosphere for
here are two videos that Lev Gonick played at the discussion and analysis of alternatives is
recent Cleveland!2.0 meeting. The first focuses maintained.
on the challenges ahead. The second explores
some of our digital opportunities. The Internet is Everyone understands that this is an open forum
our first interactive mass medium. The and there is no right or wrong answer.
technology to launch this interactivity is
emerging as "Web 2.0". This technology has Behave in ways that build trust and respect.
profound implications for how economic
development will take place in the next decade. “ CONFERENCE TIPS

You can access this article, with hyperlinks, by Ed Move freely between sessions running at the
Morrison, I-Open, on the Defrag Ohio wiki same time.
20on%20the%20Creative%20Economy Introduce yourself to people you do not know.

Collaborative Leadership, is based on Schedule 3 appointments to meet after the

appreciative leadership skills to guide conference.
conversation in new areas of innovation and
business development. Meet in open rooms (there are several) to
continue conversations before, during or between
Social Networks, is a social structure made of sessions.
nodes which are generally individuals or
organizations that are tied by one or more Check your matrix schedule for available rooms
specific types of relations such as financial to meet with colleagues about collaborations
exchange, friendship, hate, trade, web links or and project development.
airline routes.

April 2007

Funutation, Ted Jordan, Beachwood, Ohio
Adams!Immersive, Morgan Adams, Cleveland, Ohio FUTURE:!Center!for!Design!and!Technology!Transfer,
All-tronics Technical Systems, Dennis Althar David Moss, Cleveland, Ohio
The Asian Leader, Editor and Publisher, Prof. Azaad !The!Game!Research!and!Immersive!Design!Lab!(GRID),
Khaira Karen Riggs, Athens, Ohio
The Aesthetic Technologies Laboratory @ Lab, Ohio !Geniocity.com, Carolyn Jack
University, Katherine Milton, Philip Mallory !Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC), Blake Andres, Vice
Jones, Suguro Goto, Athens, Ohio President for Education & Programs
!Ball State University, Lawrence Smith, Professor of !Green Energy Ohio, William A. Spratley, Exec. Dir.,
Elementary Education, Muncie, Indiana Athan Barkoukis
Bruce Perens, Vice President of Developer Relations & !Green City Blue Lake, Marc Leftkowitz, Cleveland,
Policy, Sourcelabs, Inc., Seattle, Washington, Ohio
Author of The Open Source Definition and Co- !Hand!Turkey!Studios, Jason van Gumster,
Founder of The Open Source Initiative, Mechanicsville, Virgina
Founder of Linux Standard Base & Co-Founder !Ideas Unleashed, Lisa Lehman, Lorain, Ohio
of Software In The Public Interest !Ingenuity, the Cleveland Festival of Art and
Brulant, Inc., Doug McKay, Beachwood, Ohio Technology James Levin, Rich Weiss
Case!Western!Reserve!University!Physiology!&!Biophysi !The!Institute!for!Open!Economic!Networks!(I-Open),Ed
cs, Thomas Nosek, Ph.D., Case Western Morrison, Betsey Merkel, Susan Altshuler,
Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio Dennis Coughlin, Cleveland, Ohio
Case Western Reserve University, Gregg Wrenn !I Will Shout Youngstown, Janko
Mace Mentch Ph.D., Mngr. & Sue Schick, !Kent State University, College of Communication and
Learning Technologies, Department of Information, James L. Gaudino, Dean, Kent,
Academic Computing and Instructional Ohio
Technology, Case Western Reserve University !Knotice Ltd, Douglas Craver, Akron, Ohio
!The!Center!for!the!Electronic!Reconstruction!of!Histori !Knowledge Information Technology Inc., Rick Pollack,
cal! and!Archaeological!Sites!(CERHAS), John Cleveland, Ohio
Hancock, Cincinnati, Ohio !KnowledgeWorks!Foundation/
Charles Burkett, Cleveland, Ohio Collaborative!Communications!Group, David
City!of!Cleveland!Technology!Department, Michael Moore, Washington, D.C.
DeAloia, Cleveland, Ohio !Kovan Consulting, LLC, Matt Novak
Cleveland Botanical Garden, Peggy Irwin, Manager of !Lakewood!Public!Library, Ken Warren, Lakewood, Ohio
Research and Development, University Circle, !The!Lakewood!Observer, Jim O'Bryan, Lakewood, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio !Lorain!County!Community!College,Dr. John Crooks,
Cleveland Motion Controls, Lucian Fogoros Associate Provost, University Partnership at
Corporate College, Key Entrepreneur Development Lorain County Community College; Terrence
Center, Brad Kleinman, Warrensville Heights, Green, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Ohio !Lorain!Growth!Corporation, Mike Challender, Lorain,
Cronosys, LLC, Tony Felice, Cleveland, Ohio Ohio
CulturalTechnologyStrategies, Leonard Steinbach, !MKM Management Consulting, Monika Moss, Roland
Cleveland, Ohio Robinson, Cleveland, Ohio
EcoCity!Cleveland, Marc Leftkowitz, Cleveland, Ohio !Media!Design!Imaging, Johnny Wu, Cleveland, Ohio
Ed Dale !MediaVision, School of Medicine, Case Western
Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute, Lorain County Reserve University, Mike Kubit
Community College !Meet!The!Bloggers, George Nemeth, Gloria & Tim
EDR!Media!LLC, Steve Simmons, Beachwood, Ohio Ferris, Cleveland, Ohio
EDS, Michael Mullaly !Mindgrab!Media!LLC, David Walker, Stephen Brand,
Digital Aiport Initiative, Barbara Siss Oney, Shaker Ph.D., Akron, Ohio
Heights, Ohio !NASA Glenn Research Center, Kathleen Zona,
Envision!Center!for!Data!Perceptualization!at!Purdue!U Cleveland, Ohio
niversity, Steven Dunlop, West Lafayette, !Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, Steve Cadwell, Shaker
Indiana Heights, Ohio
Federation!of!American!Scientists, Washington, D.C.; !Near-Time.com Joel Bush, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
rescheduled to Defrag Youngstown, July 2007 !NEOhio.org Mike Gesing, Bay Village, Ohio
The Ferneway Company, Ferne Zigler, Cleveland, Ohio !New Image Media, Inc.
FLEXMatters, Dr. John L. West, Kent, Ohio

April 2007
!Northeast Ohio Videogame Initiative, Daniel Carl, !Strategic Technology Alliance (STA), Robert Sopko,
Lakewood, Ohio Case Western Reserve University
!NOTACON, Paul Schneider !STEP, Edward M. Caner, Director, Innovation &
!Ohio!Arts!Council, Columbus, Ohio Entrepreneurship Programs, College of Arts &
!Ohio Board of Regents, David Barber, Director, Sciences, Case Western Reserve University,
Technology Strategy Cleveland, Ohio
!Ohio!University, Karen Riggs, Athens, Ohio !Susan Miller
!OneCommunity, Scot Rourke, Cleveland, Ohio !TRG!Studios, Michael Roth, Cleveland, Ohio
!Orgnet.com, Valdis Krebs, Rocky River, Ohio !Think Beyond Media, Mark Gajewski, Elyria, Ohio
Portage-Geauga County Juvenile Detention Center, !The!University!of!Cincinnati
Thomas Rehnert !Youngstown Business Incubator, James Cossler,
!PBWiki, Clif & Rebecca Sipe, Celine, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio (rescheduled to Defrag
!Philip!Mallory!Jones, Hamilton, New York & Ohio Y'Town July 2007)
University, Athens, Ohio !Wendell Robinson
!QIN Inc., Mike Mata !Williamson!College!of!Business,Youngstown State
!Razor Graphics, Inc., Joe McCrystal University, Betty Jo Licata, Youngstown, Ohio
!REALNEO, Sudhir Kade, Norm Roulet, Sudhir !Youngstown/Warren!Regional!Chamber, Thomas
Raghupathy Humphries, Reid Dulberger, Youngstown &
!Rochester!Institute!of!Technology!(RIT),Matthew Warren, Ohio
Bernius, Visiting Professor, School of Print !Center!for!Urban!and!Regional!Studies, Hunter
Media, Rochester, New York Morrison, Youngstown, Ohio
!The Search Guru, Leslie Carruthers !Zender + Associates, Micah Zender, Design Strategist
!The!Shaker!Heights!Public!Library !
!Silent Partner Online, Inc. Andre Bryan
!Soren Hansen
!SourceLabs, Inc. Athena Diamantis, Director of Sales,
Seattle, Washington

April 2007


Case: 0019 Description: The mission of Envision Center for Data

Title: Conference Opening Ceremony & Keynote Perceptualization is to serve, support, and collaborate
Lectures with faculty, students, and industry to be a leader in
Thu 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM scientific visualization, and human computer
Spitzer Room 214, 215 interaction, through learning, discovery, and
Description: Welcome to the Defrag conference with engagement.
Keynote lectures by Northeast Ohio leaders in Speaker:Steve Dunlop, Envision Center for Data
education, videogame development, technology, urban Perceptualization, Purdue University
design and planning. Exhibition Opening. Box lunches
are available for purchase. Case: 0023
Speakers: Professor Terrance Green, Lorain County Title: Map of Future Forces A"ecting Education
Community College (LCCC), Conference Host; Dr. John Thurs 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Crooks, Associate Provost, University Partnership at Spitzer 214, 215
Lorain County Community College LCCC, University Topic/X-cutting theme: Education, Workforce
Partnership, LCCC; Robert Sopko, Strategic Technology Development/Social Networks
Alliance (STA) CASE; Hunter Morrison, Director, Center Description:Invited presentation on the
for Design and Urban Planning, Youngstown State KnowledgeWorks Foundation Map of Future Forces
University E"ecting Education.
Pre-read: KnowledgeWorks!Foundation!Map
Case: 0020 Speaker: David!Moore, Vice-President,
Title: Meet The Bloggers Interviews Collaborative!Communications!Group
Thu & Fri Ongoing
Spitzer Lobby Case: 0024
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Social Software Technology/ Title: Cultural Innovation Zones for 21st Century
Strategic Doing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Description: Meet the Bloggers advances citizen Thurs 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
journalism in Ohio with interviews of entrepreneurs Spitzer 214, 215
and leaders working in the creative digital media Topic/X-cutting theme:
industry in Ohio. Interviews are posted on Description:
Meet!The!Bloggers Speaker: Hunter Morrison, Director of the Center for
Speakers: George Nemeth, Gloria Ferris, Tim Ferris Urban and Regional Studies, Youngstown State
Case: 0021
Title: FALCON: Design and Operation of Industrial Case: 0025
Motion Systems Title: Cognitive Haunting in Collaborative On-line
Thu 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Communities
Spitzer Room 210 Fri 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Education Spitzer 211
Description: Increasing productivity of design and Topic/X-cutting theme: Education/
operation of industrial motion systems with FALCON. Description: “Cognitive haunting” process – a process
(Flexible Automation Logic Controller with Open unique to passionate activity, shared with other kinds
Networks). FALCON is a complete PC Based Controls of human experience of a profound nature, marked by
Package (IEC 61131-3) that integrates Process Control, inspiration, creativity, and heightened engagement.
Motion Controls, HMI and Open Communications into Cognitive Haunting is stimulated from the residue of
one easy to use platform. subject specific experiences that perk in the individual
Speaker: Lucian Fogoros, Senior Product Manager, throughout the day. It is the salient idea that resonates
Cleveland!Motion!Controls within the individual, sparking new insight, that the
! individual is compelled to share with a broader
Case: 0022 audience. It is the product of an internalized intimate
Title: Overview of the Envision Center Technology Base process and active learning.
& Discussion of Current Projects Speaker: Katherine Milton, Dir.,
Thu 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM The!Aesthetic!Technologies!Lab, Ohio University
Spitzer Room 211
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Education/Collaborative

April 2007
Case: 0026 Spitzer Grandroom
Title: IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE: Migration and Topic/X-cutting theme: Games, and Education
Transformation of Concept and Form Description: Demonstration of videogame models
Fri 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM developed by Northeast Ohio Videogame Developers
Spitzer Room 211 Meet-Up Group members.
Topic/X-cutting theme: Education, Modeling & Speakers: NEO Videogame Initiative members
Simulation !
Description: IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE Notes on Case: 0028
Development and Process: IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE is Title: Keynote
a multi-modal fusion of visual art, literature, and Thurs 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
immersive digital media, manifesting as a gallery Spitzer Grandroom
installation, on-line environment in Second Life, and Topic/X-cutting theme: Entrepreneurship and Business
bound print portfolio. It is an evocation of African- Development
American personal/familial/communal narratives and Description: Overview of investment and innovation
allegories, in words and distinctive interpretive visual value of innovation and entrepreneurship in a global
compositions. It is a hymn of nuanced harmonies and market.
discords; a blending of voices sweet and rough. It is a Speaker: Keith Krach, CEO, 3 POINTS LLC
trans-generational memoir, illuminating paths we !
walk, stories we’ve been told, and the dream-places Case: 0029
we haunt. It is a continuation of my four decades of Title: Workshop: Building E-Projects with Near-Time
art-making and research, and my creative Fri 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
collaborations with poet/novelist Dorothy Mallory Spitzer Rm 210
Jones, my mother (LISSEN HERE!, book 2004, and The Topic/X-cutting theme: Social Software Technologies,
Trouble I’ve Seen, broadcast video 1976). IN THE Digital Media Communications/Collaborative
SWEET BYE & BYE is a dialogue between traditional and Leadership, Social Networks
contemporary creative and cultural practice. It is Description: Sales Director Joel Bush, has over 10 years
composed of poetic and narrative text, digital of experience in the information technology industry
paintings, photo-collage, animations, soundscapes, on the technology side and on the publishing /
and immersive virtual environments. Themes and content side. Prior to joining Near-Time, Joel was
threads of the work are derived from personal and founder and President of Leverage Factory a trade
family memoirs, and African-American/Diaspora oral book and content syndication company. Previously,
traditions. The 2D, 3D and animation compositions are Joel has been involved with several successful
my original work, and archive of photo, film, video and technology start-ups in North Carolina including
graphic imagery, dating to the late 19th century, and Extensibility, eTix.com, Bandwidth.com, iO Systems,
spanning the planet. IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE will and Ventana Communications Group.
speak to diverse audiences, through the breadth and Speaker: Joel Bush, Near-Time
depth of its content, and the three modes of !
presentation. Each presentation mode (installation, Case: 0030
web, book) of IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE transposes and Title: Repurposing and Monetizing Existing Content
interprets the source material into distinctive form, Fri 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
exploiting the particular capabilities and character of Spitzer Rm 210
the mode. Each is a stand-alone experience, yet Topic/X-cutting theme: Digital Communications/
complimentary to the other modes. IN THE SWEET BYE Strategic Doing
& BYE is a process of migration and transformation of Description: Repurposing and Monetizing Existing
concepts and designs through technologies, and Content – Many organizations are sitting on untapped
temporal terrains. B&B SL: An Immersive Memior value in old video footage, R&D content and other
Developing IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE in Second Life valuable information. These untapped assets can be
(B&B SL) began mid Jan 07. It marks the paradigm shift transformed and even monetized through a “content
in vision. It begins the migration of source material conversion” process that enables their use as “New
and core expressive intentions, and transformations of Media”. Existing content can be converted to realize
concepts and ideas, as I investigate designing in/for educational, promotional, or informational value and
this dynamic immersive environment. generate direct or indirect revenue. We’ll discuss the
Speaker: Philip!Mallory!Jones, Resident Artist, Aesthetic process and show actual examples. In a world where
Technologies Lab, Ohio University YouTube is a billion dollar asset, it’s time
! organizations get out their old media and jump in.
Case: 0027 Speakers: David Walker, Stephen Brand, Ph.D.,
Title: Northeast Ohio Videogame demonstration Mindgrab Media LLC,
Thu 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM !

April 2007
Case: 0031 this introductory session which will also provide an
Title: First Steps in Entrepreneurship Curriculum overview of the videogame industry.
Design for Business Schools in the 21st Century Speakers: Scott Baker (Wii Bowling), Rick Pollack, Dan
Thu 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Carl
Spitzer 210 !
Topic/X-cutting theme: Education/Strategic Doing Case: 0034
Description: Open discussion to advance knowledge of Title: The Emerging Economics of Open Source
practices and new models for training and curriculum Software
in entrepreneurship for 21st Century business schools. Fri 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Speakers: Dr. John Crooks, Associate Provost, Stocker Cinema Hall
University Partnership at Lorain County Community Topic/X-cutting theme: Social Software Technologies,
College, Education and the University Partnership; Social Networks
Edward M. Caner, Director, Innovation & Description: Open Source developers have, perhaps
Entrepreneurship Programs, College of Arts & without conscious intent, created a new and
Sciences, Case Western Reserve University; James surprisingly successful economic paradigm for the
Gaudino, Dean, College of Communication and production of software. Examining that paradigm can
Information, Kent State University; Scot Rourke, answer a number of important questions. It's not
President, OneCommunity; Beverly Peterson, CAAO; immediately obvious how Open Source works
Andre Bryan; Brad Kleinman, Corporate College; economically. Probably the worst consequence of this
Facilitator, Jack Ricchiuto, Designing Life lack of understanding is that many people don't
! understand how Open Source could be economically
Case: 0032 sustainable, and some may even feel that its potential
Title: Social media and citizen journalism: research, negative e"ect upon the proprietary software industry
culture and trends - MashUps, You Tube and My Space is an overall economic detriment. Fortunately, if you
Fri 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Panel discussion look more deeply into the economic function of
Spitzer: Room 214 software in general, it's easy to establish that Open
Topic/X-cutting theme: Education, Social Software Source is both sustainable and of tremendous benefit
Technologies, Digital Media Communications/ to the overall economy. Open Source can be explained
Collaborative Leadership, Social Networks entirely within the context of conventional open-
Description: Panel Participation - Social Media and market economics. Indeed, it turns out that it has
Citizen Journalism Trends: Trends in how various much stronger ties to the phenomenon of capitalism
communities and institutions are creating, and than you may have appreciated. Join us for a dynamic
perceiving, value online. This will include how presentation.
YouTube v.Bloggers perceive their relationship to Pre-read:
Google and YouTube, thoughts about why local The!Emerging!Economic!Paradigm!of!Open!Source
newspapers are making more $ from online video Speaker: Bruce Bruce!Perens, Vice President
advertisements than other media outlets, and recent Athena Diamantis, Director of Sales
frictions between Citizen Journalists and so called !
“professionals” at the recent WeMedia conference. Case: 0035
Pre-Read:The Lakewood Observer's Hyper-local Dojo: Title: Visualizations of Ancient Ohio Civilizations with
Self Defense and the Ecology of Civic Engagement an Overview of CERHAS, Current & Future Projects
Speakers: Matthew!Bernius, Visiting Professor, School Fri 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
of Print Media, Rochester Institute of Technology, Stocker Lecture Hall
http://www.waking-dream.com, E-mail: Topic/X-cutting theme: Modeling & Simulation,
mbernius@gmail.com Ph: 585-797-8037; Ken Warren, Education, Digital Media Communications/
Exec. Dir., Lakewood!Public!Library; Jim O'Bryan, Collaborative Leadership
Editor, Lakewood!Observer; George Nemeth, Description: The Center for the Electronic
Meet!The!Bloggers; Janko, I!Will!Shout!Youngstown Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites is
! an interdisciplinary research laboratory within the
Case: 0033 College!of!Design,!Architecture,!Art,!and!Planning!(DA
Title: Nintendo Wii Bowling & Introduction and AP) at the University!of!Cincinnati. The mission of
Overview of the Videogame Industry CERHAS is to unite research, education and public
Fri 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM awareness through innovative and accessible high-
Spitzer Grandroom quality multi-media presentations, and to connect the
Topic/X-cutting theme: Videogames, and Education importance of our heritage to our modern conditions
Description: If you have not experienced Real time the in meaningful ways. Join us for a fantastic visual re-
Nintendto Wii Bowling videogame, be sure to attend discovery of Ohio cultural heritage.

April 2007
Speaker: John E. Hancock, Co-Founder of CERHAS and Case: 0039
Director, EarthWorks and The Dirt on Midea, Professor Topic: Advancing Education, Research and Economic
of Architectural History, Associate Dean of Research, Development in Renewable Energy, a session co-
University of Cincinnati. A registered architect since presented by Green Energy Ohio & Great Lakes Science
1979, he regularly teaches courses in architectural Center
history and theory, and is the author of many national Fri 11:00 AM - Noon
and international publications and presentations on Spitzer Room214
topics in ancient architectural history and Topic/X-cutting theme: Education, Workforce
interpretation, including a six-lecture series on Greece Development/Collaborative Leadership, Social
and the Greek Temple at the New Europe College, a Networks, Strategic Doing
Getty funded post-doctoral humanities institute in Description: This session will review current economic
Bucharest, Romania, in 2003. Notable awards from the development in Ohio renewables, and discuss the
Ohio Board of Regents, the National Endowment for education and research model activities being
the Humanities, the Columbus International Film and developed at the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC).
Video Festival, and the New York Art Directors Club. Speakers: !William!Spratley, Exec. Dir.
CERHAS, The!University!of!Cincinnati Green!Energy!Ohio(GEO) and Chair, SOLAR!2007, July
! 7-12, 2007 National Organizing Committee, and Blake
Case: 0036 Andres, Vice President, Great!Lakes!Science!Center;
Title: Defrag Shorts !
TBA Case:!0040
TBA Title:!Plenary!Lecture
“Shorts” exhibiting model applications of mulit-media Preamble:!"Culture!and!Creativity!at!the!Nexus!of!Inno
in education, games, manufactured products, vation,"!Philip!Malloy!Jones.!!Interlude:!Valdis!Krebs,!T
animation, art, and innovative forms of creative digital he!Music!of!Networks,!Orgnet.com;!Jazz!Session:!Open!
media. Source!Meets!Open!Source!Economic!Development,!An!
! Interactive!Conversation,!Bruce!Perens,!Sourcelabs,!Inc!
Case: 0037 Seattle,!WA;!Ed!Morrison,!The!Institute!for!Open!Econo
Title: MashUps, YouTube & MySpace: Writing Media mic!Networks!(IOpen);!Valdis!Krebs,!Orgnet.com;!Philip!
and Social Identity Mallory!Jones,!Aesthetic!Technology!Lab,!Ohio!Universi
Fri 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ty;!George!!Nemeth,!Meet!The!Bloggers,!Chief!Blogging!
Spitzer 210 O#cer,!BrewedFreshDaily.com,!CIO,!CoolCleveland.co
Topic/X-cutting theme: Education, Social Software m!CTO,!MeetTheBloggers.net;
Technologies, Digital Media Communications/ Fri!Noon!-!2:00!PM
Collaborative Leadership, Social Networks Spitzer!Grandroom
Description: This presentation approaches the Mash- Topic/X-cutting!theme:!All
Up phenomenon from a literary, media making Description:!A!three!stage!programmed!luncheon!with!
perspective. The session will examine cycles of speakers!addressing!the!connectivity!and!innovation!o
consumption, mediation, and remediation and some pportunities!at!the!intersections!of!art,!technology,!soc
thoughts about how this gives way to both new ial!computing,!visualization!and!simulation,!to!the!soci
economic models of production and distribution, as al,!cultural!and!behavioral!aspects!of!open!source!eng
well as how MashUps can be seen as ways of agement,!to!the!economic!development!imperative!of!
displaying identity and group knowledge. sustainable!innovation,!in!an!open!conversation.
Speaker:Matthew!Bernius, Visiting Professor, School of Speakers: Listed above
Print Media, Rochester Institute of Technology
! Case:!0041 & Case: 0053
Case: 0038 Title:!Wiki!Know-How:!A!Demonstration!and!workshop!
Title:CGI Photography: Photographic Images From CAD Fri!2:00!PM!-!4:00!PM
Files Spitzer!Room 201 and,
Fri 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Sat 10:00 AM - Noon
Spitzer Room 210 Spitzer 201
Topic/X-cutting theme: Digital Media Communications Topic/X-cutting theme:
Description: Learn about advances in rendering Education!&!Social!Software!Technology
photographic images from CAD files, producing Description:!Workshop!about!the!value!of!wikis!websit
outstanding digital images of industry products. es,!how!to!build!wikis!and!the!usability!of!the!wiki!plat
Speaker: Michael Roth, Operations & Dir., CGI form!for!education!and!business.!Join!the!session!to!le
Photography Dept.; Marty Horvath TRG!Studios arn!more!about!this!new!company!located!in!California!
! Speakers:!Rebecca!and!Clif!Sipe,!PBWiki.com!

- 10 -
April 2007
! Description: Web 2.0 is not about technology
Case: 0042 innovation but rather the usability of technology to
Title: Red Hat High: Open Source Software Use for emphasize online collaboration and sharing among
Secondary Education users. In this session, leading Northeast Ohio social
Fri 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM network developers will explore evolutions of
Spitzer 210 applications enhancing online collaboration and
Topic/X-cutting theme: Education sharing in a focused context of building a regional
Description: Red Hat High: Using Open Source events calendar, from the grass roots-up, so all people
Software in a Technology Camp may contribute content and access complete, filterable
In the summer of 2006, 52 rising 8th and 9th-grade listings in the manners most usable to them. We will
students attended a week-long residential technology feature a presentation of the latest Drupal calendar
camp at North Carolina State University. Named for the module that enables sharing of event data among
program's initiator, Red Hat High's mission was to various platforms and sites.
expose students to technology and software that they Convening Network: Norm Roulet, Marc Leftkowitz ,
otherwise might not be aware of. Using open source Susan Miller, mbernius@gmail.com, Martha Eakin ,
software, students were introduced to audio creation, Sudhir Raghupathy , Je" Buster , bat@adva.com,
video creation, 3D modeling & animation, and web derek@realneo.us, Bill MacDermott , Tim Ferris, others
design. !
Speaker: Jason van Gumster, Hand Turkey Studios & Case: 0045
partner Red Hat, Inc., co-founder and 'Production Title: Creating Serious Health Education Games for
Monkey' of the Richmond, Virginia-based animation, Students of All Ages
illustration, and print design company, Hand Turkey Fri 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Studios. He participated in the 2006 Red Hat High Spitzer Rm 215
program as an instructor for the 3D Modeling & Topic/X-cutting theme: Games, and Education/
Animation track using the open source 3D suite, Collaborative Leadership
Blender, and is on the advisory board for the 2007 Description: Discuss the concept of “serious games for
camp. He works professionally as an animator and education” and describe the “Tower of Learning” that
print designer for his company and serves as an we are creating to teach medical students Clinical
instructor for Blender workshops and training DVDs. Cancer Genetics and the “Garden of Wellness” that we
An avid advocate of open source software, Jason uses are creating to help disabled women practice health
open source tools for the majority of his creative work promotion and disease prevention. County Fair: An
and is active in the Free Software community, Intergenerational Game for Appalachians, K Riggs, tells
particularly the Blender community. He has given the story of a graduate seminar led by professors at
demonstrations at Linux Users Group meetings and the GRID Lab and the Appalachian Rural Health
SIGGRAPH conferences, and he currently serves as the Institute. Five hard-core gamers wrote a white paper
Gallery Maintainer for Blender.org and writer for the to precede a design document for a game called
primary Blender news portal, Blender Nation. Born in County Fair, to be distributed on a CD-ROM as part of
1978, Jason holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a community health package for diabetics and their
a B.F.A in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia families in rural Appalachia. County Fair will be a role-
Commonwealth University. playing Sim for players throughout an extended family
! to learn how to prevent and manage diabetes via
Case: 0043 engagement in an entertaining game. G Wrenn
Title: Innovations in Digital Communications provides an overview of a serious game teaching
Spitzer Rm 214 neuroscience.
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Contributors: Thomas Nosek, Ph.D., CWRU; Gregg
Topic/X-cutting theme: Digital Communications Wrenn, Brain software, CWRU Karen Riggs, Ohio
Description: innovative technology in content University
Speaker: Dr. John L. West, FLEXMatters, LCD Institute Case: 0046
! Title: Development of the Ion Field EduGame, Giant
Case: 0044 Revolving Brain
Title: Practices in Social Software Technology: An Open Fri 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Conversation with Leaders in Northeast Ohio Social Spitzer Grandroom
Computing Topic/X-cutting theme: Education, Games/
Spitzer Rm 211 Collaborative Leadership
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Description: a review of the design and construction of
Topic/X-cutting theme: Social Software Technologies/ the Ion Field EduGame teaching math and science
Collaborative Leadership, Strategic Doing concepts.

- 11 -
April 2007
Speakers: Terrance Green Ph.D., Douglas Reichard, Speaker: Marc Buchner, Assoc. Prof. Electrical
Michael Irby II, Robby Friedman, Lou Diggi Engineering & Computer Science, Dir. Virtual Worlds
Case: 0047
Title: 20 Years of Social Network Analysis Case: 0051
Fri 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Title: Serious Games for Juvenile Detention Facilities
Stocker Cinema Hall Fri 1:00-2:00
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Social Software Technology/ Spitzer 215
Social Networks Topic/X-Cutting Theme: Education, Games
Description: Review of social network mapping and Description: An exploration and overview of industry
analysis over the past twenty years. and business development opportunities for
Speaker: Valdis Krebs, Orgnet.com EduGames to teach skills training and workforce
development for juvenile detention populations.
Case: 0048 Building On-line Collaborative Speakers: Thomas J Rehnert, Portage-Geauga County
Communities Juvenile Detention Facility, Law professionals
Fri 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Spitzer Grandroom Case: 0052
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Education, Games, Modeling & Title: Connecting Families, Kids and Students Through
Simulation Digital Media
Description: a moderated panel discussion sharing Spitzer 214
best practices and innovations in online community Sat 9;00 AM - 1:00 PM
development. Topics/X-Cutting themes: Games, Education, Modeling
Speakers: Barbara Oney, Digital Airport Initiative; & Simulation/Collaborative Leadership
James Levin, Ingenuity; Karen Riggs, GRID; Katherine Description & Speakers:
Milton, @Lab, OU; Case Western Reserve University; Saturday 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM 3D Modeling with
Rick Pollack, Knowledge Information Technology Inc; Blender, Jason van Gumster, Hand Turkey Studios;
Dale Cook, KSU; Philip Mallory Jones, OU; Len 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Sound Design for Interactive
Steinbach, CulturalTechnologyStrategies, Moderator Gaming, Steve Simmons, Audio Dir., EDR Media; 11:30
AM - 1:00 PM Computer Game Creation Session, Ted
Case 0049 Jordan, Funutation LLC
Title: Computer Forensics
Fri 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Case: 0053 (See Case: 0041)
Spitzer 215
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Modeling & Simulation, Case: 0054
Programming, Engineering Title: BrainAge: Breakthrough Intergenerational
Description: An overview of a new technique of Learning Game
computer forensics with a high success recovery rate. Sat 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Speaker: Lawrence Atkinson, Lorain County Community Spitzer 210
College Topic/X-Cutting theme: Education, Games
Description: The game development industry has had
Case: 0050 a di#cult time reaching over-40 adults and, in fact,
Title: Virtual Worlds Gaming & Simulation & has long ignored them. Now enters BrainAge, a game
Laboratory, Case Western Reserve University for all ages released by Nintendo for its DS handheld
Fri 11:00 - Noon device. What can developers learn from this
Spitzer Grandroom outrageously popular game, and how can this
Description: Overview of courses, research and knowledge be applied to make applications more
experiential learning opportunities in an attractive for older and mixed-generation audiences?
interdisciplinary group of advanced undergraduate An expert on aging, games, and technology delivers
students in the fields of electrical engineering and prescriptives for industry.
computer science (EECS), art, music and English. The Speaker: Karen Riggs, Dir., Game Research and
new lab will form the basis for experiential work in Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, Ohio University, is an
existing game related courses such as artificial avid BrainAger in her spare time.
intelligence, graphics and simulation, and for the
development of new gaming/simulation courses in the Case: 0055
department. Significant cross-disciplinary immersive Title: How to Succeed in Making a Movie in the Digital
learning opportunities are also available with the Age
Cleveland Institute of Art, the Case Music department, Sat 10:00 AM - Noon
and the Case School of Medicine. Spitzer 211

- 12 -
April 2007
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Digital Communications/ Speaker: Suguru Goto, Japanese composer, multi-
Collaborative Leadership media artist, internationally renowned, inventor and
Description: A discussion on how to make a movie and performer.
where to go with the technology and how technology
can help one craft their concept into a visual work. (a Case: 0059
brief tour from pre-production into deliveries of your Title: Strategic Doing: Open Source, Collaborative
film) Leadership and Social Networks
Speaker: Johnny Wu, Media Design Imaging Fri 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Spitzer Grandroom
Case: 0056 Topic/X-Cutting theme: Collaborative Leadership,
Topic: Innovations at the Intersections of Art & Social Networks, Strategic Doing
Technology Description: a working session introducing new
Sat 10:00 AM - Noon practices and tools for Open Source Economic
Spitzer 215 Development to take Defrag conference ideas to
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Education/Strategic Doing actionable next steps in the form of new initiatives and
Description: an overview and update of the exciting business development opportunities supported by the on-
innovations preparing for the July 2007 Ingenuity line collaborative Web 2.0 project platform, Near-Time.
Festival, it’s history, mission and future goals. Learn Speaker: Ed Morrison, Center for Regional
how this national model of technology and art, Development, Purdue University, Economic
partners with Playhouse Square, Cleveland State Development Advisor to the North Central Indiana
University, ideastream, and NASA to produce WIRED Initiative, Dir., I-OPEN
innovative performances to drive economic
development in Cleveland, Ohio. Case: 0061
Speaker: James Levin, Ingenuity, the Cleveland Festival Title: Daily Welcome
of Art and Technology Fri 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Spitzer Grandroom
Case: 0057 Topic/X-Cutting theme:
Title: Daily Welcome Description: Dr. John Crooks, Associate Provost,
Sat 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM University Partnership at Lorain County Community
Spitzer Grandroom College LCCC, will discuss the LCCC Vision 2015 & The
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Collaborative Leadership Innovation Corridor initiative; Terrance Green Ph.D.,
Description: Ed Morrison, I-Open; Karen Riggs, Philip LCCC; "Ohio's Business Development Opportunity in
Mallory Jones (tentative) Conference Instructions, Len Creative Digital Media", Ed Morrison, (I-Open);
Steinbach, CulturalTechnologyStrategies Conference Instructions, Len Steinbach,
Speakers: listed above CulturalTechnologyStrategies

Case: 0058 Case: 0062

Title: Workshop and Demonstration in Advanced Mixed Title: The Temple of Zeus: Five Educational Games for
Media Performance Techniques the Children's Museum of Manhattan
Sat 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Sat 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Spitzer Grandroom Topic: Education, Games, Modeling & Simulation; X-
Topic/X-Cutting theme: Modeling, Simulation, Cutting theme:
Description: An overview and demonstration of Description:An overview of a series of five games
advanced performance techniques in mixed media developed for the Children’s Museum of Manhatten.
performances such as, “BodySuit” (DataSuite), in which The session is an opportunity for the design firm to
there 12 sensors on each joint of body. The performer test gameplay and interest with attendees. Try out the
doesn't’t hold anything on his hands, however, he can games!
play as if he dances. This is used in the composition, Speaker: Zender & Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio
RoboticMusic is based upon the idea that the robot
plays the acoustic musical instruments. The robots
consist of one which plays a snare drum, one which
kicks a base drum, one which strikes cymbal, one
which strikes a gong with the head, and one which
passes the air with pipes adapting the mechanism of a
woodwind instrument. FortissimoMechano is
composed for RoboticMusic in 2003.

- 13 -
April 2007


Adams, Morgan$ morgan@adamsi.com Licata, Betty Jo$ bjlicata@ysu.edu

Alshuler, Susan$ susanaltshuler@gmail.com Limpach, Jan$ jan@keyphrase-marketing.com
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Anderson, Roy$ randerso@lorainccc.edu May, Marcus$ marcus.may@mindgrabmedia.com
Andres, Blake$ andresb@glsc.org McCracken, William$ fyrstbyt@hotmail.com
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Diamantis, Athena$ athena@sourcelabs.com Robinson, Roland$ monika@mkmmanagement.com
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Goto, Suguro$ Substelny, Patricia$ substelny@adelphia.net
Green, Terrance$ tgreen@lorainccc.edu Tranberg, Dan$ trandan@core.com
Green, Tracy$ tagreen@lorainccc.edu Walker, David$ david.walker@mindgrabmedia.com
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Hancock, John E.$ HANCOCJE@ucmail.uc.edu Weiss, Rich$ rich@ingenuitycleveland.org
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Jordan, Ted$ ted@jordanteam.com Zona, Kathleen$ kathleen.a.zona@nasa.gov
Kade, Sudhir$ sudhir@vmdirect.com ,$ VGP@videogamepianist.com
Khaira, Prof. Azaad$ asiabizcomms@aol.com
Kleinman, Brad$ brad.kleinman@tri-c.edu
Krach, Keith$
Krebs, Valdis$ valdis@orgnet.com
Kuntz, Scott$ skuntz@ack-consulting.com
Lallo, Dan$ dan@insivia.com
Leftkowitz, Marc$ marc@ecocitycleveland.org
Lehman, Lisa$ Lisa@ideasunleashed.org
Levine, James$ james@ingenuitycleveland.org

- 14 -
April 2007

- 15 -
April 2007

- 16 -
April 2007

- 17 -
April 2007

- 18 -
April 2007

SOCIAL NETWORK MAP from DEFRAG December 2006 utilizing Visual Network Analyzer of Orgnet.com by
Valdis Krebs. The Dec 2006 social network map presents a visual map of the emergent Ohio creative
digital media industry. Learn more about social networks here: http://www.orgnet.com

Links and nodes measure our inter-connectivity (or lack of) to resources and capabilities and allow us to
act as intermediaries a"ecting the sustainability of the networks. View the large Defrag 2006 map here:

Complete and return the social network survey questionnaire in your conference packet to be a part of the
Defrag April 2007 map. Updates will be posted to http://defragohio.pbwiki.com

- 19 -
April 2007


No. 1: Adams Immersive (Fri Apr 13) !No. 18: All-tronics Technical Systems (Thu Apr
! 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Apr 14)
No. 2: Lorain Growth Corporation (Thu Apr 12, !
Fri Apr 13, Sat, Apr 14) No. 19: Southern Lorain County Historical Society
! (Fri April 13)
No. 3: Cleveland Motion Controls (Thu Apr 12, Fri !
Apr 13) No. 20: Key Entrepreneur Development Center,
! Corporate College (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat
No. 4: Giant Revolving Brain (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr Apr 14)
! No. 21: The Consortium of African American
No. 5: Hand Turkey Studios (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr Organizations (CAAO) (Thu April 12, Fri April 13, Sat
13, Sat Apr 14) April 14)
No. 6: Funtuation Tech Camps Corporation (Thu No. 22: IQity (Fri April 13)
Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Apr 14)
No. 7: A shared, drop-in space hosted by the DEFRAG OHIO LORAIN is a collaboration between
Northeast Ohio social computing community Lorain County Community College, the LCCC
providing information about NEO models and Foundation and The Institute for Open Economic
reporting from the Defrag conference. (Thu Apr Networks and is generously supported by Case
12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Apr 14) Western Reserve University, The Strategic Technology
! Alliance (STA), and FUTURE: Center for Design and
No. 8: NOTACON (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr 13 Technology Transfer @ The Cleveland Institute of Art.
! Special thanks go to Mike Challender, John Crooks,
No. 9: Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute, Terrence Green, Tracy Green, Mike Gesing, Debbie
LCCC (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Apr 14) Janscura, Ted Jordan, Barbara Oney, Steve Petit,
! Rick Pollack, Steve Sefchik, Steve Simmons, Bob
No. 10: Meet the Bloggers (Thu April 12, Fri Apr Sopko, and Len Steinbach.
13 in Stocker)
BOOKMARK the Defrag Ohio link at
No. 11: CGI Studios, (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr 13) www.defragohio.pbwiki.com for continuing updates
! and opportunities.
No. 12: PBWiki (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Apr
14) REGISTER for future Defrag Ohio conferences by e-
mailing info@i-open.org
No. 13: The Institute for Open Economic
Networks (I-Open) (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Youngstown, Ohio July 2007
Apr 14) Athens, Ohio Fall 2007
No. 14: SourceLabs, Inc. (Fri Apr 13)
No. 15: Defrag Ohio Conference (Stocker &
Spitzer) (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Apr 14)
No. 16: Green Energy Ohio & Great Lakes Science
Center (Fri Apr 13)
No. 17: Computer Games and Sim Design, Lorain
County Community College (Thu Apr 12, Fri Apr
13, Sat Apr 14)

- 20 -
April 2007

sources alone, sources such as tuition, state and

Lorain County Community College is located 25
local funding for higher education.
miles west of Cleveland in Elyria, Ohio, LCCC is one
of the top 15 fastest-growing community colleges in
The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-
the nation. LCCC features 37 associate’s degrees and
Open) is an economic development organization
through its unique University Partnership program 27
bachelor’s and 12 master’s degrees. !LCCC is also based in Northeast Ohio with a national reach that
develops new practices and tools for Open Source
home to the Great Lakes Innovation and
Economic Development. For more information, go to
Development Enterprise, an Edison Technology
Incubator, which provides incubation and
development services for businesses at the start-up
or expansion stage.

The Lorain County Community College Foundation

(LCCCF), a direct support organization for LCCC,
was established in 1973. !Among the first community
college foundations nationwide, the LCCCF
assembles resources from the philanthropic
community to accelerate LCCC's mission and
vision. !The support provided by the LCCCF enables
LCCC to pursue innovative opportunities that meet
the specific needs of our region. !In essence, the
LCCCF creates a "margin of excellence" for LCCC
that is not possible through traditional revenue

- 21 -