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Total derivatives notional outstanding June 2016
= $544 trillion at end-June 2016 Notional outstanding:
$544 trillion

Gross market value:

Derivatives Market by $20.7 trillion
Asset Class ($ Trillion)
After netting:
Interest rate derivatives (IRD) $3.7 trillion
FX derivatives
Credit derivatives
Equity derivatives
December 2015
Commodity derivatives Notional outstanding:

Source: Bank for International Settlements $492.7 trillion

semiannual survey June 2016

Gross market value:

$14.5 trillion

After netting:

What is Notional Outstanding? $2.9 trillion

 otional outstanding is a reference point for the This risk can be reduced by netting, which June 2015
calculation of contractual payments. It doesnt allows two parties to consolidate offsetting
represent the amounts that are actually paid payments under various derivatives into a single Notional outstanding:
from one party to another, and it doesnt reflect net payment from one to the other. Exposure $551.5 trillion
the losses that would occur if all outstanding after netting is less than 1% of total notional
derivatives are terminated. outstanding.
Gross market value:
 more appropriate measure for assessing risk Taking the collateral that parties have posted
is gross market value, defined as the maximum to each other into account would reduce that $15.5 trillion
loss that parties would incur if they all fail exposure even further. Regulatory requirements
to meet their contractual payments and the are now in place requiring the posting of
After netting:
contracts are replaced at current market prices. collateral on derivatives trades.
This is about 3%-4% of notional outstanding. $2.9 trillion

2017 International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. www.isda.org

IRD Turnover Geographical
Distribution (%)
UK Singapore
US Japan
France Australia
Hong Kong Other

Source: Bank for International

Settlements triennial survey 2016

Trading Activity Derivatives Users

$787.6 billion
Average daily IRD notional trading
74% Nearly three-quarters of IRD market turnover involves an end user on one
side and a reporting dealer on the other

volume in Q1 20171 Percentage of market turnover by

counterparty type
Average number of IRD trades per
day in Q1 2017

$27.3 billion
Average daily CDS index notional trading
volume in Q1 2017

Average number of CDS index trades per
Source: Bank for International Settlements triennial survey 2016
day in Q1 2017
End users include non-financial corporates, pension funds, regional banks, insurance
1 As reported to US swap data repositories and companies, mortgage providers, government agencies and asset managers that use
compiled by ISDA SwapsInfo.org derivatives to hedge risk and create greater certainty in their financial outlook

ISDA is a registered trademark of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. www.isda.org