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Preparing for

for MTA
A Certi
Cer t i
ca on
(M TA)

98-365 Windows Server Administration

Aut hors
Michael Teske (Windows Server Administration and Security). Michael Patricia Phillips (Lead Author and Project Manager). Patricia taught
has been teaching in the Network Specialist Program for 10 years computer science for 20 years in Janesville, Wisconsin. She served
at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and has been involved as on Microsofts National K-12 Facult y Advisory Board and edited
an engineer for 15 years. He has a passion for both teaching and the Microsoft MainFunction website for technology teachers for
technology and loves helping people nd happiness in a career. Mike t wo years. For the past ve years she has worked with Microsoft
believes that learning technology should be fun but recognizes that in a variety of roles related to K-12 curriculum development and
the networking eld is continually changing and can challenge even pilot programs including Expression Studio web design and XNA
the brightest students. Mike also works as an independent consultant game development. In her role as an author and editor, Patricia
for several small businesses in northeast Wisconsin and enjoys wrote several articles and a student workbook on topics including
bringing that real-world experience to the classroom on a daily computer science, web design, and computational thinking. She is
basis. Michael has become known as the Microsoft Guy on campus. currently the editor of the Computer Science Teachers Association
Michaels goal is to continue to teach network technology with the newslet ter, the Voice.
same enthusiasm and passion for many years to come and to help his
students nd the same joy and passion he has found in an amazing
industry and career. Mike is the author of the Windows Server Exam
Review Kit in the MTA Exam Review Kit series.

This content is only for use by or provision to students for their personal use.
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Int roduct ion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . v

Career Planning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vi

Exploring Job Roles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . viii

Value of Cert i cat ion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . x


CHAPTER 1 Underst anding Ser ver Inst allat ion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

1.1/ 1/ 2 Understand device drivers; Understand services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
1.3 Understand server installation options. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

CHAPTER 2 Underst anding Ser ver Roles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

2.1 Identify application servers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
2.2 Understand Web services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
2.3 Understand remote access . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
2.4 Understand le and print services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
2.5 Understand server virtualization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
CHAPTER 3 Underst anding Act ive Direct or y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
3.1 Understand accounts and groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
3.2 Understand organizational units (OUs) and containers . . . . . . . . . . 25
3.3 Understand Active Directory infrastructure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
3.4 Understand group policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

CHAPTER 4 Underst anding St orage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

4.1/4.2 Identify storage technologies; Understand RAID . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
4.3 Understand disk types. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

CHAPTER 5 Underst anding Server Perf ormance M anagement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

5.1 Identify major server hardware components. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
5.2 Understand performance monitoring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
5.3 Understand logs and alerts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43

CHAPTER 6 Underst anding Server M aint enance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45

6.1 Identify steps in the startup process. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
6.2 Understand business continuity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
6.3 Understand updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51
6.4 Understand troubleshooting methodology. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53

iv Content s

M TA validates building-block technology concepts

and helps students explore, discover and
pursue successful careers in Information Technology
Empower yourself As the rst step toward
becoming an MCTS, MTA shows your commitment to
technology while connecting you with a community
(IT) in an exciting and rewarding way! As the rst step of more than ve million Microsoft Certied
in the Microsoft Technology Certication Series, this Professionals. Learn from them and show them what
new, entry-level certication provides students with you know by becoming MTA certied!
condence, credibility, and differentiation.
This MTA Student Study Guide serves as a study tool
Explore IT career opt ions wit hout commit t ing to help students prepare for their MTA certication
a lot of t ime and resources MTA exams validate exam. Students are challenged with real-life situations
the core technology knowledge that is in demand for each of the major topics covered in the exam.
today by businesses around the world. Whether you Although successful completion of the study guide
want to explore becoming a network administrator, exercises does not guarantee that you will pass your
software engineer, web developer, or database MTA exam, it is an excellent way to gauge your
analyst, MTA gets you started on the right path. readiness to take the exam and build condence
that you know your stuff on exam day.
Prepare t o compet e A little investment in IT can I wish you all the best as you prepare for a successful
go a long way in todays job market. Becoming MTA career in technology!
certied helps you build a solid foundation to prepare
for intermediate technology studies and for Microsoft Vict oria Poht o
Certied Technology Specialist (MCTS) certications. Victoria Pohto
It can also help you compete on college admissions MTA Product Marketing Manager
and jumpstart your IT career planning!

Intro duction v
Career Planning

M ost IT solutions or infrastructure built on

Microsoft technologies require prociency
with one or all of the following products, often
knowledge of the fundamental IT concepts critical
for success with intermediate learning and
certications such as Microsoft Certied Technology
referred to as The Microsoft Stack. Specialist (MCTS). Moreover, Microsoft certications
demonstrate an individuals commitment of self-
Microsoft Windows Server as the data center
investment and condence to take his or her
or development platform
knowledge and skills to the next level with an
Microsoft SQL Server as the data and business industry-recognized credential.
intelligence (BI) platform
MTA is not a career certication, meaning that
Microsoft Visual Studio as the suite of application employers recognize you as job ready, but it is the
life-cycle management tools rst step toward that career goal and can help
differentiate you for an internship or to college
MTA is the starting point of Microsoft technology
admissions committees. As you prepare for your rst
certications, providing aspiring technologists with
job focusing on technology, be sure that you
the fundamental knowledge essential to succeed
are equipped with an MCTS credentialthe
with continued studies and a successful career with
intermediate level certication that validates
Microsoft product and technology skills.
Preparing for and becoming MTA certied helps you
The MTA Certication path on the next page shows
explore a variety of career paths in technology with-
you the MTA exams that are recommended prior
out investing a lot of time and money in a specialized
to taking on some of Microsofts intermediate
career path. When you nd a path that is right for
technology certication, MCTS.
you, Microsoft learning products and certication can
help you prepare and guide your longer-term career
If you already know that you want to start building
a career in technology, MTA preparation and certi-
cation is the recommended entry point. Becoming
MTA certied shows that you have a rm working

vi Career Planning
Career Planning vii
Exploring Job Roles

C hoosing a career path is a big decision and its

not always easy, but youre not alone! Microsoft
created a career site to help students understand the
Server Administ rat or
As a server administrator, you are in charge
of implementing and managing some
options and possibilities of pursuing a career in IT.
of the most important technology in your
The site also connects you with learning resources,
organizationthe servers. You use extensive
student techie communities, and much more to help
monitoring and proling tools to manage the
you prepare for a career in technology.
network and tune systems so they perform at optimal
To chart your career with Microsoft technology, levels. You are an expert in Active Directory , and you
visit www.microsoft.com/ learning/ career/ en/ us/ have an in-depth understanding of network
career-org-charts.aspx. protocols, and le and directory securit y.

Dat abase Administ rat or Comput er Support Technician

As a database administrator, you are in charge Consider starting your IT career by becoming
of important databases that span multiple a consumer support technician. You dont
platforms and environments. You are a strong need any formal work experience, but a
team player who thrives in a fast-paced company might require that you know how to
environment. You build complex, highly scalable install, administer, and troubleshoot operating
databases that meet business needs and security systems in a home network environment that has
requirements. You are an expert in optimizing, desktop computers, laptops, and printers. As a
maintaining, and troubleshooting databases, but also consumer support technician, youll also handle
in designing archival, data distribution, and high- network, virus, malicious software, and hardware
availability solutions. support issues. Youll typically nd this position in
small to medium-sized organizations.

viii Exploring Job Roles

Exploring Job Roles

Web Developer and n-tier applications, and knowing how to work

As a web developer, you are an expert in with object-oriented programming, algorithms, data
using the dynamic programming tools and structures, and multithreading. Windows Developers
languages that fuel the web. You might work have an in-depth understanding of software engi-
independently or be part of a team that builds neering principles, software life cycles, and security
and integrates interactive web sites, applications, and principles.
services for both internal and public sites. Your role is Additional Online Resources for New Developers:
to make it work, which means developing web
http:// msdn.microsoft.com/ beginner
applications and testing them on various browsers,
enhancing and modifying them as necessary to http:// msdn.microsoft.com/ rampup
ensure the best experience for the user. As a web
developer, you might also architect websites, design
data-driven applications, and nd efcient client- Imagine Cup
server solutions. You must have an in-depth under- The Imagine Cup is the
standing of the software development life cycle and worlds premier student
be able to communicate project status, issues, and technology competition
resolutions. where students from
around the world can learn new skills, make new
friends, and change the world. Competitions
Windows Developer include Software Design, Embedded Development,
As a Windows client developer, knowing how Game Design, Digital Media and Windows Phone 7.
to optimize Windows code and track bugs is a The brightest young minds harness the power of
given. But you also know how to use Microsoft technology to take on the worlds toughest problems.
Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET frame- www.imaginecup.com
work to design, develop, test, and deploy Windows-
based applications that run on both corporate servers
and desktop computers. Your key talents include
understanding multiple Windows application models

Exploring Job Roles ix

Value of Certication

T echnology plays a role in virtually everything

we do. In the 20-plus years since Microsoft has
been certifying people on its products and technolo-
technology (ICT) skills are the entry ticket to the
job market, regardless of the country, industry, or
job function. Information Technology is clearly an
gies, millions of people have gained the knowledge, area worth investing time, resources, and education
expertise, and credentials to enhance their careers, in and technology certication is a key part of the
optimize business solutions, and create innovation education process, validating product and technology
within just about every business and social sector expertise as a result of their learning experiences.
imaginable. Todays Information Technology (IT) Microsoft IT Certications provide objective validation
hiring managers are more often using professional of the ability to perform critical IT functions success-
credentials, such as Microsoft certication, to identify
fully for worldwide IT professionals, developers, and
properly skilled IT candidates. Certication becomes
information workers. Microsoft certications repre-
a way to easily differentiate qualied candidates in a sent a rich and varied spectrum of knowledge, job
sea of resumes. roles, and responsibilities. Further, earning a specic
The job outlook for IT professionals, as reported in certication provides objective validation of the
a study prepared by the U.S. Department of Labors candidates abilit y to perform critical IT functions
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is positive! The BLS successfully. Embraced by industry professionals
indicates an increase that will be faster than the worldwide, Microsoft certication remains one of the
average for all occupations through 2014 for most effective ways to help reach long-term career
Computer Support Specialists, Systems Engineers, goals.
Database Administrators, and Computer Soft ware
Engineers. One signicant message resulting from
this study is that information and communications

x Value of Certification
Server Installation


1.1/ 1.2 Underst and device drivers; Underst and services

1.3 Underst and server inst allation options

Underst and device drivers; Underst and services

SCENARIO: Maurice Taylor is the network administrator for Fabrikam, Inc. A workstation that he plans to image
and roll out to production is having issues with the video display. The display worked initially when he rst set up
the system. After applying several system and driver updates, the video has degraded to standard VGA 640x800
and performance has really stunk. He knows this wont be acceptable.
Maurice also is having an issue with the rewall service on his Windows Server 2008 R2 Web server. The service
fails to start when the system starts; however, Maurice can start it manually after he logs in. Maurice does not
want to manually start that service every time maintenance on the web server is required, and he realizes that
hell be in big trouble if he doesnt secure the web server by forgetting to turn on the rewall service.

1. What could be a possible reason f or M a

a. Maurice installed the wrong video driv
b. Maurice installed an incompatible or co
c. the video adapter is not properly seate
2. Where should M aurice check t o verif y
a. Event Viewer
b. Disk Management
c. Device Manager
3. What can M aurice do wit h t he web serv
t he ot her syst em ser vices f inish t heir st
a. configure a delayed startup for the we
b. write a batch program to start the serv
c. configure the service to restart afte

Understand device drivers; Understand services 5

1. Maurices video problem occurred because:
b. M aurice inst alled an incompat ible or corrupt ed video driver
2. Driver problems can be found in the:
c. Device M anager
3. The interim solution to the web service is:
a. conf igure a delayed st art up f or t he web ser vice t hrough t he ser vices.msc. Maurice can open
services.msc and configure the service for a delayed start for the startup t ype. This will allow
the remaining services to finish starting. Maurice should investigate what possible services
would be causing these issues.

Essential det ails

A device driver is a soft ware compon
A service is a long-running executabl
user intervention.

ht t p:// ww w.microsof t .com/ whdc/ d
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

6 CH A PTER 1: Understanding Server Installation

Underst and server inst allat ion opt ions

SCENARIO: On Thursday, Pat was tasked with setting up 10 servers and 20 workstations per specication.
Pat is aware that if he sets up each one individually, he will be at work through the weekend, and he doesnt
want to do that because he has plans to go to a concert with some friends. Pat knows the company uses
Windows Deployment Services whenever a new workstation or server is rolled out. Pat would like to automate
these installations with as little human interaction as possible.

1. What can Pat do t o make sure he can make it t o t he concert t his weekend?
a. start his installations manually and hope they finish in time
b. create one completed installation, setup and configuration of a server and a workstation and use those
t wo copies to image the remaining sys
c. sell his tickets to his buddyits not go
2. What is ImageX?
a. a picture editing utility
b. a personal image enhancement ser
c. a system imaging software that takes a
or workstation and creates an imaged
and saves it to a file
3. What can Pat use t o solve t he last part
human int eract ion as possible?
a. have a robot do the installations
b. use Windows System Image Manager t
provide the answers to the setup quest
configure and install any necessary sof
c. create a DVD that will contain all of the
on the servers and workstations

Understand server installation optio ns 7

1. Pat can complete the installs if he:
b. creat es one complet ed inst allat ion, set up and conf igurat ion of a ser ver and a workst at ion and
use t hose t wo copies t o image t he remaining syst ems using Windows Deployment Services and
ImageX. Creating the two images or clones will allow Pat to duplicate those installations by pushing
those files (images) onto the hard drives of the remaining systems.
2. ImageX is:
c. a syst em imaging sof t ware t hat t akes a snapshot of an exist ing, conf igured ser ver or
workst at ion and creat es an imaged or cloned version of t hat syst em and saves it t o a f ile.
ImageX can be copied to a bootable CD/ DVD/ USB and used to create image files of an existing system
for duplicating or backup purposes.
3. Pat can eliminate interactions during the installs if he:
b. uses Windows Syst em Image M
t he answers t o t he set up ques
necessar y sof t ware during t he

Essential det ails

An unat t ended inst allat ion is a proc
setup/ install file with a configuration f
install tasks and questions.
An answer f ile is an XML-based file th
during Windows Setup. In an answer f
how to partition disks, the location of
key to apply.

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

8 CH A PTER 1: Understanding Server Installation

Server Roles


2.1 Identif y application servers

2.2 Underst and Web services

2.3 Underst and remote access

2.4 Underst and le and print services

2.5 Underst and server virtualization

Ident if y applicat ion servers

SCENARIO: Cari is a systems administrator for Contoso, Ltd. She needs to develop a systems design so her
company can use an email messaging system that allows for message and calendar collaboration. Contoso, Ltd.
uses Microsoft Ofce 2010 as their mainline ofce production suite. Her company also wants a collaboration
server for their intranet. The collaboration server should support dynamic updating from the employees
of Contoso, Ltd. Company ofcers would like to have the intranet monitored and protected with a threat
management solution.

1. What would be Caris best solut ion f or t heir messaging syst em?
a. use a third party email provider and a custom developed calendaring program
b. include Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
c. not recommend any solution because of the potential loss of production with an email messaging
2. What can meet t he needs of t he Cont oso. Lt d. Int ranet collaborat ion ser ver?
a. implement SharePoint Portal Server 2010 which uses Microsoft SQL as an option to support dynamic
b. solicit bids from various web development firms to meet their intranet needs
c. create a Microsoft Word document and send a link to it throughout the company
and call it their messaging board
3. What would be t he best f it t o meet t he companys needs so t hat t hey can manage
t heir employees int ernet access t hrough Act ive Direct ory?
a. have all employees sign an internet usage contract and document the sites they
visit and promise not to install any malicious soft ware onto their systems
b. recommend Microsofts Threat Management Gateway, which provides integration with h
Microsoft Forefront antivirus and can grant or deny various types of internet behavior
either by user name or group
c. only allow internet access from one computer that employees can sign up to use in 30-minute
0 i
Identif y application servers 11
1. The best solution for their messaging system is to:
b. include M icrosof t Exchange Ser ver 2010. Microsoft Exchange will integrate with the Contoso, Ltd.
Existing core production suite with reduced learning curves for their employees.
2. The collaboration server needs can be met by:
a. implement ing SharePoint Por t al Server 2010 which uses M icrosof t SQL as an opt ion t o support
dynamic updat ing
3. The best fit to meet the companys needs so they can manage their employees internet access through
Active Directory is:
b. M icrosof t s Threat M anagement Gat eway, which provides int egrat ion wit h M icrosof t Foref ront
ant ivirus and can grant or deny various t ypes of int ernet behavior eit her by user name or group

Essential det ails

Act ive Direct or y is the central locat
and information about all of the objec
SharePoint provides a turnkey solutio
communications server. Data will be s

ht t p:// ww w.microsof t .com/ exchan
ht t p:// sharepoint .microsof t .com/ e
ht t p:// w ww.microsof t .com/ f oref ro
/ us/ overview.aspx
ht t p:// of f ice.microsof t .com/ en-us/
/ CH010030543.aspx

12 CH A PTER 2: Underst anding Ser ver Roles

Underst and Web services

SCENARIO: Alicia is a server administrator for Tailspin Toys. Securit y personnel have contacted her to provide
them with securit y information regarding her web exposed servers. They want to know which servers will have
access from beyond the perimeter security appliance so that they can accommodate the incoming and outgoing
trafc. Alicia responds that two of her three servers require perimeter access: First, the intranet server, which is
running SharePoint, will need SSL access for the remote toy salespeople. Her second server is the companys web
server, where online customers can buy their toys from the comfort of their own homes. Customer transactions
must be secured in some fashion. Their web developers also request FTP access to the web server so that they
can upload and download updated content.

1. The securit y people have asked f or t he

M icrosof t SharePoint . What will her res
a. 445
b. 443
c. 80
2. Alicia want s all t ransact ions t o t he st or
prot ocol encr ypt s web t raf f ic?
a. Secure Socket Layer, SSL
b. Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, PPTP
c. Central Intelligence Agency, CIA
3. What does is FTP and what port (s) d
a. FTP is File Transport Protocol, a fast, ap
used for copying files to and from rem
using TCP/ IP, such as the internet. It co
b. FTP is File Tuning Package, which tunes
on port 3399.
c. FTP is a proprietary file protocol that o
systems and uses port 20.
Understand Web ser vices 13

1. The port Alicia needs open for SharePoint is:

b. 443
2. The security protocol that encrypts web traffic is:
a. Secure Socket Layer, SSL
3. FTP is:
a. File Transpor t Prot ocol. It is a f ast , applicat ion-level prot ocol widely used f or copying f iles
t o and f rom remot e comput er syst ems on a net work using TCP/ IP, such as t he int ernet .
It communicat es on port s 20 and 21.

Essential det ails

A port is an application-specific comm
Internet Protocol Suite. A specific por
the IP address with which it is associat
SSL supports authentication of client,

ht t p:// ww w.iis.net
ht t p:// sharepoint .microsof t .com/ e

14 CH A PTER 2: Understanding Ser ver Roles

Underst and remot e access

SCENARIO: Craig works for Fourth Coffee as their network administrator. Fourth Coffee provides coffee and
coffee-making products throughout the United States. Fourth Coffee wants their salespeople, who manage their
own regions of the country, to be able to have access to their enterprise resource management application so
that they can update their sales numbers regardless of where they are located. This access needs to be secured.
Craig also needs to provide remote support for their sales force. Fourth Coffees server infrastructure is predomi-
nantly Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and their salespeople use Microsoft Windows 7 Professional on their laptops.

1. What is t he most cost-ef f ect ive and ef f icient met hod t o provide remot e support f or t heir sales f orce?
a. enable Remote Assistance for all of the salespeople which will enable Craig to remote into their systems
while they are logged on and simultan
is already a feature of Windows 7 at no
b. make sure all salespeople have their ow
support for the salespeople
c. purchase a third-part y remote support
retrieve all remote laptops for installat
2. What can Craig do t o provide secure ac
a. have their sales people email all sales d
headquarters where the data can be in
b. enable and configure Remote Desktop
R2 through Virtual Private Network (V
as a Remote Application
c. install a third-part y remote server on t
with additional licensing
3. By def ault , what communicat ion port d
communicat e on?
a. 443
b. 445
c. 3389 Understand remote access 15
1. The most cost-effective and efficient method is to:
a. enable Remot e Assist ance f or all of t he salespeople, which will enable Craig t o remot e int o t heir
syst ems while t hey are logged on and simult aneously t roubleshoot or monit or t heir act ivit ies
2. To provide secure access Craig can:
b. enable and conf igure Remot e Deskt op Services f or M icrosof t Windows Ser ver 2008 R2 t hrough
Virt ual Privat e Net work (VPN) t unnel and push t he ent erprise sof t ware as a Remot e Applicat ion
3. By default, Remote Desktop Protocol communicates on port:
c. 3389

Essential det ails

Remot e Deskt op is used for adminis
Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 by en
Settings. It allows a user to remote int
Right-click Computer->Properties
Select Remote Set tings on the lef
Click the radio button to Allow Co
Running Remote Desktop With N
Remot e Assist ance is a technology in
each other over the internet.

ht t p:// w w w.microsof t .com/ syst em
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

16 CH A PTER 2: Understanding Ser ver Roles

Underst and le and print services

SCENARIO: Kern Sutton is the regional systems administrator for Wingtip Toys. The company has asked Kern to
upgrade their existing le server to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. They also want Kern to congure the new
server to support print sharing as well. Kern eagerly accepts the challenge as he is excited to work with the new
operating system. Kern must secure both the shares and folders using the appropriate rights and permissions.
Kern discovers that this isnt an old-time Windows Server!

1. What Role(s) are required f or Kern t o accomplish his t ask?

a. Microsoft File and Printer sharing
b. File Services Role and Print and Document Services Role
c. File Services for MacIntosh
2. Is t here an alt ernat e met hod t o inst all t
a. No, the role must be installed through
b. Yes, when Kern initially shares a folder,
c. Yes, through a separate download from
3. What t asks can be accomplished t hrou
a. deploy printers and print servers, mana
print queues
b. manage print queues only
c. remove a printer from a users desktop

Understand file and print ser vices 17

1. Required Roles include:
b. File Services Role and Print and Document Ser vices Role. Microsoft File and Printer service has now
been split into separate roles.
2. There is an alternate method:
b. yes, when Kern init ially shares a f older, t he Role will be added aut omat ically. Adding the Role
through the Add Role Wizard is a preferred method of installation
3. The tasks that can be accomplished include:
a. deploy print ers and print ser vers, manage print ers, updat e drivers, and manage print queues

Essential det ails

A print ser ver is a workstation that is
any station on the net work.
NTFS rights apply to a folder or file re
resource when it is being accessed ov
The effective right of a resource being
or right that is applied.

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

18 CH A PTER 2: Understanding Ser ver Roles

Underst and server virt ualizat ion

SCENARIO: Molly Dempseys company, Northwind Traders, has more than 50 servers that are due to be upgraded.
Molly must determine the most cost-effective method of upgrading these servers. She has several options that
she must consider to make her decision. Northwind Traders has several older applications that are part of the
problem because they are only supported on the existing legacy operating systems. Molly also has a desire to
simplify her backup and disaster recovery procedures. Molly is considering virtualization to address these various

1. What appears t o be M ollys best solut ion f or t he legacy applicat ions?

a. only upgrade the hardware the applications are running on and install the legacy operating system
b. virtualize the legacy systems by perfor
host Microsoft Hyper-V solution
c. keep the legacy systems running on th
would ensure her legacy at this current
2. How can virt ualizat ion help simplif y M
a. allows for application portability and f
b. cant help simplify her situationit
c. can help simplify her proceduresthe
utilizing virtualization technologies bec
3. What are t he addit ional benef it s t hat N
implement vir t ual t echnologies?
a. no additional benefits will be realized b
b. they will not benefit from server virtua
of virtualization are dramatically under
c. they will be able to consolidate their se
computers they will have to support

Understand server vir tualization 19

1. Mollys best solution is to:
b. virt ualize t he legacy syst ems by perf orming a physical t o virt ual migrat ion and run t hese sys-
t ems on a host M icrosof t Hyper-V solut ion
2. Virtualization can help simplify her disaster recovery needs by:
a. allowing f or applicat ion por t abilit y and f lexibilit y across hardware plat f orms. The system
archives the virtual system or file. The virtual system is not dependent on the hardware platform
it is running on.
3. The additional benefits that Northwind Traders will realize when they implement virtual technologies
c. t hey will be able t o consolidat e t heir ser vers and reduce t he number of physical comput ers t hey
will have t o support . They will also reduce their carbon footprint because of reduced energy needs,
making their company a greener
to support their large number of

Essential det ails

Server vir t ualizat ion is the abilit y to
performs as though it were a real syst
Physical t o virt ual (P2V) is a process
converted into a virtual machine. Virt
existing virtual machine is converted o

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

20 CH A PTER 2: Underst anding Ser ver Roles

Understanding Active


3.1 Underst and account s and groups

3.2 Underst and organizational unit s (OUs) and cont ainers

3.3 Underst and Active Directory infrastructure

3.4 Underst and group policy

Underst and account s and groups

SCENARIO: Sara Davis is the helpdesk manager for Wide World Importers (WWI). WWI has asked Sara to provide
procedures and training for her helpdesk staff that will allow them to be more procient at normal day-to-day
administrative tasks, including creating domain and local user accounts, managing group memberships, and
understanding whats under the hood as it relates to managing user accounts. This includes technical details
such as the location of the user database for both local and domain systems, acceptable naming conventions, and
what characters are not allowed.

1. What is t he name and locat ion of t he f ile t hat cont ains t he local user and group object s?
a. userDB: c:\userdb.mdb
b. Securit y Accounts Manager Database:
c. ntds.dit: c:\windows\ ntds
2. Which of t he f ollowing is an unaccept a
a. Abercrombie?kim
b. Mu.Han
c. MPat ten
3. What is t he rule relat ed t o nest ing dom
a. domain groups can contain local group
b. domain groups and local groups canno
c. local groups can contain domain group
local groups

Understand accounts and groups 23

1. The name and location of the file that contains the local user and group objects is:
b. Securit y Account s M anager Dat abase: %syst emroot %\ syst em32\ conf ig. The Active Directory
Domain Services database is named ntds.dit. The file is located by default in %systemroot%\ ntds.
2. An unacceptable user account name is:
a. Abercrombie?kim
/ \ [ ] : ; | = , + * ? < > @ are not accepted characters for user accounts.
3. The rule related to nesting domain and local groups is:
c. local groups can cont ain domain groups, but domain groups cannot cont ain local groups

Essential det ails

The Securit y Account s M anager (SA
that stores user accounts and security
The following steps create a local user
Start->All Programs->Command P
Type: net user WHarp myP@ss
Power Users Group / logonpa

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// support .microsof t .com/ kb/ 9

24 CH A PTER 3: Underst anding Act ive Directory

Underst and organizat ional unit s (OUs) and cont ainers

SCENARIO: Victoria Flores is the Directory Services administrator for Humongous Insurance. Humongous
Insurance is a large insurance company with ofces throughout the country. The IT needs and wishes of various
branches vary greatly and it is a challenge to manage it all.
The company wants to design its Active Directory structure to better suit these various needs and allow for easier
management of the various computers and departments. They have asked Victoria to create an organizational
unit design that will t their goals. One of their main goals is to create a model with which they can maintain
consistency and usability. They also want to be able to manage each department without granting particular
users complete administrative privileges.

1. What can Vict oria do t o solve t he admi

a. give the domain administrator passwo
organizational unit
b. simply perform all the administrative ta
c. delegate control to the employee assig
specific administrative rights for that co
2. How can an organizat ional unit be crea
a. Active Directory Users and Computers
Active Directory Administrative Center
b. User Manager for Domains
c. organizational units can only be create
Users and Computers
3. Which command creat es an OU called M
a. dsadd ou ou=Marketing,dc=hum
b. makeou=marketing.humongous.lo
c. ou=marketing,dc=humongous,dc

Understand organizational units (OUs) and containers 25

1. Victoria can solve the administration issue if she:
c. delegat es cont rol t o t he employee assigned t o manage each depar t ment al organizat ional unit
and grant s specif ic administ rat ive right s f or t hat cont ainer
2. An organizational unit can be created through:
a. Act ive Direct ory Users and Comput ers, PowerShell, command line, Act ive Direct or y Administ ra-
t ive Cent er
3. An OU is created with the command:
a. dsadd ou ou=Marketing,dc=humongous,dc=local

Essential det ails

Organizat ional unit s are Active Dire
other organizational units.
Organizat ional unit s can be structur
location, business structure (departme
version, or platform and any combina

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

26 CH A PTER 3: Underst anding Active Directory

Underst and Act ive Direct ory inf rast ruct ure

SCENARIO: Andrew Ma is the systems administrator for Coho Winery. Recent changes in the business and
in advertising strategies have increased the popularit y of Coho wines beyond expectations. Because of the
meteoric rise of Cohos sales, the company has decided to migrate from a workgroup network to a centrally
managed domain model using Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory Domain Services.
This IT change will allow Andrew to utilize several benets of a domain, including organizing network objects,
applying group policies to manage desktop computers, and managing security. Andrew has decided to have
multiple domain controllers for redundancy, as well as to split operations roles. The new organization system will
support future company growth.

1. What is a benef it of having a domain m

a. there isnt any benefitit is cost-prohi
computers than a centrally managed o
b. it allows for a centrally managed system
each individual workstation
c. the only benefit is that it is easier to se
2. What should Andrew do t o det ermine w
t he operat ions role of RID mast er?
a. contact the previous system administra
b. open Active Directory Users and Comp
Operation Masters
c. create a batch file that will query each
who is responsible for the RID master
3. What domain cont roller maint ains all f
a. the first domain controller in the forest
b. operations roles are automatically tran
as they are added to the forest
c. the domain controller is selected by the administrator when the system is being promoted
Understand Active Directory infrastructure 27
1. The primary benefit of a domain model network is:
b. having a cent rally managed syst em where employees aut hent icat e t o t he domain rat her t han t o
each individual workst at ion. This allows for better securit y policies and network management.
2. Andrew can determine which domain controller maintains the operations role of RID master if he
b. opens Act ive Direct or y Users and Comput ers, right-clicks his domain, and select s Operat ion
M ast ers
3. The domain controller that maintains all five operations roles by default is:
a. t he f irst domain cont roller in t he f orest . The operations roles have to be transferred manually when
the additional domain controllers are promoted in the forest. NTDSUTIL is a command-line utility that
can accomplish this task.

Essential det ails

A domain is a unit of replication.
A domain cont roller is a server that
Active Directory Domain Services inst
In a domain model, the user authent
about other objects in the domain. Co
administrator has to duplicate user ac
This means that a single user would h
computer she accesses.

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

28 CH A PTER 3: Understanding Active Directory

Underst and group policy

SCENARIO: Benjamin Harris works for Wingtip Toys as Some issues have arisen in various departments:
their desktop administrator. Bens primary function is
Employees want to have customized desktops and
desktop management and support of the companys features on their systems and still maintain consis-
desktop environment. His main goal is to have a quiet tency with Wingtip Toys
day at his desk so he can research new ideas for Wingtip Administrators at Wingtip Toys want some primary
Toys. He has several tools at his disposal to accomplish settings to remain consistent on all systems in the
this but his most important tool is his use of group company but want to allow each department to
policies on their domain. have individual settings that will help them per-
form their jobs more efficiently
1. Wingtip Toys only want password policies
applied to their Testing Division. Ben wan
create a Group Policy Object for the Testin
nizational unit that sets these password po
Will this accomplish what Wingtip Toys wan
a. yes, the password policy set at the org
tional unit level will only apply to the u
and computers in that OU
b. yes, the password policy will apply to t
users in the Testing division no matter
computer they log onto
c. no, password policies can only be appl
the domain level
2. Ben want s t o see if t he policies he set a
ef f ect . He does not want t o reboot or w
f or t he syst em t o ref resh aut omat ically
90 minut es. What command can he issu
f orce t he applicat ion of group policies?
a. gpupdate /NOW
b. gpedit.msc /update
c. gpupdate /force
Understand group policy 29
1. Wingtip Toys want password policies applied only to their Testing division:
c. No, password policies can only be set and applied at t he domain level. Password policies can only
be set and applied at the domain level. The user has already authenticated by the time organizational
unit policies are applied.
2. The command to force the application of group policies is:
c. gpupdate /force
3. When Ben logs into a testing department workstation his homepage will display:
a. ht t p:// wingt ipt oys.com. User Policy set t ings f ollow t he user

Essential det ails

A Group Policy is an infrastructure th
and computers.
Winlogon is a component of the Win
Winlogon is the service in which the G
Group Policy Pref erence enables ad
and groups, services, files, and folders

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// support .microsof t .com/ kb/ 9
ht t p:// ww w.microsof t .com/ downlo

30 CH A PTER 3: Understanding Active Directory



4.1/4.2 Identif y storage technologies; Underst and RAID

4.3 Underst and disk t ypes

Underst and Windows applicat ion deployment met hods

SCENARIO: Stepan spends much of his free time in the outdoors, camping, hiking, and canoeing. Whenever
school is not is session, he tries to take at least one trip. He has developed t wo applications to help him enjoy
his hobbies. The rst application helps him log his activities, downloads data from his GPS unit, and automatically
posts updates to his favorite social media websites. The second is a relatively simple application for planning trips;
it helps him organize his maps, plan the supplies hell need, and keep track of weather reports in the days before
he leaves. Both programs are Windows Forms applications.
He has always run the applications from his own computer, but now that his friends have seen how well they
work, he would like to distribute copies for others to enjoy.

1. The planning applicat ion is newer and St epan is st ill making f requent changes. Which deployment
opt ion checks f or updat es bef ore inst alling t he applicat ion?
a. ClickOnce
b. Windows Installer
c. Both deployment options autom
2. The log applicat ion int erf aces wit
deployment . Which opt ion is best
a. ClickOnce
b. Windows Installer
c. Neither deployment option can i
3. Which opt ion will allow St epan t o
a. ClickOnce
b. Windows Installer
c. Both deployment options can be

1. If Stepan wants the installer to check
A. ClickOnce
Ident if y st orage t echnologies; Underst and RAID

SCENARIO: Howard Gonzalez is the systems administrator for Humongous Insurance. The company is responsible
for protecting the property of hundreds of thousands of clients across 14 states. Because of the time-critical nature
of the data stored by Humongous Insurance, Howard is researching his best alternative to ensure that the customer
service representatives have access to their clients information whenever they need it. Server downtime is not an
option for Humongous Insurance, where customer satisfaction is top priority. Howard is considering various form of
Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), possibly congured in a Network Attached Storage (NAS).

1. What is t he minimum number of hard drives required if Howard want s t o conf igure
a RAID 5 solut ion?
a. 5
b. 2
c. 3
2. What is a benef it of NAS over St orage A
a. There isnt any advantage; they are equ
b. NAS provides file serving without the n
c. NAS benefits from being attached to a
file abstraction
3. Howard is conf iguring a server wit h RA
in his RAID array. How much available f
RAID is conf igured?
a. 750 GB
b. 2,250 GB
c. 2,250 TB

Identif y storage technologies; Underst and RAID 33

1. The minimum number for hard drives required to configure a RAID 5 solution is:
c. 3
2. A benefit of NAS over Storage Area Network (SAN) is that:
b. NAS provides f ile serving wit hout t he need f or a server
3. After RAID is configured Howard will have:
b. 2,250 GB of f ree space (3000-(3000)=2,250)

Essential det ails

Net work-at t ached st orage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network
providing data access to heterogeneous clients.
NAS does not require a server to prov
NAS reduces the number of servers o
A Redundant Array of Independent
across a group of computer disk drive
Available free space after RAID 5 is co

ht t p:// msdn.microsof t .com/ en-us/

34 CH A PTER 4: Understanding Storage

Underst and disk t ypes

SCENARIO: Luka Abrus works for City Power and Light as a systems administrator. Luka wants to increase the data
availability for three servers without having to rebuild them from scratch and without incorporating a great deal
of cost by purchasing array controllers. Luka also would like to be able to use data on one system and transport
it to another system and have it appear as another hard drive.

1. What can Luka do t o increase his server dat a availabilit y wit hout addit ional cost s of an array
cont roller or rebuilding each ser ver?
a. make sure the servers are always on
b. add another physical drive to each server convert the drives from basic disks to a dynamic disk
and establish a mirror (RAID 1) bet wee
c. make sure that his backups are running
of a failure
2. What can Luka do t o be able t o t ranspo
it appear as a separat e drive?
a. create a virtual hard disk (VHD) to stor
b. carry an external drive and attach it fro
c. compress the data and email the data
3. What advant ages will Luka experience
in M icrosof t Windows Ser ver 2008 R2?
a. continuous data availabilit y
b. no concerns about physical drive failur
c. no need to install antivirus software

Understand disk t ypes 35

1. To increase his server data availability without additional costs of an array controller or rebuilding each
server, Luka can:
b. add anot her physical drive t o each ser ver, convert t he drives f rom basic disks t o a dynamic disk
and est ablish a mirror(RAID 1) bet ween t he t wo drives
2. To be able to transport data from one system to another and have it appear as a separate drive, Luka can:
a. creat e a virt ual hard disk (VHD) t o st ore t he dat a. The vhd can be stored to a network share and then
be utilized from one system to another and mounted as a virtual drive. A VHD can be mounted to any
Windows system and appear as a separate physical drive
3. When using self-healing NTFS in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Luka will experience the advantage of:
a. cont inuous dat a availabilit y. Self-healing NTFS attempts to correct corruptions of the file system with-
out requiring the use of chkdsk.exe

Essential det ails

A dynamic disk is a physical disk that
partitioning scheme and has the abilit
A mount point is an association betw
Microsoft virt ual hard disk (VHD) fil
that can reside on a native host file sy


ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

ht t p:// windows.microsof t .com/ en-
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

36 CH A PTER 4: Understanding Storage

Server Performance

5.1 Identif y major server hardware component s

5.2 Underst and performance monitoring

5.3 Underst and logs and alert s

2. If he wants to install a device driver he should use:
B. Windows Installer
3. Stepans applications can be distributed via USB drives because:
C. both deployment options can be distributed via USB drive.

Essential det ails

The .NET Framework provides two primary technologies for deploying applications: ClickOnce and Windows
Both technologies:
provide a user interface to guide users through the installation process.
allow for the creation of Start Menu and desktop shortcuts.
can be distributed by a website or by removable media.
can register file t ypes.
The advantages and features of ClickO
There is minimal user interaction
The technology automatically che
Updates do not require complete
Features of Windows Installer include
installation and the flexibilit y to hand
In general, ClickOnce is simpler and is
Windows Installer provides more cont
is flexible enough to handle unusual o

ht t p:// msdn.microsof t .com/ en-us/
ht t p:// msdn.microsof t .com/ en-us/
Ident if y major server hardware component s

SCENARIO: Proseware Inc. has recently purchased land to expand their business center. A great deal of thought
and research must go into planning for the technology needs of a business the size of Proseware.
Cari has been the server administrator at Proseware for several years and has a deep understanding of the
technology needs related to the server components. Proseware has asked Cari to submit a plan for the
redesigned datacenter that will ensure data redundancy and server availability. The overall business plan
is dependent upon a dependable data system.

1. What t echnology can Cari implement t hat will allow f or t he replacement of ser ver component s
while t he servers are st ill running?
a. the technology does not exist
b. component live swappable
c. hot swappable/pluggable
2. What can Cari implement t hat will prot
to be shut down gracef ully in t he event
a. uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
b. a script that will shut down the server w
c. several surge suppressors for the serve
3. Why is it import ant f or Cari t o have clim
a. to be comfortable when she is working
b. to prevent servers from overheating
c. it is irrelevant servers are configured

Identif y major server hardware components 39

1. To allow for the replacement of server components while the servers are still running, Cari can implement:
c. hot swappable/ pluggable. Various hot swappable components include hard disks and fans.
2. To protect the servers from a power outage and allow the systems to be shut down gracefully in the event
of a power loss, Cari can implement:
a. unint errupt able power supply (UPS). A UPS only protects against power outages and is used
to gracefully shut the systems down in the event of an extended power loss
3. It is important for Cari to have climate control within the datacenter:
b. t o prevent ser vers f rom overheat ing

Essential det ails

Hot pluggable technology includes r
M emor y is a hardware device where
A Net work Int erf ace Card (NIC) is a
allows a network-capable device to ac

ht t p:// en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Hot _s
ht t p:// upload.wikimedia.org/ wikip

40 CH A PTER 5: Understanding Ser ver Per formance Management

Underst and perf ormance monit oring

SCENARIO: Cliff Majors works for Southridge Video as a systems administrator. Southridge Video began as a
start-up business in southern Georgia just a few years ago and its popularity has skyrocketed; Southridge has
a unique abilit y to anticipate customer needs and provide services before customers are even aware that they
would nd the services valuable.
A while ago the company introduced a service for customers to rent videos over the internet and stream the
movies to their computers or internet-capable devices. In spite of their best planning and anticipation of prob-
lems, calls have come in from the customers complaining that the qualit y of the video is poor or that the videos
just arent available.

1. Clif f at t empt ed t o close a program on o

respond. What applicat ion can he open
a. File Manager
b. Task Manager
c. Command Prompt
2. Clif f want s t o compare t he perf ormanc
deployed t he video ser vers. What appl
t o creat e a comparison report ?
a. Net work Monitor
b. netstat
c. Performance Monitor
3. Clif f is analyzing Perf ormance M onit or
f ile/ usage and hit s. Clif f not ices t hat t h
What can Clif f do t o solve t his issue?
a. add more RAM
b. adjust the size of the page file
c. move the page file to another physical

Understand performance monitoring 41

1. To end a process that cannot be closed in the usual manner, Cliff can open the:
b. Task M anager
2. To create a comparison report, he must launch the:
c. Per f ormance M onit or. It is important to create a baseline performance report using Performance
Monitor when deploying a system. This allows the administrator to have a report to compare against.
The reports can be overlapped within Performance Monitor to have a visual comparison.
3. To solve the problem of continuous page file hits, Cliff should:
a. add more RAM

Essential det ails

A page f ile is a hidden file on the har
files that do not fit in memory.
A process is a program or part of a p
Perf ormance is the measure of how q

ht t p:// support .microsof t .com/ kb/ 3
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

42 CH A PTER 5: Underst anding Ser ver Per formance Management

Underst and logs and alert s

SCENARIO: Walter Felhofer manages the network at Graphic Design Institute. He has been monitoring the
network for several months to better understand the trafc variations. The net work performance seems to vary
greatly and Walter suspects a variety of causes ranging from the time-of-day use to events that coincide with
special promotions and cyclical events. Walter keeps this historical data as it relates to the systems performance.
He reviews this data on a regular basis as well as reviewing the data in comparison mode because he knows that
it contains details that will be valuable for justifying future technology acquisitions and creating business plans.

1. What benef it can Walt er gain by maint aining a hist orical record of t he syst ems perf ormance?
a. use of the data to justify future upgrades as well as to identify performance trends throughout the year
b. provide performance documentation i
c. there is no benefit to keeping a histori
changes so frequently
2. Walt ers job keeps him very busy. He is
What can Walt er do so he can perf orm
any major perf ormance issues?
a. hire an intern to watch performance m
something goes wrong
b. create a Performance Alert that will se
or run a program when certain criteria
c. remote into the systems periodically to
of whether he is busy
3. What is t he def ault locat ion f or syst em
a. %systemroot%\ logs
b. #system#\ perflogs
c. %systemdrive%\ PerfLogs

Understand lo gs and alert s 43

1. By maintaining a historical record of the systems performance, Walter can:
a. use t he dat a t o just if y f ut ure upgrades as well as t o ident if y t rends t hroughout t he year.
2. To ensure that he doesnt miss any major performance issues, Walter can:
b. creat e a Perf ormance Aler t t hat will send a net work message, writ e an event log, or run
a program when cert ain crit eria are met .
3. The default location for system performance logs is:
c. %syst emdrive%\ Perf Logs

Essential det ails

Object s are specific resources in the Performance Monitor that can be measured.
Perf ormance count ers are measurem
Use of the overlay mode is only availa
with comparison enabled:
Click Start->click in the Start Sear
The Performance Monitor will op

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

44 CH A PTER 5: Understanding Server Per formance Management

Server Maintenance


6.1 Identif y steps in t he st artup process

6.2 Underst and business continuit y

6.3 Underst and updates

6.4 Underst and troubleshoot ing methodology

Ident if y st eps in t he st art up process

SCENARIO: Fourth Coffee has expanded its business to 20 new stores in neighboring states. The expansion meant
that the company had to expand its IT department and hire several new technicians. It is critical that all of the
new hires have knowledge and skills in maintaining the companys technology infrastructurethe success of the
company depends upon effective technology at every level of the business.
The CIO has asked the systems administrator, April Meyer, to provide training to her staff on Server 2008 R2.
She wants everyone to have a fundamental understanding of the boot process as well as some troubleshooting

1. What command-line ut ilit y can April de t t t dif t h b t fi ti d t b ?

a. bcdedit.exe
b. boot.ini
c. ntloader.exe
2. What does t he Power-On Self Test (POS
a. tests to see whether the power is o
b. performs initial hardware checks, ve
configurations from CMOS
c. calls programs such as autoexec.bat
3. April want t o demonst rat e st art ing a co
t o st ar t a comput er in saf e mode?
a. access the system BIOS and configu
b. boot the installation media and sele
c. remove all media and then press an
Windows Logo appears

Identif y steps in the start up pro cess 47

1. The utility that April can demonstrate to modify the boot configuration database is:
a. bcdedit .exe
2. The Power-on Self Test (POST):
b. per f orms init ial hardware checks, verif ies devices, and ret rieves syst em conf igurat ions f rom
3. To start a computer in safe mode:
c. remove all media and t hen press and hold t he F8 key bef ore t he Windows Logo appears

Essential det ails

Power-On Self Test (POST) is a set of routines stored in a computers read-only memory (ROM) that tests
various system components such as RAM th di k d i d th k b d t h th th l
connected and operating.
The M ast er Boot Record (M BR) is th
element in the startup process on an
To start a computer in safe mode
restart the computer.
If your computer has a single ope
F8 key as your computer restarts

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// windows.microsof t .com/ en-
St art-your-comput er-in-saf e-mode

48 CH A PTER 6: Underst anding Ser ver Maintenance

Underst and business cont inuit y

SCENARIO: Rachel Valdes is developing a strategic information technology plan for her company, Northwinds
Traders. The main focus of this plan is to maintain business continuit y by ensuring that critical business
functions will be available for customers and business partners. Her plan must ensure that the needs and
important activities of Northwinds customers, suppliers, regulators, and employees can be met in event
of an unforeseen technology problem or a natural or human-induced disaster. She needs to plan for
data redundancy as well as disaster recovery.

1. Nort hwinds Traders core inf rast ruct ure runs on M icrosof t Windows Ser ver 2008 R2. What inherent
applicat ion can t hey use t o implement t he dat a redundancy port ion of t heir st rat egic plan?
a. Windows Server Backup
b. Active Directory Restore Mode
c. NTBackup.exe
2. What benef it does f older redirect ion o
a. allows administrators to direct folde
b. allows users and administrators to r
location that can provide backup o
c. converts a folder from one file syste
3. Part of Rachels plan is t o develop a dis
recovery plan?
a. the process, policies, and procedure
or continuation of critical technolog
b. a plan that dictates how to recover
c. a procedure meant solely for recove

Understand business continuit y 49

1. To implement the data redundancy portion of Northwinds strategic plan they can use:
a. Windows Server Backup
2. The benefit offered by folder redirection is to:
b. allow users and administ rat ors t o redirect t he pat h of a f older t o a new locat ion t hat can
provide backup on a net work share. Folder redirect ion is a method that helps prevent users from
keeping important information on their local hard drives by redirecting it to another location
where it can be backed up for data redundancy.
3. A disaster recovery plan includes:
a. t he process, policies, and procedures relat ed t o preparing f or recover y or cont inuat ion
of crit ical t echnology af t er a nat ural or human-induced disast er

Essential det ails

Dat a redundancy is a property of so
the data stored in the array can be rec
Disast er recover y is the process, pol
of technology infrastructure critical to
Business cont inuit y is the activity pe
business functions will be available to
entities that must have access to those

ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

50 CH A PTER 6: Understanding Server Maintenance

Underst and updat es

SCENARIO: Mark Patten is a network engineer with Tailspin Toys. Tailspin Toys has asked Mark to nd a way to
ensure that all of the systems on their network are updated on a regular basis. They also want Mike to discuss
updates with their software development team because developers sometimes run into issues with updates
conicting with their custom software while they are in development process. Tailspin Toys desktop systems range
from Windows XP to Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit. They also have a mix of server operating systems running
Windows Server 2003 R2 through Windows Server 2008 R2. This variety of computers and systems within a single
organization is not unusual, but requires strong network administration skill on Marks part!

1. What can M ark do t o st reamline updat e management f or Tailspin Toys?

a. configure Windows Software Updat
on his needs
b. arrive early every Wednesday befor
c. allow the users to run the updates w
2. What can M ark do t o solve t he issues h
a. disable updates for the software de
b. configure a separate WSUS group a
computers and servers in that grou
c. isolate the software development te
them to manage their own updates
3. What t ool can M ark use t o det ermine t
M icrosof t securit y recommendat ions?
a. Qchain.exe
b. Network Monitor
c. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyze

Understand updates 51
1. To streamline update management for Tailspin Toys, Mark can:
a. conf igure Windows Sof t ware Updat e Ser vices (WSUS) t o download and deploy updat es based
on his needs
2. To solve the issues with the software development team, Mark can:
b. conf igure WSUS t o have a separat e group and put all of t he sof t ware development comput ers
and servers in t hat group. He can schedule updates to be selectively applied to their system.
3. To determine the security state in accordance with Microsoft security recommendations, Mark can use:
c. M icrosof t Baseline Securit y Analyzer (M BSA)

Essential det ails

A hot f ix is a single package composed f fil dt dd bl i d t
Updat e management is the process
releases into production environment
Service packs are cumulative set of h
the release of the product, including m
through any other software updates

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ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

52 CH A PTER 6: Understanding Server Maintenance

Underst and t roubleshoot ing met hodology

SCENARIO: Recent changes in the network congurations at Coho Winery have been successfully implemented.
Andrew Ma, the systems administrator, is pleased with his ability to organize network objects, apply group policies
to manage desktop computers, and manage security, but the changes have brought about the need to refresh the
skills of the helpdesk team.
Jeff Wang is responsible for updating the skills of the current team and training the new helpdesk hires at Coho
Winery. The helpdesk team is in charge of troubleshooting various issues that come in on a day-to-day basis from
the local winery and their remote winery locations located on both the east coast and the west coast.
Troubleshooting methodology is imperative for the success of the helpdesk team.

1. What is an example of a syst emic prob

a. a hard disk fails on a users comput
b. a worm propagates through the en
c. a users monitor will not turn on
2. What is t he f irst t ool in a M icrosof t env
det ermine t he t ime and t ype of proble
a. resource Monitor
b. task Manager
c. event Viewer
3. What applicat ion allows you t o view al
end a single process or t he ent ire proce
a. resource Monitor
b. task Manger
c. msconfig.exe

Understand troubleshooting methodology 53

1. An example of a systemic problem is when:
b. a worm propagat es t hrough t he ent ire net work. Answers A and C are specific to a single systems
problems, not systemic.
2. The first tool in a Microsoft environment that should be used to determine the time and type of problem is:
c. Event Viewer
3. To view all processes an either selectively end a single process or the entire process tree, use the
a. Resource M onit or

Essential det ails

Event Viewer maintains logs about program, securit y, and system events on your computer.
Resource M onit or is a system tool th
(CPU, memory, disk, and network) and
Event viewer can be accessed through
Diagnostics->Event Viewer.
Default location for event logs:
%systemroot%\ system32\config

ht t p:// ww w.microsof t .com/ resourc
proddocs/ en-us/ snap_event _viewe
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u
ht t p:// t echnet .microsof t .com/ en-u

54 CH A PTER 6: Understanding Server Maintenance