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3:21 AM Sunday, July 27th, 2014 San Diego, California

I am all-grateful to have Dr. Christopher Lowthert (D.C. and

new medicine practitioner in Virginia) as my dear friend and
"chief correspondent" in a number of shared interests,
especially regarding our individual healing work that we both
have taken to naming: "Psyche & Health"! Together we have
logged on many hours of teleconferences dedicated to
discovering and articulating our common ground in what real
medicine consists of.

I have more that I can present in terms of an introduction to

Dr. Chris and therefore I intend to return here from time to
time to add to this.

I first contacted Dr. Chris several years ago in regards to my

interest in German New Medicine after having read a couple
articles at the Mercola.com site. Looking back on the initial
inquiry I can now say that it was a great good fortune for me
to have found Dr. Chris!

From the time of our first contact I began my learning

process in German New Medicine. Anyone can learn the
new medicine as well with the library of free information

The mind-body-brain-organ connection has never been

made clearer! The findings of Dr. Hamer are extremely well
documented and verified by many independent doctors and
medical centers. By understanding the biological laws of the
new medicine one's perspective on the theoretical premise
for the Western medicine paradigm will be transformed.

"Disease" has been given a terrible misunderstanding by

Western medicine that has become problematic! The New
Medicine sheds a greatly needed light upon the whole nature
of what "disease" is really all about and it speaks in terms of
"special biological survival programs". These programs are
launched and guided by the inherent, innate intelligence
throughout the wholeness of our being.

My special interest in the new medicine is to identify the

ways that I can support individuals in their resolution of their
original "shock conflict/s" when the biological program was
initially launched.

I correlate my new medicine work with the Human Design

System. In my own Human Design I have Gate 25 Defined
by my Personality Earth activation at Line 3. When "exalted"
that gives me the awareness of "the power of the spirit to
withstand failure and shock." (1)

Here is a sample of what Dr. Chris and I have worked on

toward our possible shared Vision/Mission statement.:


It is our heart-felt prayer to give our best support to our

clients who wish to be free from the fear of disease. When
we speak in terms of "disease"
(within this introduction) what we are referring to
is the conceptual nature of what is meant by the
word "disease".

The term "disease" includes a certain kind of

conceptual nature that is typically fear-based and
therefore when it is used as part of a "diagnosis" it tends to
induce fear in the individual. This is because the very
concept (a misconception) of "disease" is based on the idea
that the human body is somehow flawed.

We find that it is possible to communicate about the

observable symptoms in the body and their true meaning
without the fear-based concepts (attached) about those

The way in which we communicate regarding

symptoms is much more than just a linguistic

As you can see it is of first importance to us that we address

the concept of "disease" and that we make it known that a
large part of our work is clarifying what is really going on in
the body rather than continue being in a kind of "medical
dark ages" about that.

Therefore, a large part of the healing journey takes place

through the psyche. It is my premise that real healing is
about facing the truth. Our psyche needs to know the truth.
We need to obtain truth mastery for complete resolutions in
our psyche.

Along with The Human Design System I also work with the
64 Gene Keys which correpsonds with the 64 Human Design
Gates. Each Gate/Gene Key has three frequencies that our
consciousness can operate on. Typically humanity is
operating on the lowest "Shadow" level. That is essentially
the "default setting". However each fear at the 64 Shadows
holds a Gift. By embracing the fear we can access the Gift!

The Shadow at Gate/Gene Key 61 is "Psychosis". I suspect

that this is where is the "mother" shadow/fear where a
majority of "shock conflicts" originate. Gate 61 is in "The
Channel of Awareness" which is the central channel between
the two head centers: Crown/Head Center and Ajna Center.
There is intense pressure in this channel. Gate 61 is
susceptible to delusion. In any case the initial shock conflict
will register in the brain and can be detected with an MRI.

I also have developed therapeutic communication dyads and

have encouraged Dr. Chris to include dyads with his clients. I
am looking forward to the possibility of featureing a report on
this from Dr. Chris.

(1) - Lyndal Bunnell: The Definitive Book of Human Design"