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PSYCHOLOGICAL COMMENTARIES On the Teaching of G. 1. GURDJIEFF P, D. OUSPENSKY y Maurice Nicoll ROBINSON & WATKINS syn ea (rn) aan his sole contin the papers seriten by Dr. Nil at Grate He for gros ring 00 195-53 so105t sps05t Bust rennge inst ohnst fiagt Biase 1ta3t as.1a5t 6. 6 5 0 55, 2 2 a. 2 3 * re Se ie 232 oat = oat 33 332 358 os 332 en ts se pe 552 55 Sst 552 Sse Bsa 1 62 63 ‘CONTENTS ret Amul Howe, 195 “The Reception of New Ideas about One and the ‘World. ee ass Beit Note on Work on Oneself 25 Outer and Taner Stop 30 Tneresing Consioutnes of Onset 30. rther Note on Increasing Contiousnes of Oneself 152 What it Conscousnes? 1 ‘Tae Ides of Balanced Man () iS ‘The Ldeaoflanced Man (2) The Feling of Onset 1589 Father Commentary on Conscousnes and a Pre: Tininary Consideration of the Meaning othe Soul 1592 Note oa Temptation io Gras Amwell Hoe, 1952 On Sounding Re (Note on Starting to Work). 1586 Magnetic Cente 8 ‘Teamlormation of Meaning (i) 0 Crystallized Thinking te ‘Transformation of Meaning (fl) oie ‘Transformation of Meaaing (11) ie Man with One Suit 1a [Note on Certain gse ‘The Work and the Wrong Love 1554 Amocatons and Negative a ae Mea es 130 (On Having No Mtaate 1581 Fire Consious Shock: SelfRememibering and the ‘Sensual Mind 156 An Execs in Thinking about the Pendulum 1565 ‘The Connection uf Enence with Esteem 558 Shoes ithe Work (1 1570 Shoes inthe Work (11) (Md inthe Bye)“ S agg ‘Poychological Thinking and the Kingdom of Heaven 1575 Piychologieal Space i SaeGlory 579 ‘The Mlle Laboratory she Internal Accounts and Foriving 385, Revenge and Canceling ae Belief inthe Work SO a3e0 Fale Penalty and Happiness ase 5758 ate ig 332 ah te st 758 9 832 wag 25, B52 0. B52 20. 958 27958 41058 rie32 81032 api052 aginge sega cng agiage sous saat What ea New Wal? Definite Topical and Concrete Seif Observation ‘The Work sea Special For of Photography SakLove SelcLove and the Univer Selelove and the Taner Man 1A Review of Euence snd Personality sence and the Retra Journey ‘The Antegoiam betwet the Sel Loveand the Work A Note on the Meaning of Faith How Wrong Ardtudes punish us Understanding the Work CCanjuncion with the Work Gentcosrnes and Love ‘The Work and the Love of Sir ‘The Work ss Third Foree Noteon Triads 2 SeltRemembering and the Work Tis ‘The Necessity of Metanoin for Revers Right Atitude to Life ee (On Placing the Feeling of if (On Doing the Work ~ Coatiuation on Feng of 1 ret Aru Hess, 1953 (On Changing Bsence Worken Eoence Z ‘Nine Imaginary Onvahing esonaty piv 2) (Gn making Femomalty panive 1) ‘On making Personality pasive ITE 1668 ‘SdeObmervation sad Relationship 1670 ‘Outer and Inner i 1572 [Negative Emotions 1674 ‘Thinking ffom the Wark about Life and Forming "Work Atindes = 197 CCoramentary on Endy Cause and Bliet 59 ‘Gommentary on Doing te Work ii, ‘The Seeretary andthe Three Bowes 1605, Observation Moods 1009 Noteton Lower and Highee Genres. a6ot (On Balancing « Centre) ‘Some Refecions on Se-Obseration 1695 25. 459 The Middle Divisions of Centes "323 The Gonjuncion ofthe Outer and Taner Divisions fof Cenies is ‘The Opening ofthe Taner Division ofa Cente 8 553 Applying the Work w youre? 16 533 25. 453, The Pron of Negative Emotions 2.353, ‘The Neutralling Force of the Work Objective Consciousness Memory ofthe Work and Work-Meroory ‘The Developmen of Understanding ‘The Crowd of P+ in your Being Incomplete and Uniteligent SacOtservation Boe! Repetition of Recest Tals ‘The Shadow in one's Beng Reftctions on Prycho-Transformism Payee Tranaformism and Self Observation Growth of Essence (Observation of Aude w the Work Unfinihed Paper APPENDIX Biri, 2.4.41. Note on How to Work on Oneself ‘indip, 8-49. Commentary an the Meaning of the Ark ‘Binip, Merck rogg- Usknowing Birlip, Age rggse The Work and Esxiernal Gzcumstances (Gra dna Hea, atoms 1950." "la my Father's Howe are ‘Many Mansions” ew 9 og me 8 m9 ray 18 i us "34 37 "39 ee 38 He 1762