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(Dual-Column Propane Recovery)

Application: A cryogenic process for gas fractionation to recover C3+ hydrocarbons from natural gas.
With this process, more than 98% propane is extracted from natural gas.
High efficiencies are achieved with a dual-column system associated with a turbo-
expander. Multi-stream plate-fin exchangers increase efficient heat integration.

Description: The high-pressure dry feed gas at 25C, 70 bars is cooled to 30C in E1 and enters V1
where liquid and gas are separated. The cold high-pressure gas is expanded to 30 bars in
expander T1, and the resulting stream feeds the purifier C1.
Liquid from V1 is sent to the purifier bottom. The liquid from the purifier is pumped to
33 bars and is reheated to 20C to feed the deethanizer. The deethanizer C2 produces a
vapour distillate that is ethane- rich. This stream is liquefied in E1 and sent to C1 as reflux.
The treated gas at 30 bars is reheated and compressed to sales-gas pressure.
Approximately 99.5% propane recovery can be reached when propane value is high.

Economics: Propane production cost is approximately 20% less than that for a conventional process.

Installations: Locations include Russia, Qatar, Libya and UAE.

References: US Patents 4,690,702 and 5,114,450.

Licensor: Technip.