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As a global leader in teaching the technology that matters today,
Digital Marketing
Udacity also provides services to companies like Android, IOS, Web development
Machine learning, Data Analysis and Digital Marketing

B2B from small sized businesses to teams build ideias
VALUE PROPOSITION A study by Serasa Experian
revealed that more than

5 million Brazilians are

Women-owned small sized businesses

Needs an ecient Digital Marketing campaign

Women are

Digital Marketing service - Udacity Blitz ahead of


Promote the brand which need to become recognized


most of them acting as members of micro and small companies

DM agency like GhFly (brazilian one)

has a low operation cost and the services are running by

a costumized team which guarantees an eective and Potential target for
fast communication strategies of marketing.

Becoming the brand recognized
Starting online sales
Rachel Sans
Expanding clients Small business owner
BARRIES Fitness Fashion
No social media usage
High cost to contract services
No time to articulate ideas

Marketing plan
Branding inovation
Social Media manegement
Project 1: Get Ready to Market

Step 1: Getting Started

1. Describe Udacity, its products and business model

Udacity is a North American online education platform whose goal is to prepare professionals for the
job market. The company works in partnership with large companies, designing programs to train
future employees or perfect current ones, seeking to bridge the gap between academia and the
needs of the 21st century workforce.
The company follows the booming popularity of massive open online courses (MOOCs), which has
changed our ideas about the potential of online education.
As a global leader in teaching the technology that matters today, Udacity also provides services to
companies such as Android, iOS, Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, VR, AI and
Digital Marketing. Through the Udacity Blitz, the most successful and competente sudents work on
the projects directly, in which they take your idea, quotes a xed price and delivers a full solution to
the companies quickly.
Udacity also targets the corporate training Market, for tech-companies specically. The courses and
programs promoted are packaged to appeal to company and human resource executives as a
solution to meet skill gaps among employees and as a tool for succession planning.

2. Which product did you choose?

Udacity Blitz

3. Provide the marketing objective for the product you chose?

Generate leads from women-owner small sized businesses that could be interested in the services
oered by Udacity Blitz.

4. What is your primary KPI to measure marketing success?

KPI: Numbers of leads convert into sales
Metric: Cost per lead; Lead-to-prospect ratio; Leads source; Leads quality score
Step 2: Value Proposition

1. Write a value proposition using Georey Moore's template for the product you chose:
- for (target customer): Women-owned small and mid-sized businesses
- who (statement of the need or opportunity): need an ecient Digital Marketing Campain
- our (product/service): digital marketing services
- that (statement of benet): promote brands who need to become recognized
- unlike (closest competitor): DM agency like Ghy
- our oer (primary dierentiation): has low operation cost and the services are running by a
costumized team which guarantee an eective and fast communication strategies of marketing.

Step 3: Customer Persona

1. Research who you think are the likely customers of the product you chose. Briey, describe what
research you conducted (no more than 250 words).
A study by Serasa Experian revealed that more than ve million Brazilians are entrepreneurs. Women
are ahead of 47% of the country's business, most of them (98.5%) acting as members of micro and
small companies. (Serasa Experian, March, 8th 2017)
Following these data, it is possible visualize a potential area to reach costumers. Women-owned are
most sensitive then men for market trends and are most open-mind to technology that could
optimizing their businesses. So, it's an interesting target to pursuit in order to sell our Digital Marketing

2. Interview 3 potential customers:

In order to build a costumer persona, it was interviewed, personally, three women-owned, in
Guapor/RS Brazil, which run small companies in female fashion segment.

a. Name of interviewee: Lorena Faccio Jewerly factory owner

b. Name of interviewee: Fernanda Luisa dos Santos Fitness factory Owner
c. Name of interviewee: Maqueli Balestieri Underwear factory and shop Owner
3. Collect the information from your interviews and create a single customer persona by lling out
each section of the table, and include at least three items per box where indicated.

Background and Target Persona Name Needs


1. 35 - 40 years old 1. Marketing

2. Single 2. Branding
3. Master Degree RACHEL SANS 3. Social Media
4. Urban Located Manegement

Goals Barriers Inspiration

1. Become a recognized 1. High cost to contract 1. Healthcare

brand services 2. Wellness Body and mind
2. Starting online Sales 2. No social media usage 3. Woman beauty
3. Expand costumers 3. No time to manage all
areas in the company