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(A) Look at the pictures. Choose the correct answers to complete the texts.


washes his fathers car piano lessons

has his breakfast goes to the library
plays football with his friends helps her mother with the housework
goes for karate practice surfs the Internet

Kamal wakes up early every Sunday. He (1)______________ ____________________ at 7

oclock. In the afternoon, he (2) ___________________________ at 2 oclock. Then,

he (3) ________________________________ at 5 oclock. He (4) _____________________

in the evening.

Elaine is a hard-working girl. She (5) ________________

__________ every Monday. On Wednesdays, she goes for (6)

_______________________________ .She (7) ______________________ to gain new knowledge on

Saturdays. On Sundays, she (8) __________________________.

(B) Look at the pictures. Circle the correct answers. (6marks)

1. 4.
mango mangoes potato potatoes

2. 5.

sandwich sandwiches cherry cherries

3. 6.

leaf leaves durian durians