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Have you looked in the mirror lately, all of us are parasites, we couldnt run from certain death without

help, tell me differently. Dont take your shortcomings on him, we couldnt even find food on our own
for gods sake. Pride be dammed we do what we must to live, your mom didnt asked us to be brave. Eat
it, she asked us to stay alive, Im not about to let her down.

Straighten those spines, piss heads, Allow me to introduce myself Im, and you will grow to hate me,
training is gonna be a white knuckle ride through hell, if Ive done my job youll be waking up in a cold
sweat from memories of this place, every night for the rest of your miserable lives, right now youre
nothing, livestock, but over the next three sole crushing years youll learn to take down your own
goliath, remember this moment when you come face to face with him, cause heres where you ask
yourself, am I a fighter or am I feet, am I gonna be ground up to pulp to human crust, or am I gonna be
the one to bite! Oh Im a fighter alright! And before Im done with them, the titans will grow to hate Me!

Waw seriously, why would your parents curse you with such a dumb name? What the hell is wrong with
your face you smiling idiot? Being told to run to the sunset didnt seem to bother her as much as..

What did you wipe on me?-Dont worry, jus my faith in humanity.

It doesnt matter if youre determined or not.because whether or not youre fit to be a soldier, is not up
to you. Grisham today should bring you pride.your son is a soldier.

Butdriven by a sense of purpose thats almost terrifying. I thought she was scary before, you couldnt
pay me enough to be on her bad side..

Point is only the idiots like you take this part of the camp seriously, idiots, and whatever they are. First
rule of this life kid, the better you are at dropping the bad guys, the more distance the powers that put
between you. Thats what this whole stupid frase is about. Face it, you dont fight the nature of things
and win, look around you E, all these sons of bitches expect us to do is play the game, dont be a pawn.

Very funny, seems a little backwards to me, fine tuning your titans skills so that the braze station you
somewhere youll never see one-Youd rather I was good at getting killed, thank you but Ill pass, better
to play the system than get nod on.

Oh waitI get it, he has something to prove, sounds familiar, sorry to do this, its only to end this before
things get out of hand. Little something I picked this afternoon while you were busy with your thumb
up your ass, you honestly believe the military police are your ticket to the good life? Youre not a soldier,
youre a joke.

This is it, weve made it, our time is now, titans, be ready.

Yea so what, things have changed, maybe not a hell of a lot, but enough, they arent the mystery they
were 6 years ago, theres still a long way to go, but weve made progress, every battle we lost taught us
a lesson, gave us the tiny insight towards something like hope, youre telling me its better to cut our
losses? Let all the death and destruction be meaningless? Just bottle it up and accept it? Not this life,
not in my life, humanitys future lies outside the walls, and Im clear the way, Im gonna take back what
is ours, Ill drive them out, and as long as at least one of us can say that Im not done!.

Where you go I go, I made a promise to your mom before she died, Im not letting you die, Ive got your
back whether you like it or not. So just deal with it. Yeah well moms not here-A lot of people I used to
care bout arent here either,

This is our chance, do our die.

Armin listen to me, youre focused on the past, look ahead, were not gonna be the victims anymore!
They can wipe out the human race in an afternoon. When the dust has settled, there may be more
graves than people to dig them, an astronomical number of lives snuffed out in the twinkle, =If its their
time, no help to it then.besides that earthly good is the presence of a man who persistently loses to
me at chess can do for them now, why not remain where I can assist you? Your lordship if I may speak
freely, should the commander actually face a titan in battle, he wont feel compelled to play down his
skill as he does with you. Thats enough soldier, good day sir, I wish you another opulently day of sloth
and tranquility.

What kind of question is that, were all about to be titan bites, you expect me to sing you a happy little
song? Youre loving this arent you, you little psycho? =Shut up for a second! You were trained for this,
what do you think the last three years were about? We survived, we started death in the face and we
lived, not everyone can say that, can the? Some people couldnt take it and either ran or were thrown
out, hell some people actually died but not us! Am I right? We powered through for three years, whats
one more day? You can do this J alright? The MP will still be waiting for you tomorrow,

Look, this is gonna get ugly, and when it does the plan goes out the window, come and find me so I can
protect you. Hey youve been given a direct order, pull it together now, this is bigger than the both of us
and you know it, were on the verge of extinction here have some damn perspective, youre right im
sorry.this whole situation just has me out of my head, Just promise.promise me one thing..
whatever happens, dont get yourself killed..- I had planned on it, thanks, no I wont Allow myself to get
killed.! Not until I taste whats life outside of these God forsaken walls. Whoever kills more gets braggins
rights, better not fudge your scores-Right give them hell!

I refuse to die like this, understand.. armin listen, were still going to the outside world, the things you
told me aboutI may bot see them, I have to.

Your commander and I are old friends one word from me and-And that word is gonna come form
beyond the grave?
Look for the bad in people expecting to find it, and you will. Wait for me at the foot of the mountain, say
that back to me, word for word.

Fight..If you win you live, if you lose you die, You cant win if you dont fight!

The world is a cruel merciless place, if you want to live you have to fight. Its a cruel world, but I have a
place in it. E, as long as You're part of my life I can fight to the bitter end.

Only the victors are allowed to live, This world is merciless like that, But Ive got a home in this world, E,
as long as youre there for me, I can do anything.

Seraph of the End

Why bother? Im dont care about any of the other people in this class. Lets get one thing clear, I dont
care which of you losers was the best in class till now, but you can kiss that goodbye, the strongest
cursed gear is mine.

If your sister is dying, you dont have time to stand around here apologizing, - Then youre abandoning
your sister, How stupid can you be! Punch, family isnt something you can ignore, if your sister were to
die, youd always regret it not being there when she needed you,.

Only a coward would give up on her life so easily, Pick yourself up and start fighting for what you want,
thats what Im gonna do. And nothing as small as a bad evaluation is gonna stop me, If im being honest,
I dont even need the moon company Id still fight all by myself. But you gonna give up ony our family
just like that? The only person with the right to evaluate this person, is me.

Yea were clear as crystal, just done come crying to me when you realize youre completely worthless by
yourself. Come on it makes sense that youd fail, sorry that didnt come out as I ment it to.

Dont you think its unfair, that were dead and youre making a new family? Its the only way youl save
us, youre gonna submit to us forever now-Go to hell! Stop trying to confuse me you bastard! I dont just
need your strength for revenge, theres more to it. My aim is bigger, I want enough power to protect
anything and everyone! You shouldnt trust your own kind, believe me when I say mankind is more
devious than vampires and demons combined, though it does feel a little weird saying that to a human.
Very well the contract is now complete from this day I shall give you my abilities. Open your eyes, find
the flames of desiers that burn inside of you and forge a bloodstained path in this world

Do it, I wont kill a comrade, but I wont abandon one either. If Yoichi is still alive in there, then you wont
be able to shot me. You and I are alike in that way, we both lost family- theres not way that you could
ever kil la friend. Youll have to come back or shot me, snap out of it Y!
Yoichi! Are you gonna stay under that bed and watch your sister be killed or are you gonna take charge
and stop it? This is your last chance to take contro

We get it youre into killing vampires, enough with the bloodlust already theres more to it in our job
than just killing vampires. Oh you dont have to say it I know what youre thinking, you look drop dead
gorgeous Shinoa. Dont worry L, I can handle Ss temper, after all Im a mature woman, the whining of a
pathetic looser doenst affect me. Are you really gonna let that little girl die? If youll stand by then so
be it-But im not abandoning anyone ever again! Go ahead punch me all you want if itll make you feel
any better, but I would do it all over again. Why do I have to repeat myself? Theres no way im ever
leaving a comrade, im sorry but I have to disobey.

What was it you said about humans being discusting,that well turn on one another if you threaten our
friends and family? That we dont have a sense of pride? I guess you know us pretty well. What you said
is true, humans will do anything for the people we care about, well push ourselves to the break, make
contracts with demons, and become devils ourselves. You might think thats repulsive, but I would call it
honorable. The disgusting one, is you.

After being rescued from a dangerous situation, the girl watches her knight in shining armour, passion
fills the air, these two are destined to fall in love. Just keep in mind im not letting anyone of you die,
thats the reason I got all this power. But you dont have time for that, training , nope this is war, so
well take the shortcut, well need any advantage over the enemy we can get.

Its not that I dont trust you or think that youre weak, its just that I care, Id do it tomorrow, the day
afte,r forever,, What was I thinking, I mustve forgotten what a hardcore dumbass you can be, -You
shouldnt bother wasting your breath with him K, you cant fix his brand of stuid. And you should know
by now that the injured lions strike is never as sharp. O waw still standing, looks like we gout ourselves
a hero. Ive waited so long to taste your blood- you see this is what I was saying about taking a joke, be
sure to call me if you need a hand. Were you concerned? Huh why would I waste my valuable time
worrying about you dumbass? Im just lucky to have all of you-call a doctor, he obviously needs medical
attention. Ill do whatever it takes, I swear on everything-Ill save you.

Everyone died because you-Break down Yu.-This isnt gonna make me lose control, Asuramaru. Theres
something I have to do. I made a promise to him. He needs me. Yu, lets protect our family, im counting
on you. Yeah, its because you want my help that I can come save you. Hmm, I thought Id won-I
already know how you fight-Stop acting though, youre a devil abandoned by your parents. If M needs
my help, if Guren, Shinoa, and others need me, I dont care if Im a devil or whatever. Oh yea, you
seem stronger than before, but that whatever attitude you have is sort of annoying.-Whatll you do
about it? Im gonna kill you.-What are you doing?!-I dont want to hurt you.-What are you saying-I need
you Asuramaru. Could you save Mika with me? Whats in it for me?-Ill be your friend. Its though to be
alone. Its tough to feel unwanted from everybody. I know that well-So youre going to me my friend?
Oh, hold on. Does that mean were allies with shared secrets? Hooray, take my hand Krul Tepes. Just
Can I ask you one more thing? Recently, I met this weird guy. He insanely gets on my nerves and I hate
him. And he says hell risk his life to save his family not related by blood. What do you think? Hes an
idiot, right?-Yeah-But, I cant let an idiot like that beat me. And youre my family by blood at that. If I
have to kill you, Id rather. Its over. Ill be damned.


If humans are borh with only one weapon, it is the ability to feel fear, accept it, cope with it,
and set up some plan not only when were about to die, but far prior to that. We know how to
defeat those things, Its alright eva, you have ninty nite at your side, even if you are afraid, the
hunderd of us will cope with it. This may sound harsh, but dont say anything thatll give them
too much hope.-youll get better youll definitely get better, were going to mars for research,
well find a way to treat your itlness from organisms that only live there. S! Is there something
you want to do when you get better?frencrh fries-sure ill buy you the large, what else?=teach me
karate!-sure thing, ill even teach you some special moves.=oh lets go to the ocean-sure!-i want
to see a major league game, too. Move, move, move! Move....my body. I have to..I have
to...protect them. Im going to save them, no matter what, make the vaccine, and then..head back
to earth. And then for sure, then...I wont live a lie anymore. Once a persons heartbeat has
completely stopped, their soul...-How frustrating-as long as they still have the will to live... How
frustrating isnt it everyone? Evaa, ukau, henrique, Wait for me. Ill save you. Then the lord said
to moses, stretch out your hand toward the sky...-division leader, noo!-so that hail will fall all
over egypy- and lightning flashed down the ground. So the lord rained hail on egypy. It was the
worst storm in all of the land of egypt, since it had become a nation. This was how immense the
lordss power was. It beat down everything, growing in the fields and stripped every tree. Keiji-I
always...I alayas heard her voice, All of the other voices go silent, Sanchez, and i hear the voice
i shoudlnt be able to hear (when he;s down) Right now... i should have lost everything, eveyrone
should have dissappeared... wow its really him-im happy. They said my name! Onizuka, keiji,
onizuka, keiji-im counting on you-leave it to me. I can see it you cant stand anymore, did you
learn something, weevil kun? If fighting only involved hitting, then hitting without letting them
hit is a martial art, and then standing back up withing ten secconds of being hit, is boxing. You
knos, the feeling of a KO...isnt bad. Read the situation, ill kil you. The reason i punched you is
becuase you looked like you wanted to get punched. What did we come all the way to mars for,
huh marcos? To protect sheila-then theres no reason for you to apologize to me. Im here for a
diffrent reason. Ever since we were born, we were on the side of people who were just going to
be used and thrown away. Our only choices were to join a gang, or sell ourselves. If we didnt do
anything we were just trash. I came here to change my lot in life! Isnt that why you came here,
too? Its a fight to live a decent life! Theres no time for you to be crying with your face against
the ground on this planet full of roaches! We=re going to avenge her. Were going to compleate
this mission, kill the roaches and the traitors, and then head back to earth. That sums it up right
captain? Hey sheila...we cant go to where you are just yet...because we have this battle, to deal
Sorry to keep you waiting roaches, now lets settle the matter on whose the vermin. Unlike the
cunning sneakers they are... we are fighting against them. While acting like an ally, only to try to
steal anothers one moment of progress at a high price. Against those weaklings... they will not
lose. We will not let them have Akari, michelle, or your research. You will come with me, wont
you? You bastards dont seem to udnerstand the first time you heard it. So Ill say it again, as
many times as i need yo. Even if you steal our equipment and technology and get stronger, and
even if ther eare some sneaky bastards on the inside holding us back, we wont lose no matter
what-done underestimate, the earth and the earths organisms!