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A Bold New World of Talent, Learning, Leadership & HR Technology Ahead
In 2016, organizations can
will see
in the
in the
of work.
of work.
Here are 10 predictions impacting HR and talent from Josh Bersin,
Founder and
Principal of Bersin
by Deloitte,
of BersinDeloitte
by Deloitte:
Consulting LLP:

1 Digital HR will arrive,

patterned after the
digital world.
6 Global leadership development
will take on a fresh, new focus.
Companies will continue to struggle with
leadership development; leaders will advance
Digital HR will change the way we think young leaders faster, push new leadership
about HR programs, service delivery, models, and spend more money on end-to-
and how we curate and design the end leadership programs. Mentoring and
employee experience. multigenerational support programs will expand.

2 Replacement of dated HR
technology will accelerate.
Organizations will make the tremendous
7 Corporate learning will go
through a revolution.

shift toward modern, cloud-based systems Learning teams will focus more on
and build true systems of engagement, experience and less on program
bringing analytics into the core HR design, and end-to-end design thinking
function. But these transitions will likely will spread throughout L&D; curation and
be difficult and filled with risk. knowledge-sharing will grow.

3 Talent management (and the

platforms we use to deliver it)
will reinvent itself.
8 Diversity, inclusion, and
gender inequality will rise
to board-level priority.
Diversity and inclusion will become an
There will be a new generation of performance integral part of talent, HR, and business
management, recruitment, learning, wellness, strategies at all levels. Companies not
and employee feedback systems, supporting focused on this area will likely rush to
new models and tools for people management. catch up and learn.

4 The transformation of performance

management will catch fire around
the world.
9 Analytics and data-driven
decision-making will evolve into
a mainsteam program in HR.
Debate and discussion about performance People analytics will start to enter the
management will continue; many companies mainstream of HR; many jobs will open
will reengineer and experiment with development up and amazing new stories of success
and feedback-rich performance management will help us all to learn; new sources of
solutions; bigger vendors will play catch-up. data will start to feed the analytics team.

5 Engagement, culture, and

feedback will become
CEO-level topics.
A new breed of HR
leaders will enter
the stage.

Real-time feedback, culture assessment For the first time in almost a decade,
tools, and other ways to capture and HR teams will be celebrated publicly,
measure employee feedback will become a and we will stop reading articles
major new discipline within HR and business. about the end of HR.

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