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Day 3: Nutrition

Day 3: Nutrition
LING 100
Day 3: Nutrition

Reading Nutrition Fact Lables

Discuss the nutrition labels below in a group.
-Do you think the food is healthy? Why?
-What kind of food/drink do you think it is? Make a guess!

1. 2. 3.

This is the nutrition lable of

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LING 100
Day 3: Nutrition

Listening: Nutrients

Listen to the lecture and take notes of the Benefit and Drawback of each
nutrient. Also, write the kind of Food that is mentioned as its nutrition

Nutrient Benefit Drawback Food






Vitamin C

Substance: a particular kind of matter (nutrient)
Digestive: related to stomach function
Anti-aging: retarding of aging process
Downside: disadvantage

Culture Note: Proverb

More than enough is too much.

LING 100
Day 3: Nutrition

Grammar: Conditional if

I. Match the appropriate clauses.
1. If I take vitamins from day to day, my body will become stiff.
2. If I drink alcohol every day, I can be more energetic.

3. If I dont do exercise regularly, I may get liver problems.

II. Add your own answer to the following clauses.
1. If I win the lottery, ______________________________________.
2. ________________________________ if my friend gets admitted to the hospital.
3. I will spend all my money if _______________________________________.

1. What may happen if you live on junk food?
2. What will you eat or drink if you become sick?
3. Will you go to the hospital if you get light symptoms?
4. (make you own)

Homework 3
Take one picture of any nutrition lable and email it h.yuk1@siu.edu.