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On Monday 10th of January all year 7 students will be off timetable during pd 2 to hear from a visiting author Irfan

Master who will be

talking about his debut novel. In order to prepare them for the visit, so they get the most out of it please could you share the
attached extract and information about the novel with your group.

This visit has been arranged with Newham Bookshop and all students will have the opportunity to buy a signed copy of the book at a
discounted price.

A Beautiful lie by Irfan master.

The novel is set just before and after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. It centres around a 14 year old boy, Bilal who is the
main carer for his dying father. The book is set in Gujarat.

Bilal is desperate to protect his father from the news of partition. One of his fathers great desires has been to see India as a united
and independent country free from colonial rule and Bilal is convinced it will break his fathers heart if he finds out that India is to be
divided into two countries.

Bilal knows his father only has a few weeks to live, so he determines to protect him from the truth - to tell a beautiful lie. He enlists the help of his close
friends, a mix of Hindu, Sikh and Muslim boys who conspire to prevent visitors from seeing the sick man and even produce a fake newspaper for him to

As it becomes more and more difficult for the boys to conceal the truth, so the tension in the area rises and violence erupts between the different factions.

The following pages are an extract from the proof copy Ive been sent, which you can show and read to your tutor group. I suggest you start from the line
Spoke to Doctorji and read through to the end of the chapter. This gives a good outline of the plot and mentions several of the main characters as well as
showing the relationship between Bilal and his father.

Feel free to shorten the reading if you wish!