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Sl. Activity Description Responsibility

1 Close of old purchase orders / Schedule agreements / Sourcing / Purchase
Schedule lines / Stock transfer orders.
We should only keep one live Scheduling Agreement for an
Item Vendor Plant combination.
Also schedules against these scheduling agreement should
be maintained for next few days only till the time we plan to
have MRP run and post MRP run, system will automatically
create schedule lines.

2 Close all old open production orders and we should start PPC
creating and confirming production orders on daily basis.
3 Close all old customer schedules which are not being used PPC
and customer schedule lines should be with realistic figures
as per daily despatch requirements.
4 Material master data w.r.t Procurement planning data PPC and SAP PP Core Team
correction (Lead time, lot size, MRP type, MRP controller).
Kindly get the support from SAP -PP core team for the same.
5 Maintain Source list & quota in SAP (to be done by Sourcing/Purchase and Info t
Procurement team). Kindly take help of SAP MM Team core SAP MM Core team
team for the same.
6 Remove alternate BOM / items where possible Engineering/Sourcing

7 Verify and correct the BOM. Also verify production versions Engineering/Sourcing
and keep only single production version

8 Removal of in Transit stock where ever STO has been used PPC
9 Removal of GR Blocked stock i.e. there should be no pending SD/SCM
gate entry.

10 Declare scrap in SAP for all the items codes which have been SD/SCM
physically scraped but same has not been done in system