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PAPER III : Modern Literature and its Background

A Passage to india
Q1 The Cave is one of the prominent symbols that Foster used in A Passage to India.
Discuss its significance in accordance with the story and characters.

Q2 .We shall drive every blasted Englishmen into the sea, and then he rode against
him furiously-, and then he concluded , half kissing him, you and I shall be friends.

Q3 What , according to Dr Aziz, are the conditions for good race relation?

Q4 In Aspects of the Novel, Forster classifies the character into flat and round . Write
an essay on his art of characterization in A Passage to India in the light of this

Q5 The race realtion, accouding to E.M Foster, depends upon mutual respect for each
other. Exemplify this thesis with reference to A Passage to India.

Q6 How is the title A Passage to India reflect to the theme of the novel? Discuss in

Q7 Discuss the importance of the trail of Dr Aziz.

Q8 Comment on Forsters treatment of liberal humanism in A Passage to India.

Q9 Mrs Moore, dead or alive , exercises great influence on the course of event in A
Passage to India.

Q10 How is the theme of personal relationship fused with the political theme in Forsters
A passage to India.

To the Lighthouse
Q1 Compare and Contrast Mr. ans Mrs Ramsays characters in To the Light House.
Both the similar aspects of their characters as well as the dissimilar aspects.

Q2 Examine some of the major symbols in To the Lighthouse.

Q3 Make a comparative study of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay.

Q4 Mr Ramsay represents the inadequacy of the doctrine of rationalism. Do you agree?

Give a reasoned answer.

Q5 To the lighthouse reflects feminine sensibility. Discuss.

Q6 Write on the use of stream of consciousness technique in to the Lighthouse.

Q7 Critically discuss the significance of either (1) ther dinner party or (2) the
journey to the light house in expressing and developing the themes in to the

Sons and Lovers

Q1 In the novel Sons and Lovers do you believe the reason behind Pauls inability to
establish relationships with women is his life is perhaps his probable Oedipal
relationship with his mother? Or some other factors?

Q2 For all its intensity Paul-Miriam love affair does not click. Who is to blame for this?

Q3 According for Paul Morels unsuccessful love relation with Miriam and Clara.

Q4 Estimate the part played by Walter Morel in Sons and Lovers, indicating whether or
not you sympathise with him and defining the authors attitude towards him.

Q5 How does Lawrence use the theme of Oedipus Complex in Sons and Lovers?
Illustrate with reference to the novel.

Q6 Discuss Pauls relationship with his mother and Miriam.

Q7 Discuss Lawracnes contribution to modern English fiction.

Q8 The damaging influence of the mothers love upon the life of the son. Does this
adequately describe the theme of Sons and Lovers?

Q9 Critically discuss Lawrances treatment of the father in Sons and Lovers.

A Portriat of the Aritst as a young man

Q1 Do you agree with Stephen Dedaulus that an artist is essentially separate from the
society? Discuss with reference to A Portriat of the Aritst as a young man.

Q2 Stephen Dedaulus seeks to escape from Dublins life and its claims. Discuss.

Q3 In what respect Stephen Dedaulus resembles james Joyce ? Discuss with reference
to A portrait of the Artist as a young man.

Q4 Illustrate the stream of consciousness technique with reference to A portrait of the

artist as a Young man.
Q5 Examine A Portrait of the Artist as a Young man as the story of Stephen Dedaulus
development and growth into an artist.

Q6 Comment on the view that Stephen Dedaulus seeks to escape from the labyrinth of
Dublins life and claims.

Q7 Stephen Dedaulus is James Joyce himself. Highlight the parallelism between the two.

Q8 What is the relevance of the myth of Deadalus as one of the themes of A portrait of
the Artist as a young man.

Q9 Critically discuss A portrait of the Artist as a young man as a novel about growing up.