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HAPAG-ASA Integrated Nutrition Program

Monitoring and Reports

Application Pre-Implementation Implementation Submission Evaluation

PRE-ORIENTATION MOA Submission and Supplemental Feeding Nutritional Status (weight Terminal Report
PHASE Processing Once a day, 5x a week for 6 and height) Monitoring: Narrative on Impact of the
Hapag-Asa Program Hapag-Asa Team months Form 5A and/or Form5B Supplemental Feeding
Application Form Formation/ Community Target recipients: Monthly Submission Nutritional Rehabilitation
Submission Organizing undernourished 6months One Photo Story (other Rate (with baseline and
Setting-up of Program Nutritional Screening of to 12yo children and/or improvements on the child: endline statistics
Orientation Schedule Children underweight pregnant and Physiological, Emotional, comparison)
Baseline Data Gathering Master List Submission lactating mothers Social, Mental, etc.) per ECE Impact
(Children: Form3A; Early Childhood Education feeding site Quarterly Parents Education Impact
ORIENTATION PHASE Pregnant/Lactating: Form (ECE) Submission SHeG Impact
Hapag-Asa Program 3B)* and Final Evaluation At least twice a week of Monthly Program Status Challenges and Learnings
Orientation (Program Commitment and unstructured classes for and Food Supplement Recommendations
Coordinators and Core Responsibilities Setting for children 5 years old and Inventory Form 11B
Group; Community Group Parents below Food Supplement Request
Leaders) Food Supplement Request Parents Education (for succeeding allocation
(Form 11A) At least once in a month for needs) Form 11A (as per
Parents of Hapag-Asa kids needed)
Self-Help Groups (SHeG) Early Childhood Education
*ChildrensWeightandHeight Formation Effects on Child as
shouldbeupdated.Shouldnot Skills Training and Photostory
betakenmorethanamonth Livelihood Parents Education
priortothestartoffeeding Could come after the Observable results as
parent education and Photostory
formation classes SHeG updates
***Parentsshouldbepartners Training/Livelihood
intheprogram updates