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JOIN US at our 7th

Annual Global Missions

Golf Scramble:
September 25, 2010
At the Orlando County
National Golf Center
Missions at Windermere Ministries is all
Sign up online at: about loving God, loving people, making
disciples, and remembering the poor.
Our mission field starts here in
Orange County and expands to Florida, America,
and throughout the world.
Join us by Praying—Giving—GOING!

Tanzania, Zanzibar
November 3-12, 2010
Cost $3,900
Gitega, Burundi w/Medical
November 19-29, 2010
Cost $4,200
Children in Africa

Zanzibar — predominantly Islamic

(97%) - the remaining 3% is made Ray Berryman Lucas Santini sharing
up of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and preaching in Rwanda Bibles with the Brazilian teens
native witch doctors. We believe
Christian revival is coming to Auzelio Santini New Church Planted in Panama
Zanzibar! City

Burundi — besides evangelizing GivingThanks MinistryT-Shirts

and delivering medical treatment we
will visit the FBCW Karusi site. Are you in the medical field? You
are more than welcome to join us on this trip!

Contact us for more information.

Calvin Wimbish sharing the FBCW Karusi, Burundi
Gospel with the Burundians ground breaking
First Baptist Church Windermere  Downtown and Lakeside
Contact information: Auzelio Santini, Associate Global Missions Pastor
asantini@windermereministries.com - www.fbcwindermere.com

RAWANDA (4/11-4/19) Worship Through Water 2010—Iquitos, Peru
“We ministered in the Kziba Refugee Camp near the Congo border at a pastors “We experienced for one week what the local residents call normal daily life.
conference where we helped train 50 pastors. After the conference we helped a We were able to deliver the gift of clean water and preached the Good News to
new church plant and demonstrated the EvangeCube and many people gave their 44 families, 1 school and 3 churches. We delivered 49 bibles to the locals, so
lives to Jesus Christ. We are rejoicing for the great work of transformation that now more families and new believers have access to the “living water” the
God is doing in Rwanda.” Ray Berryman water that will never run dry. We pray this trip will encourage others to GO
and get involved somehow, someway and somewhere.” Steve Jurs
BRAZIL (Sao Jose dos Campos 5/28-6/6)
“ I did not realize until I had saved my first soul for Jesus, what an important role GivingThanks Ministry
God was using me for in Brazil. This trip was more emotional and impactful Our teams delivered GivingThanks t-shirts in Peru and Burundi.
than I ever could have imagined. God had a plan for me a long time ago and has
been preparing me for this. This trip has shown me the “BIG PICTURE” of His FBCW BURUNDI (6/17-6/29)
plan. I will never be the same again.” Coco Mayer “FBCW has been focusing on ministry in this country for the past 1 1/2 years
and here are some of the ways we have assisted the local churches:
“I was a little frustrated with the language barrier and I prayed and asked God to Construction of a new school in the province of Rutana and a hillside
show me why I was there. Well, He answered my prayers through a girl named medical clinic in the Bujumbura province.
Mariana. She took me in a side room and was hysterically crying. She said if I Sewing clinic in the Gatumba area.
would have told her in Portuguese about Jesus she would not have listened to me Rainwater harvesting for a secondary school in the mountainous Muyinga
so I also broke down crying. God was listening to my prayers throughout the province.
whole 10 days!” Kristina Simpson Development of a 60 to 80 acre site in the Karusi province.
Orphanage project in the Gatumba area.
“I witnessed to HS students in a couple of schools. Since I speak Portuguese God went before our group during this very productive week. When we were
they were attentive when I shared about my life in Orlando. I shared the Gospel in Karusi surveying the property, many curious locals followed us around and
and many students prayed to receive Christ as their Savior. Many of them came Pastor Jeremey and Pastor Chuck shared the Gospel and many prayed to re-
to the evening service and they all received a Bible.” Lucas Santini ceive Christ. What a joy to see people beginning a new life in Jesus Christ.
John Gibbs
“My son Gabriel was very focused to his call to serve the Lord. Many times God
used him to bring incredible insights to our conversation or something that just “I came to realize that when we are in Africa our presence counts. Many times
occurred. One of them was when Celia and her team finished a visit and started all we need to do is sit by someone and be their companion for a short time.
to walk back to church for lunch. Well, not for Gabriel, he turned to the team When we embrace someone, we are God hands and feet.” Auzelio Santini
and said “we have 10 more minutes before lunch, let’s go share the gospel with Total
the man over there.” The man prayed as did two more family members. In an- WM Team
Prayed to
other instance, after visiting a man who said he believed in reincarnation and was Members Planted Christ
saying that John the Baptist was Elisha reincarnated, Gabriel turned to the team
and said: “How can that be since Elisha never died?” Auzelio Santini Rwanda, 4/11-4/19 1 1 45

BURUNDI (Bujumbura 6/15-6/27) Brazil, Sao Jose dos Campos 5/28—6/6 8 6 416
“I cannot express how wonderful our team’s mission trip was .. it changed my
Burundi, Bujumbura 6/15-6/27 4 2 700
life! As I observed and learned from my team members, I became filled with the
Holy Spirit which assured me that God would use me as a vessel to share the FBCW Burundi 6/17-6/26 5 1 100
Good News of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit delivered! The overwhelming
“Yes” responses we received is something I will never forget. It was a blessing Total 1st & 2nd Qtr 2010 21 12 1,487
to come to know and work with the African translators and ministers. I am “on
fire” for the Lord in my resolve to trust and surrender all to Jesus in being part of Total September 2004 through June 30, 2010 752 287 46,466
the missions ministry and e3 Partners as God leads me to do.” Calvin Wimbish