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Here we are going to tell you about the turbines characteristics . This is the type of turbine
which works with steam is called Steam Turbine. Around the globe it is being used for the
energy generation purposes. And Pakistan is also availing this opportunity. Thats why here are
many firms that are using this technology to fulfill their needs in term of energy.

Its basic fuel is steam on which its fins rotates to generate rotation for crank shaft that is
attached with it. And we can produce steam with too many ways in which we can produce the
steam with separately system that is implant specially for this purpose but here the situation is
a bit different because the power plant on which we are working is going to produce steam
with the help of engine exhaust. 4 V18 WARTSILLA engines are already used for power
generation but we avail an opportunity that we are using their exhaust smoke to generate
steam for our turbine. The specifications of this turbine are given below

Inlet pressure 15 bar a normal / 18 bar a maximum

Inlet temperature 322 degree Celsius normal
Exhaust pressure 0.091 bar a normal
Power rating (at generator terminals) 14000Kw normal / 17000 Kw a maximum
Normal turbine speed 5806 rpm
Normal alternator speed 1500 rpm
Turbine trip speed 63866676 rpm
Turbine critical speed band 15003000 rpm
Turbine rotation Anti-clockwise viewed on steam end
Turbine staging 9 Rateau
Turbine nozzle grouping 1st group 28 nozzles
2nd group 28 nozzles
3rd group 2 nozzles

The lube oil system of turbine consists of four pumps auxiliary oil pump known as AOP,
emergency oil pump known as EOP , jacking oil pump known as JOP and main oil pump known
as MOP. Apart from barring arrangement is fiving between Ip & Ip turbine for uniform cooling
down of turbine and avoid shaft sagging.

Reservoir first fill 4100 litres ( 900 gallons)

Control oil pressure 20.7 bar / gram
Stable control oil quantity 118 litres per minute
Lubricating oil pressure 1.72 bar per gram
Lubricating oil quantity 805 litres per minute


This pump is located at the front bearing pedestal of the HP turbine.It is coupled to the turbine
rotor through a gear coupling.When the turbine is running at a normal speed of 3000rpm, then the
desired quantity of oil to the governing systems and the lubrication systems is supplied by this
Auxiliary Oil Pump can meet the requirements of lubrication system under emergency conditions. One
stage vertical centrifugal pump driven by an A.C. electric motor. It has radial impeller and
volute casing. The pump automatically takes over under interlock action whenever the oil
pressure in the lubrication system fails below certain desired level.
Make Albany
Model reference type KCA80-4SL, triple screw, top tank mounted
Speed 2900 rpm
Rated capacity 840 litres per minute
Driver 22 Kw 400V/3ph/50 Hz motor

Emergency oil pump has been foreseen by as a back-up protection to AC driven standby oil
pump. This is a centrifugal pump, driven by DC electric motor. This automatically cuts in
whenever there is a failure of AC supply at power station.
Make SPX Plenty Mirrlees
Model reference type KCA60-4NL
Speed 2800 rpm
Rated capacity 525 litres per minutes
driver 10Kw 110 V DC motor

JOP ensures that there is no metal contact between a journal and the bearing. Positive
displacement pumps that provide high pressure supply of oil under strategic journals of the
turbo generator and oil lifts the shaft slightly. This greatly reduces the static friction and bearing
wear. The JOP can be stopped after the lubricating oil film is established between the shaft and
bearings. Pressure produced is 120 bars.
Make SPX Plenty Mirrlees
Model reference type TCA 38-4NL
Speed 2900 rpm
Rated capacity 120 litres per minutes
Driver 8.5 Kw 415V/3ph/50Hz motor


The oil used for lubrication is stored in the Mai Oil Tank. The Main Oil Tank holds the oil inside
the tank for a period long enough to ensure liberation of air from the oil. Filters are located
inside the tank to filter the oil during its normal course. The oil tank is supported on a framed
structure just below the turbine floor at the left hand side of the turbine.
Reservoir capacity 4100 litres
Oil pressure 20.7 bar per gram
Lubricating oil quantity 805 litres per minute


Lubricating oil reduces friction between moving mechanical parts and also removes heat from
the components. As a result, the oil becomes hot. This heat is removed from the lube oil by a
cooler to prevent both breakdown of the oil and damage to the mechanical components it
serves. The lube oil temperature must be maintained within a specific operating band to ensure
optimum equipment performance.
Lube oil coolers are designed based on the customer specifications. Designs are available as
single coolers or duplex coolers with change over valves. Coolers can be designed according to
good engineering practice or as per TEMA and ASME codes based on customer requirements.
Maker Funke
Type Shell & tube , water cooled
oil capacity 817 litres per minute
Rated outlet oil temperature 60 degree Celsius


An oil filter is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil,
lubricating oil or hydraulic oil . oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic
machinery. A chief use of oil filter is in internal combustion engines in ON & OFF-road motor
vehicles, light air crafts and various NAVAL vessels. Here we used this type of filter to make our
lubricant free of other hazardous contaminants.
Maker Pall Industrial Hydraulics
Type Duplex
Model reference type HH362DJ04KSXWDV7YB05
Capacity 817 liters per minute
Filtration 1015 micron


Maker Pall industrial hydraulics
Type Duplex
Model reference No H23710N15KSUWD17BX88
Capacity 105 liters per minute
Filtration 810 micron