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Critique paper: SugidanonBayluhay

(feminist criticism)

The play "Sugidanon bayluhay" is a play on how the malays asked the Ati/Aetas for help
with their living in exchange they gave them things made of gold. Despite the overall meaning of
the play, the play did have some things that tackles gender inequality. In the beginning of the
play, the male aetas were doing some carrying of foods to serve their king. the women on the
other hand were tasked to prepare the foods to give to their chief. In the next part of the play,
"Merkudo" the son of the chief and the heir to the throne was crowned the new king of their clan.
To follow the rules of the clan the chief must choose a wife to make a new blood related heir to
the throne. As the highest position there was, the chief may choose anyone from any tribe that he
wants to be his wife and the chosen one has no right to complain. The Aetas took care and
respected their women unlike some of us today, some men are abusing their power because they
believe that they are way more powerful than women and in vice versa. The play also tackled the
abuse of power by the powerful sultan who enslaves women for his entertainment and sexual
needs. he threatens the women that he will kill them if they don't follow his orders. The sultan
was feared because of his power of course and his mercilessness. But in the end, he was stopped
by Datu Puti. Datu puti despite his age, stood up and had a battle with the sultan. They succeeded
to escape the hands of the sultan and made their way to another island. Then they met the aetas,
and that is where the trade occured.