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3 Simulado UCC Formato BAIN & COMPANY

1) The graph below shows the different commuting options chosen by

commuters in the Farview City metropolitan region in 1995 and in 2005.

1a) The commuting mode whose ridership increased by approximately 29%

from 1995 to 2005 is __________________.

1a) Assume the graph above shows all commuters in the two relevant
years. In 2005, the car commuters were _______ percent of all commuters.

2) In a certain academic competition, there are three rounds, and three

possible results in each round. The folks who lose acquire no
commendations and do not advance to the next round. The folks who place,
acquire a set of commendations for that round, but do not advance to the next
round. The folks who win acquire a set of commendations for that round,
and, in the case of the first two rounds, advance to the next round; in the case
of the third round, the win means winning the entire competition. The
following chart shows, on average, the percentages of participants who achieve
the three results in each of the three rounds.
2a) If 100,000 participant start this process, and if all the percentages in the
chart are correct, _______ people of them would win the entire competition.

2b) Exactly _______ % of participants who start acquire exactly two sets of

3) For years, the Bethel Company had Gamma division. The year 2008 was the
first year that Rho division was in operation. The chart shows the profits
generated by these two divisions. Assume these two divisions were the only
source of profits for the Bethel Company during these years.
3a) In 2010 and 2011 combined, Rho division accounted for _____ % of
Bethels profits.

3b) From 2008 to 2011, Rho division increased by ______%

4) The charts below show the breakdown for the 2010 revenues for Goliath
Corporation, a major supplier of food and food preparation materials. The pie
chart shows the breakdown of sales to grocery stores. Assume these two
charts contain all the revenue for Goliath Corporation.
4a) The revenue from foreign export sales is __________ the revenue from
grocery stores in the Northeast.

4b) Revenue from governmental contracts would have to increase by

________% to equal the revenue from grocery sales in the Midwest.

5) The graph below shows the population & land areas for eight major US
cities. The area of the circle indicates the size of the GDP for the citys
extended metropolitan region.

The city abbreviations are ATL = Atlanta, GA; BOS = Boston, MA; CHI =
Chicago, IL; DAL = Dallas, TX; HOU = Houston, TX; LA = Los Angeles, CA;
NYC = New York City, NY; PHI = Philadelphia.
5a) Population density is the ratio of population/land area. Among the eight
cities shown, __________ is the city with the lowest population density.
5b) According to this graph, the population of a city is ________________ with
the size of the GDP of the metropolitan region.

6) Apex Appliances is a regional appliance retailer with multiple store through

seven states. The graph below shows their performance over two calendar
years, 2011 and 2012. Each dot is one month, and shows the total number of
store visitors and the sales revenue from that month. The six dots with the
highest numbers are store visitors are the fourth quarter months, October
December, of each year.

6a) During this two-year period, Apex Appliance had ________ non-fourth-
quarter month(s) with higher sales revenue than the fourth-quarter month with
the lowest sales revenue.
6b) In Apexs accounting system, the yield of a month is the ratio of sales
revenue to number of customers in that month. In the month show here with
the highest yield, Apex earned _________ in monthly sales revenue.

7 - If 40 percent of all students at college X have brown hair and 70 percent of all students at college X
have blue eyes what is the difference between the minimum and maximum probability of picking a student
from college X who has neither brown hair nor blue eyes?

A. 0.2
B. 0.3
C. 0.4
D. 0.6
E. 0.7

8 - Renee has a bag of 6 candies, 4 of which are sweet and 2 of which are sour. Jack picks two candies
simultaneously and at random. What is the chance that exactly 1 of the candies he has picked is sour?

A. 3/5
B. 7/18
C. 8/15
D. 4/10
E. 5/12

Computer Games Plus needs to get rid of its copies of an old computer game. If it lowers the cost of the
old computer game by $5 dollars, it can increase sales of the old computer game by 10 units and still
generate exactly $100 of revenue from the old game. How many units of the old computer game did
Computer Games Plus sell after implementing the new selling strategy?

A) 10
B) 15
C) 20
D) 30
E) 50

A tank has 5 inlet pipes. Three pipes are narrow and two are wide. Each of the three narrow pipes works
at 1/2 the rate of each of the wide pipes. All the pipes working together will take what fraction of time
taken by the two wide pipes working together to fill the tank?

(A) 1/2
(B) 2/3
(C) 3/4
(D) 3/7
(E) 4/7




Sue: Commercial flights currently contribute more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in one year
than does the whole of Africa. If we want to reduce global warming we need to restrict the
number of flights we take.

Dave: Did you know that by taking one inter-continental flight you cause more pollution than you
would in twelve months of car travel?
Daves response to Sues comment serves to

A. reinforce Sues contention that flights are a major contributor to increased carbon dioxide

B. add more weight to her contention that we should reduce the number of flights we take

C. mitigate the force of her argument by suggesting that there is an alternative approach

D. suggest an alternative that will reduce the effect of pollution

E. question whether she really understands the severity of global warming

It is not unusual to see the ball fall into a black slot on a roulette wheel four times in a row. But
for it to fall five or six times in a row into the same color is very unusual. Therefore you can win
money by waiting for a run of five of the same color and then betting against that color.

If the roulette wheel in question is a fair wheel, which of the following observations or facts, if it
were true, would best reveal a fallacy in the logic?

A. If there were a reliable way to win at roulette it would be well-known by now.

B. It is hard for a player to keep track of what went before for the time required.

C. The probability of getting a particular color decreases with the number of times the color
has appeared.

D. The probability of getting a particular color is always the same no matter what has gone

E. A person who makes money this way once or twice, will carry on to lose that money after
a few more times.

On the basis of the Big Bang theory scientists predicted levels of Helium-3 in the universe
that are ten times greater than the levels actually observed. According to the original model,
Helium-3 is produced when low-mass stars burn up hydrogen and become red giants, as well
as being produced in the Big Bang itself. Researchers have now produced a new model in
which the Helium-3 produced by a red giant is pushed to the stars interior and burnt up. Hence
the Big Bang theory is no longer undermined by Helium-3 data.
The two portions in bold-face are related to each other in which of the following ways?

A. The first highlights an observation that tends to undermine a particular theory. The
second is that theory.

B. The first is a fact that undermines a theory. The second is context for accepting that

C. The first points to an inconsistency in a particular model; the second is the authors main

D. The first is a challenge to a classic theory; the second resolves that challenge.

E. The first is a position that the author does not accept; the second is the authors position.
The committee on sexual discrimination in the workplace has highlighted Supremo Company as
a chief offender. Of the twenty senior executives in the firm, only one is a woman. And of the
forty junior executives, only five are female.

Supremo could best defend itself against the charges by showing that

A. male and female executives at the same level have the same qualifications

B. they pay the same salary to senior men and senior women

C. ten times more men than women apply for jobs with the company

D. the work pressures and long hours make jobs with the company unattractive to married

E. all job applicants who were rejected had fewer qualifications than those accepted