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Book Review: Starting, Shutting down and Operate Machinery

(by: Rodrick J. Hartley)

The Article Starting, Shutting down and Operate Machinery by Rodrick J. Hartley
guides seafarers on how to properly operate machineries on board.
June 1998, The Commission on Higer Education (CHED) implemented a new structure
for education towards the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) and Bachelor of
Science in Marine Engineering (BSME). Changes were made to comply with the International
Convention on Standards of training and Watch keeping for seafarers (STCW.)
STCW 95 is an ambitious package of measures covering every aspects of maritime
training, assessment and certification. It is complied by two interrelated facts: two-thirds of the
worlds seafarers serve on ships registered in countries other than those responsible for their
training and certification.
Iternational man power survey states that a large number of senior officers from OECD
nation are about to retire and it is assumed that senior officers from othe countries will replace
them. The Philippines provides around 20% of the worlds seafarers, but they appear under-
represented as senior officer given the large number of filipino Junior Officers.
Consequently, one challenge for the Philippine education and manning industry is to
provide proper teaching and establish suitable education systems also for senior officers.
Focusing on education and management level will contribute in increasing the number of
Filipino senior officers and provide more careers for Filipinos.
The publication is inteded for junior officers studying for the management level. The
content is baised on the Project Enhancing Maritime Education and Training (EMET) for the
CHED. It builds directly on the curricula for the BSMT and BSME complies with requirements of
the revised STCW 95 Convention. The IMO model training course have also been consulted in
order to provide the most accurate and relevant knowledge.
Every reasonable effort was made to ensure that the informations provided is actual
and presented in a logical and pdagogical manner. New equipments and systems. However the
development and its consiquences must also be reflected in applicable teaching aids.