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English teacher
Natalia Koscielska
International Courses Online (ICON) online English school in Warsaw, Poland
natalia.koscielska@gmail.com (October 2015 now):
Teaching small groups as well as individual students aged 4-13; conducting conversation
(+48) 534 674 934 classes, reading classes of different levels, general English language lessons;
Preparing interactive materials to be used in a virtual classroom
EDUCATION Tamode School, secondary school in Mea Khari, Phatthalung Province, Thailand
Bachelor's degree in Film Studies, (April 2014 April 2015):
Institute of the Audio-Visual Arts, teaching groups of various sizes (up to 45 students per class); developing curriculum,
Faculty of Management and Social preparing lesson plans as well as mid-term and final examinations; one-to-one tutoring
Communication, Jagiellonian University students preparing for national English language competitions; running different activities
in Krakw, Poland (2008-2011) with students during English Camps
English Time in Ankara, Turkey language school (September 2012 February 2013):
Teaching English to teenagers and adults from beginners up to intermediate levels in
PERSONAL SUMMARY separate grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking blocks
Able to work in a multicultural Netacademy English School in Ankara, Turkey (September October 2012):
environment; extensive experience living Teaching English to adults using the Callan Method
and traveling abroad New Line English School in Ankara, Turkey (July September 2012):
English Conversation Club for teenagers
Flexible, quick learner and eager to take
up new challenges Others
European Volunteer Service (EVS) at Geliim Genlik ve Spor Kulb Dernegi (Youth
Development and Sport Club Association) in Gaziantep, Turkey (November 2011 April
Polish native speaker Art workshops for autistic children; art and English workshops at primary school
English advanced Volunteer work during SLOT Art Festival, Krakw, Poland, edition: Times New Rom
French intermediate and the main SLOT Art Festival in Lubi, Poland (March 2011 and July 2011):
Turkish intermediate
Information desk; monitor festival entrances and a painting exhibition; working in
a cafeteria

INTERESTS Volunteer work during Era New Horizons international film festival in Wrocaw (July
2010 and July 2011):
Traveling, music, cycling, synchronised
swimming Running video library; cooperating with the Press Office and media representatives; giving
information on the festival, the ways of ticket booking, including on-line reservation and
building a positive image of the festival

Volunteer work during animation film festival (Oglnopolski Festiwal Autorskich

Filmw Animowanych) in Krakw (December 2008):

Writing short texts about artists and films for the festival brochure; poster distribution,
monitor entrances and projection rooms

I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection
Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2002, item 1182 as amended.