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For the

June 12

Dodd-Frank Repeal: The House repealed,

Y Y N N N 233-186, the Dodd-Frank law enacted in
2010 to regulate Wall Street in response to U.
S. and global economic collapses in 2007
-2008. A yes vote was to pass HR 10, which
would hollow out and rename the Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau.
Donald Trumps Tax Returns: The House
Y Y N N N blocked, 228-186, a Democratic bid to force
floor consideration of a resolution directing
the Ways and Means Committee to review
President Trumps tax returns and report its
findings to the House. A yes vote opposed
debate on the measure.
Polygraph Testing Waivers: The House
Y Y N N N voted, 282-137, to waive polygraph testing of
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
applicants if they had good records in
previous military or police jobs. A yes vote
was to pass HR 2213 over arguments it could
lead to abusive treatment of immigrants.
Courtney Elwood, CIA General Counsel:
N N The Senate confirmed, 67-33, Courtney S.
Elwood, 49, who held high legal positions
under President George W. Bush and Vice
President Richard Cheney, as the Central
Intelligence Agencys top lawyer. A yes vote
was to confirm Elwood.
Scott Brown, Ambassador to New
Y Y Zealand: The Senate confirmed, 94-4, Scott
P. Brown, 57, as U.S. ambassador to both
New Zealand and Samoa. A yes vote was to
confirm Brown, a former GOP senator from
Massachusetts and early backer of Donald
Trumps presidential candidacy.
KEY VOTES AHEAD 2017 Voterama in Congress www.voterama.biz
The Senate will vote in the week of June 12 on a bill placing economic
sanctions on Iran, while the House schedule was to be announced.