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Maid Visa Process

The Visa Process was done without Etihad (Saleh wasn't there) for a Maid who already stayed in the
UAE. Her visa had been cancelled. For the whole process you will need to plan at least 2 days, I did it
in 3. The required documents mentioned is what I remember. It's best to carry the Maid's and
sponsor's passport and emirates ID.

The maid was present only for steps 7., 8. and 9.

Day 1 used to apply/check for documents required

1. Check that you have all documents required under point 3. For this request "Immigration
letter" from iserve. This is a salary certificate issued in Arabic addressed to the immigration.
For the letter HR usually needs 1 day to process, but if urgent you can go to HR.

Day 2 used to request entry permit

2. Pick up "Immigration letter" at selected location.

3. Request for "Entry permit" (pink paper) at a typing centre. I did "urgent" processing for
AED380. The following documents are required:
- Copy of Maid's passport / visa (with cancellation stamp)
- Passport photo of Maid.
- Copy of passport / visa / emirates ID of all family members including children staying
in the household ( incl. other maids / drivers / cooks )
- Immigration letter (from Etihad)
- Copy of rental contract (if renting a property)
- Tathweeq letter, either received from landlord or in case of own property from
developer (e.g. Manazel)
- Copy of recent electricity / water bill
4. Go to Immigration, ground floor on left side and apply for "Entry permit". The same
documents as in typing centre are required. For the entry permit a "security clearance" is
required. They will say that this will take 2 hours, but it can take longer. It's better to come
back the next day.

Day 3 used for change status and medical check

5. Go Immigration and collect entry permit. Once entry permit is received you must apply for
"change status" or "no leave country stamp". For this you need to take entry permit to
typing centre. They will fill out a form which you need to sign. They will know which
documents are required. A fee of AED 550 is charged by the typing centre.
6. Take form and entry permit to Immigration, second floor left side. They will stamp the form
with a change status stamp. Documents required (not quite sure):
- Original passport of maid and visa cancellation sheet.
- Original passport of sponsor
- Copy of sponsor passport / visa / emirates ID
7. Go with Maid for medical screening at Capital health next to Zayed Stadium. Regular check
costs AED 300, I did however a fast track and paid AED 400. The regular check takes 2 days
for the result and the fast track 1 day.
8. Go back to typing centre for "Emirates ID" and "visa application". Documents required:
- Entry permit with change status stamp.
- Maids original passport.
- Passport photo of maid.
- Sponsors original passport and copy.
- Copy of old emirates ID. (they need the unified number)
- At the typing centre they will have a standard Maid employment contract. The visa
fee depends on the maids salary, thus AED 400 (minimum) is mentioned in this
contract. At that salary the fee is AED 5650 including urgent visa application (AED
100). Both the maid and the sponsor need to sign the contract. The emirates ID costs
AED 170 separately.
9. Go to medical insurance to renew medical insurance. I went to DAMAN. The building is
located in city, airport road opposite Etisalat building (with the ball on top). You will need a
few documents, but copies can be made in the basement while waiting. I renewed the
maid's current medical plan, which is the basic plan - cost AED 600.

Day 4 used for visa stamping

10. Pick up medical screening result at screening centre.

11. Go to Immigration to finally apply for "visa" or "visa stamping". First go to ground floor left
side to collect your number to wait. They will advise you to pay at the bank AED 2030 at the
bank. The bank is located in the centre of the immigration complex on the ground floor. This
is a deposit, so keep the receipt (sticker). Once the visa is cancelled you will be reimbursed
that money (that's the plan). After you paid the security deposit proceed back to
Immigration. Documents required:
- Visa application
- Maid employment contract
- Entry permit
- Change of status form
- Emirates ID registration form
- Copy of sponsors passport with visa.
- Copy of Maid's medical insurance card
- Medical screening result
- Security deposit sticker

Good luck!