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Course Syllabus in


K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum
Senior High School Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) Specialized Subject
S.Y. 2017-2018

Course Title Organization and Management

Course Code SS7

Credit Unit 4

This course is designed to familiarize the students with the basic concepts, principles, and processes related to business
Course Description organization and the functional areas of Management. Particular emphasis will be given to the study of Management functions like
planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling, and orient the students on the importance of these functions and the role of
each area in entrepreneurship.

To provide students a strong foundation of business, its concepts, practices and social responsibilities.
To introduce and identify the basic forms of business organization and provide students the concept of sound decision making
Course objective
To identify and explain the different functions of management and their importance to the success of the business.
Course Content

Week Hours Content / Topic Intended Learning Outcomes Teaching-Learning Assessment task

Chapter 1. Nature and Concept of Management

Orientation The Learners shall able to Lecture Graded Recitation
Lesson 1: Definition and Functions of management
Lesson 2:Evolution of management theories Apply management theories & concepts Discussion Quiz
1&2 in solving business cases.
Unit Test
Lesson 3:Functions, roles, and skills of a manager

Chapter 2. The Firm and its Environment

Lesson 1: Environmental forces and environmental Analyze the various environmental forces Discussion PEST and SWOT analysis
scanning affecting the firm and summarize these Group dynamics
using Political Economic Social and Unit test
Lesson 2: The Local and international business Technological Analysis (PEST) and
3&4 environment of the firm Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and

Lesson 3: Phases of economic development

Lesson 4: Forms of business organization

Chapter 3. Planning
Lesson 1: Definition and nature of planning Formulate effective plans for a specific Discussion Case study
Lesson 2: Types of plans business endeavor. Group dynamics
Lesson 3: Planning at different levels in the firm Quiz
5 to 7 Lesson 4: Planning techniques and tools
Lesson 5: Application of planning tools and techniques Unit Test
Lesson 6: Decision Making
Chapter 4. Organizing
Lesson 1: Nature of organizations Design an appropriate organization Discussion Case Study
Lesson 2: Types of organization structures structure for a specific business. Brainstorming
8 to 10 Lesson 3: Organization theories and application Quiz
Lesson 4: Delegation
Lesson 5: Formal and informal organizations Unit Test

Chapter 5. Staffing
Lesson 1: Definition and nature of staffing Conduct and prepare job analysis. Discussion Case study
Lesson 2: Recruitment Brainstorming
Lesson 3: Selection Quiz
Lesson 4: Training and development
1 to 2 Lesson 5: Compensation/wages and performance Unit Test
Lesson 6: Employee relations
Lesson 7: Employee movements
Lesson 8: Rewards System

Chapter 6. Leading
Lesson 1: Definition Demonstrate knowledge in motivation, Discussion Case Study
Lesson 2: Motivation leadership, and communication by solving Brainstorming
Lesson 3: Leadership Theories business cases. Quiz
3 to 5
Lesson 4: Communication
Lesson 5: Management of change and diversity Unit Test
Lesson 6: Filipino and foreign cultures

Chapter 7. Controlling
Lesson 1: Definition and nature of management Apply appropriate control measures for a Discussion Case study
control specific business situation. Brainstorming
Lesson 2: The link between planning and controlling Quiz
6 to 8 Lesson 3: Control methods and systems
Lesson 4: Application of management control in Unit Test
accounting and marketing concepts and techniques
Lesson 5: Role of budgets in planning and control
Chapter 8. Introduction to the Different Functional Areas of Management
a. Human Resource Management Select ones area of interest for future Lecture and discussion Quiz
b. Marketing Management career path.
c. Operations Management Unit Test
d. Financial Management
e. Information and Communication Technology
Chapter 9. Special Topics in Management
Lesson 1: Small Business Management and Initiate an appropriate small-family Discussion Business Plan
Entrepreneurship business Brainstorming
10 Lesson 2: Family Business Enterprise Unit Test
Lesson 3: Starting a business: Legal forms and

References Cabrera, H., Altajeros, A., Riaz, B. (2016). Organization and Management. Vibal Group, Inc. Manila, Philippines

Medina, R. G. (2015). Business Organization and Management, Rex Book Store: Manila, Philippines

Grading System Written Test 25 %

Performance task 45 %
Quarterly Exam 30%

Requirements Quiz Assignments

Unit Test Case Study
Recitation Major Exams