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1.Which term refers to an institution created by a society to create and enforce

public polices?
a. government
2.Which of the following items is not one of the five purposes of government?
b. equalization (BUT order, protection and economic stability are)
3. If a nation-state has half of the population out of work, what purpose has its
government failed to perform?
b.economic stability
4.What is the name for that portion of the U.S Constitution that explains the
purposes of the United States government?
c. the preamble
5.Which tem is something that almost every society has had?
6."..and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." This
exercpt is from which document?
a. the preamble.
7.Which theory about the origins of government holds that government was created as
an extension of family ties?
a. evolution theory.
8. What document says, "They only way whereby any one [gives up] his natural
liberty, and [becomes a member of an organized society], is by agreeing with other
men to join and unite into a community for their comfortable, safe, and peaceable
living one amongst another, in a secre enjoyment of their properties, and a greater
securtiy against [people who don't belong to the society]."
a. John Lockes's Second Treatise on Government
9.What word is used to describe the ability to control the actions of others?
10.What is legitimacy?
c.When someone who holds power is recognized as having the right to rule.
11.Which of the following items is a defining characteristic of a nation-state?
d. It has a government
12.Which of the following statements is not correct?
c. The modern world is divided into a mixture of nation-states, city-states,
and multi-national empires.
13.What theory of government argues that power is held by a small group of people?
c.elitist theory
14.Which describes C.Wright Mills' theory about power?
d. Power is concentrated among a "power elite" of top soldiers, bureaucrats,
and business people.
15.What is the name for the form of goverment where power is held by the people at
large? (All citizens vote on every decision made by the government.)
c. direct democracy
16.What is the term for a goverment that exerts a great deal of power over the
actions of the population but that does not interfere with their ideas and intimate
c.authoritarian government
17.What is the term for a government where power is located in a single location,
usually the capital city?
c. unified central government
18.What is the name of a government in whic the legislative branch is more powerful
than the executive branch? In fact, the executive branch is normally chose out of
the legislature.
b. parliamentary government
19.Aristotle came up with many reasons why statesmen should know all the different
types of government. Which of the following is not one of Aristotle's reasons?
a. so statesmen could choose the government that would maximize their power.
20.Which of the following is not one of the eight tenets of American democracy?
a.force theory