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Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Advanced Track & Trace for

Pharmaceuticals (ATTP)
Who needs to provide Serialized What is the new functionality of What if we do not have a SAP
Track and Trace data? ATTP? Warehouse Management (WM)
According to the Drug Supply Chain ATTP features the following new solution?
Security Act (DSCSA) and the capabilities: ATTP integrates with 3rd party
appropriate governing agencies in each applications via the Toolkit. The ATTP
Integration to SAP Enterprise Central
country, Supply Chain participants infrastructure leverages APIs web
Component (ECC) through add-ons,
must provide or receive transaction services, XML, RFC and SOAP
3rd party warehouse and packaging
information, history and statements for capabilities. Core WM runs natively and
product change of ownership. integrates with ATTP.
Error message monitoring and handling;
What is Advanced Track & Trace for What data volume impact does
Repository of rules, events and
Pharmaceuticals (ATTP)?
serialization numbers for query and this have on our SAP Enterprise
ATTP is a pharmaceutical specific reporting; Resource Planning (ERP) system?
solution that addresses the regulatory
Regulatory reporting; and Serialization will not have an impact
requirements for Serialized Track
on data volumes in SAP Enterprise
and Trace. It is designed and built Pharma Network providing a hub for
specifically to address the expected Central Component (ECC). Through the
information exchange.
data volumes, data query and ECC / ATTP integration, the batches
regulatory reporting required by this and lots from production orders and
What is Application Interface
regulation. other transactions are sent to ATTP
Framework (AIF)?
for assignment and association of
What is going to happen to SAP AIF is one of the key features of ATTP. It the batches and lots to the random
Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) and SAP is the engine that manages and monitors serialized lists.
Object Event Repository (OER)? the messaging between the various
partners in the extended Supply Chain. We have operations in multiple
SAP AII / OER will be supported for
another ten years. Companies in the AIF alerts the business and technical countries, how does ATTP address
Defense (DoD) sector or consumer teams to the errors that occur to ensure these requirements?
products will continue to use SAP AII / accurate data tracking and mapping. ATTP is set up either centrally or locally
OER as is. depending upon various factors such
What are the key steps in my
Roadmap for implementing ATTP? as ERP systems, line of business,
If we are on SAP AII / OER, is there
regulatory requirements and more.
a migration path to ATTP? It depends on the type of business. ATTP is configured by country settings
Yes, a tool kit exists along with a couple CMOs will have a different path than
for the management of the business
of options to migrate your current AII / MAHs, Packagers, Warehouses, 3PLs
rules, messaging, error handling and
OER solution to ATTP. and Dispensers. Understanding the
reporting to government agencies.
regulations and establishing a strategic
What are the primary differences plan and roadmap are critical to meeting
between SAP AII / OER and ATTP? the requirements on time. Contact:
ATTP is a Life Sciences specific solution Tom Bleau: (781) 589-8951
Is ATTP available in the Cloud?
to address the regulatory requirements Email: tbleau@answerthink.com
for participants in the extended Supply Yes, ATTP can be implemented on-
Chain, such as manufacturers (MAHs), premise or in the Cloud, HEC.
Lou Penn: (732) 727-6944
CMOs, packagers, distributors and
dispensers. A primary difference Must we use the HANA platform? Email: lpenn@answerthink.com
is the processing of serialization No, you can use alternative databases to
randomization and scalability for the implement ATTP. In reality though, with www.answerthink.com
billions of records that are anticipated to the anticipated volume of transactions, www.answerthink.com/solutions/
be stored and retrieved. planning for a HANA solution is advisable. sap-track-trace.jsp

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