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Telephone: +1.202.785.7373 Fax: +1.202.785.1930 Web: http://ustti.org E-mail: Lquinn@ustti.org

TO: Albert Musabyiman, Rwanda Email: albertm@mtn.co.rw, albertmuac2@yahoo.fr

FROM: Liam Quinn
Curriculum Coordinator Date: 23 August 2013

The USTTI is pleased to accept you to Course(s): 13-360, Introduction to Social Media Platforms and Tools, sponsored
by the USTTI on October 25, 2013; 13-361, Disaster Communications Management, sponsored by the Pan American
Health Organization on October 28 November 1, 2013; 13-362, Satellite Services and Disaster Response, sponsored
by Inmarsat, November 4, 2013; 13-363, Remote Sensing Applications for Disaster Management and Societal Benefits,
sponsored by NASA, November 5-6; and 13-364, Global Positioning System Applications for Disaster Management,
sponsored by NASA, November 7-8, 2013.

Please do the following:

1. Confirm your participation via email (Lquinn@ustti.org) or fax (+1.202.785.1930) as soon as possible. USTTI
courses fill up rapidly and written confirmation is needed to hold all spaces. Spaces are secured on a first
come, first served basis.

2. Secure funding for living expenses in the amount of approximately US $2829.96 minimum. This funding is based
on a shared hotel room and approximately $50 per day for food and incidental expenses, as well as the USTTI
administrative fee of US $300.00 which is payable at orientation.

- After confirming your desire to attend, please send a letter of authenticity printed on company
letterhead and signed by your supervisor to affirm you will retain your position while in training,
confirm your eligibility and state the source of funding for your participation.

3. Secure a visa appointment at the American Embassy. Present your USTTI acceptance letter as well as the letter
of authenticity from your supervisor. Be prepared to present both letters to US Immigration upon arrival.

4. Secure roundtrip travel to US from your country:

Arrive Washington, DC: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Training Concludes: Friday, November 8, 2013*

*Do not depart Washington, DC for your home country before 8:00 PM on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Please send your complete air ticket itinerary, including all flight numbers and cities which you will be traveling through, as
well as all times of arrival and departure. We are unable to guarantee a course spot or hotel room without complete
flight information.

5. After receiving your itinerary, USTTI will make hotel arrangements for you. Please indicate if you prefer single or
shared accommodations. You must stay at the USTTI designated hotel. USTTI policy prohibits family members
from accompanying participants during training. NOTE: If the date of your arrival changes within 72 hours of
your expected date of arrival, you are responsible for the cost of your unused hotel room.

6. The hotel rate in Washington, DC is approximately US $171.75 per night for single accommodations (US $88.55
for a shared room). NOTE: All room charges must be paid upon check-in to the hotel. In addition, a deposit
of US $100.00 is needed for any incidental expenses, if no additional expenses are incurred your deposit will be

7. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this acceptance, please contact Liam T. Quinn at
Lquinn@ustti.org or +1.202.785.7373.

If you are unable to secure your own funding, you must send the USTTI a scanned copy of your passports information
page immediately and indicate your need for funding assistance. NOTE: USTTI funding assistance is extremely
limited. You are much more likely to attend training if you can secure all or part (i.e. airfare) of your funding