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BSF Lesson 26

Adult Questions

Scripture Memory Verse

Jesus answered, You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the
truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me. John 18:37
FIRST DAY: Read the notes and the references.
1. What was meaningful to you in the lecture?
Principle2: Jesus guarantees our ultimate victory in a troubled world.
With Jesus in my life am guaranteed victory in all situations if i fully trust in Him.

2. What help did you receive from the notes?

pg 5. According to God's early command when a person sinned he was ordered to take a lamb without blemish.
Symbolically the sin passed from the person to the lamb, which was the killed by the person who had committed the sin.
These were some of the ways God prepared people to understand the significance of Jesus crucifixion

SECOND DAY:Read John 19:18-22.

Note: The signs nailed to the crosses of condemned criminals usually listed their crimes.
3. What notice did Pilate have fastened to Jesus cross, and why did the chief priests protest its message?
Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews. They felt it was false, because they did not believe that Jesus was the King of the
Jews. They also believed it was demeaning, because it showed Romes power to humiliate and torture even the King of
the Jews.
4. From the following verses, explain the significance of the sign and the languages in which it was written:
Psalm 72:1, 8, 11, 17
This reflect the antique conception of a king as the fountain of justice. The messianic government spreads out over the global

Matthew 2:1-2, 6
It is a strange thing for a baby to be born a king. Usually they are princes for a long time before they are kings. His kingly
status was not conferred on him later on; it was from birth.
John 4:42
The remarkable testimony of the woman at the well connected these Samaritans to Jesus; but in hearing Him they came
to a deeper personal faith in Jesus as both Messiah (Christ) and the Savior of the world.
John 6:51
We must truly believe in Him(Jesus), and He will come into us; and then we will have real life.

John 11:51-52
He is urging them to put Jesus to death: but the form of words he uses is unconsciously prophetic. The death of Jesus
would also gather together in one body.
Revelation 5:9
The song honors the price of redemption, the scope of redemption, the length of redemption

5. What other, unseen sign was nailed to Jesus cross, and why is it important to you personally? (See Colossians 2:13-14.)
Our Sin's and condemnation. Jesus canceled all my sins and condemnation and nailed it on the cross He Died for my
forgiveness and to save me.

THIRD DAY:Read John 19:23-24.

6. How did Jesus suffer when the soldiers took His clothes and divided them among themselves?
This shows that Jesus came all the way down the ladder to accomplish our salvation. He let go of everything even His
last bit of clothing becoming completely poor for us that we could become completely rich in Him.

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7. a. How does the fact Jesus was stripped of His clothing on the cross affect the relationship of believers to our
holy God? (See also Genesis 3:7; Isaiah 64:6; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Revelation 3:17.)
Christ was not guilty, and could not be made guilty; but he was treated as if he were guilty, because he willed to stand
in the place of the guilty to redeem us back to God.

b. Jesus willingness to be disrobed means believers have a before and after status. How does this impact
your thinking and response to God? (See also 2 Corinthians 8:9; Revelation 19:7-8.)
Jesus redeemed me from the sins by surrendering everything Him had including His clothes. He became completely
poor for me to be saved from the sins of this world.

FOURTH DAY:Read John 19:25-27.

8. What interests you about how Johns focus differs from other Gospels at this point? (See Mark 15:27-32.)
John was courageous enough to stand with Jesus and be present at the crucifixion

9. How do you see Jesus obedience and love as He suffered? (See also Exodus 20:12; Philippians 2:5-8.)
Jesus left the care of His mother Mary to John the disciple because His siblings did not follow Him as disciples during
His earthly ministry and did not yet believe on Him, and Jesus wanted to leave His mother with a believer

10. What might change in your home or workplace if you asked God to help you love others and obey Him fully,
regardless of your circumstances?
There will be a prevailing peace and joy fulfilled. There will be more cohesion in performing our duties and there will
be growth amongst all people .

FIFTH DAY:Read John 19:28-30.

11. How do Jesus statements in John 19:28-30 reveal His desire to finish His work completely?
Jesus knew that His great work, His life and death work on the cross was fulfilled. He then made preparation to yield
His life and die, having finished the work.

12. a. In addition to His words, how did Jesus show that the battle was over and He had triumphed?
Jesus final word was the cry of a winner. Jesus had finished the eternal purpose of the cross. It stands today as a
finished work, the foundation of all Christian peace and faith, paying in full the debt we righteously owed to God and
making peace between God and man.
b. What miracle did God perform at the Temple when Jesus died and why is it significant for believers?
(See also Mark 15:38; Hebrews 10:19-22.)
The veil was torn in two, before He cried out it is finished, an awesome spiritual transaction took place. God the Father
laid upon God the Son all the guilt and wrath our sin deserved, and He bore it in Himself perfectly, totally satisfying the
wrath of God for us.
13. What does It is finished mean for any sinner who chooses to repent and believe in Jesus Christ, and how has this
affected you personally? (See also Romans 3:23-24; 4:6-8, 23-25.)
The power of Satan, sin, and death was finished.
Jesus finished his work for me. Then I must get to work for him, and I must persevere until I finish my work, too; not to
save myself, for that is all done, but because I am saved.

SIXTH DAY:Review John 19:18-30.

14. What have you learned about God in this weeks study? How may your group pray for you as you make this truth
a part of your life?
The great salvation that God provided through Christs death is sufficient and lacks nothing. I would like my group to
pray for me to fully commit myself to this salvation and knowing that at the cross all was finished and forgiven for me

15. Homiletics for group and administrative leaders: John 19:18-30

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