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July 30, 2011 GOF Lecture

Ring of Ascension
Copyright 2011 David K. Miller
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA
Website: www.groupofforty.com


Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Welcome to 2011. This is

the year of the planetary healer and planetary healing. From your perspective
you have witnessed almost seven months of 2011. And I am sure you will
agree that 2011 has been a rollercoaster ride for the planet. And if you think
that the first seven months, or this seven months, is just the introduction and
the preparation for what is going to happen in 2012, then you would be very
concerned and very upset about what is to come. We are strongly
acknowledging that the full spectrum of planetary healing activities and
planetary healing technologies must now be implemented on the Earth. When
we designated 2011 the year of the planetary healer, then we knew that there
was going to be a much more intense need for your work and your
intervention. We knew that these polarizations that you are seeing would
become more intense. We knew that the Earth changes or global changes in
weather patterns were going to become more active. But also we feel that the
opportunity for telepathically connecting with the Earth is stronger now than
any other time on the planet. It is truly an amazing time to be on the Earth. It
is truly an amazing opportunity to use your skills as planetary healers. And
many of you have incarnated into the Earth at this time to explore, to practice,
to contribute to the planetary healing experience. This planetary healing
experience is going to be the key factor in the survival of the biosphere. And it
is going to be a major factor in the rebalancing of the Earth. We speak about
your personal ascension, but we also are constantly speaking about the
planetary ascension. And we know that the Earth as a planet will ascend.
One of the major tools for the planetary ascension is the Ring of Ascension.
And we would like to explore in greater depth the meaning of the Ring of
Ascension. How can you, as planetary healers, use the Ring of Ascension to
more effectively work your biorelativity exercises for the healing and
rebalancing of the Earth?

It is true that it is time to work with the whole planet as one unit. It is time
to realize that one part of a climate, one part of a continent, is communicating
and is in balance with other continents. And that what is happening in
Australia is affecting what is happening in the United States and what is
happening in Canada. The Ring of Fire is a long chain of energy that goes to
many different countries and different continents and across oceans. And
what is happening in Chile is affecting what is happening on the west coast of
the United States, for example. So the more effective approach to biorelativity
is to work with the entire planet. But it is not the only approach. There are
circumstances when you would work specifically with one area. But even
when you are working with one area of the planet, you have to take into
consideration what you are asking to be changed. And it has to take into
consideration how the change that you are requesting will affect other parts of
the planet.

So if there is a hurricane coming to Louisiana, then if you asked that that

hurricane be stopped, then you would have to consider that because of the
forces that are being expressed, then that hurricane would go into another
state and cause other damage. So another approach would be to ask that it
be spread out over a wider period. But also an even more intensive approach
would be to look at the ocean currents coming from the southern hemisphere
and the warming in the oceans there, and how that is affecting what you are
seeing as violent weather. But we have said that the Earth patterns and
weather patterns are so complex, the feedback loop system of the Earth is so
complex, that we have to be very cautious. We have to understand that at
some times in our simple solutions and our simple biorelativity interventions,
and they should be used. A simple example would be praying for rain in an
area that is in drought. Seemingly bringing rain to a drought area would not
necessarily negatively affect other areas. And that is a reasonable
assumption. But in other times there are so many complex factors going on,
for example, the movement of the plates that are causing earthquakes and the
eruptions of volcanoes also are part of the Earths feedback loop system. And
that Ring of Fire, for example, is traveling thousands of miles. So it is difficult
to say, Well, lets block the energy of this eruption, because then you would
have to think if there is going to be an eruption somewhere else along the
Ring of Fire.
There also is the approach of taking the Earth as one planet. There is the
approach of saying that we in all humbleness do not understand all of the
mechanisms of Earths feedback loop system. We do not even attempt to try
to figure out how to balance everything. And in fact there are so many other
factors now that have contributed to the Earths energy field. And because
these factors also affect the Earths meridians and the Earths feedback loop
system, it is difficult for everyone to guess how the blockages that mankind
has imposed on the Earths meridian systems are affecting the Earths
feedback loop system. It is difficult enough to try and understand the Earths
feedback loop systems without the placement of nuclear reactors, without the
holes in the Earths aura from numerous nuclear above ground tests. And I
may add that this above ground testing is still having an effect in the aura of
the Earth even though these nuclear bomb above ground tests occurred 30 or
40 years ago. There still is upheaval in the Earths aura because of that. It is
difficult to assess how dams blocking key rivers on the Earth are affecting the
feedback loop system. Logic would say that, of course, these Earth feedback
loop systems have been affected. But you know that one of the principles of
biorelativity is that the Earth seeks a homeostasis. Homeostasis is a balance,
and this balance is in a certain range, so that a certain level of oxygen, a
certain level on nitrogen, is maintained and many other chemical factors, so
that the biosphere and the life forms that it sports can be maintained. It is
truly phenomenal that over the decades and over the thousands of years the
Earth has maintained a homeostasis that has allowed the development of
Man and many other living creatures to survive. Never before has one
species influenced either consciously or unconsciously the Earths feedback
loop system.

Previously the dinosaurs, that were perhaps the most predominant

creature on the planet, were not really influencing the Earths feedback loop
system and actually were living in a harmony. Man is not living in a harmony
with the Earths feedback loop system. And the Earths feedback loop system
is being challenged, and the Earth is being challenged because it is having
difficulty to maintain the homeostasis that is necessary for us, for you, rather.
So we look at the planetary healing experience, and we say that there has to
be a way to send the biorelativity telepathic communications to the whole
planet at once. There has to be a way to transcend the smaller mind of Man
and connect with the Super Mind of Man and connect with the Super Mind of
the planet. And that way can start with the Ring of Ascension.


The Ring of Ascension was downloaded with the help of the Arcturians and
Ascended Masters who are working together with us. The Ring of Ascension
is like a ring that you see in some of the other planets in your solar system.
For example, Saturn has rings; Neptune has rings. So this ring that is around
Earth is similar to that concept with one main difference. The difference is that
this ring is for the Earths ascension, and this is an etheric ring. It is like an
etheric halo, and this ring has a unique ability. This ring is interacting
simultaneously with fifth-dimensional energy and downloading fifth-
dimensional energy in the third dimension.

This ring is inhabited with the thoughts and the love of the Ascended
Masters. Now you realize there are many Ascended Masters who are
contributing now and working diligently for the Earths ascension. And the
Ring of Ascension is serving many purposes, and one purpose is to allow the
guides, the Ascended Masters and teachers to more easily bring down fifth-
dimensional information, fifth-dimensional energy, to the Earth. And many of
you already know that you have been more in contact with masters and
teachers than any other time. There are more people that are channeling
guides and teachers; there are more people who are connected with higher
energy than any other time on Earth. I know that that sounds like a fantastic
assertion. But numerically there are more starseeds on the Earth than any
other time on the planet. There are more ascending masters; there are more
students of ascension on the Earth than any other time. Previously in ancient
times there were several prophets and teachers who would work on
ascension and who were preparing for the Ascension. But even in ancient
times there would only be several prophets who would be able to ascend, and
never would there be more than the several prophets in a lifetime of the Earth
ascending at the same time. It would be an individual unique event.

But now here we have a situation on the Earth where thousands and
hundreds of thousands of starseeds and ascending masters can and will
ascend. So, of course, there is a great need to interact with them because we
know that the Ascension is like a birth. Picture the birth in the hospital, and
you know that there are many people around, doctors and nurses. And there
are special preparations there; there are special families waiting. I want you
to understand that for the Ascension there are many guides and teachers on
the other side waiting for you, preparing you for this transition, preparing you
to be received. The part of this preparation is to provide an accessible energy,
mainly the Ring of Ascension, which will facilitate your accessing fifth-
dimensional energy. And also this Ring of Ascension is for planetary
ascension as well. So that many of the guides and teachers, particularly
Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar, to name a few, are gathered in an interacting
with the Ring of Ascension in order to facilitate the uplifting on the entire

This Ring of Ascension is around the whole planet, but even though you
may think of a ring as having one location, so therefore you could think that
the ring may be just around the equator, for example, and therefore the ring is
in a two-mile diameter going around the equator. And you would think that
because you would look at Saturn, you would look at Neptune, and you could
perhaps from your vantage point on Earth using telescopes measure the width
of the ring. And then you would say that that ring has a certain dimension,
and that it is only covering a certain number of width around the planet.

But this Ring of Ascension is a fifth-dimensional ring, and it is a holographic

ring, and it has special powers and special abilities. What are those special
abilities? Number one ability of the Ring of Ascension is that it interacts and
receives third-dimensional Mans telepathic communications, and it translates
and interacts with the third-dimensional messages and receives at the same
time the messages and energies from the fifth-dimensional masters.

So imagine that you are sending healing thoughts to the weather patterns
of the Earth, seeking a balance, seeking the end of a drought, for example, in
the Midwest, particularly in Texas of the U.S. And imagine that you are
praying for the many animals and praying for the many people who are
suffering. So you send your prayers and your thoughts to the Earth through
the medium of the feedback loop system using the Ring of Ascension. And
that energy that you are sending is traveling around the whole Earth, and it is
interacting telepathically with all of the different systems around the Earth that
are involved in supporting and creating this shift that has led to the drought in
that one area. So that many different areas, many different currents, need to
be shifted in order to end the drought. But it must be done in a way that is in
balance with the whole planet. It must be done in a way that supports and
brings harmony to the whole planet, not in just one area such as Texas.

The Ring of Ascension takes this energy that you have sent, and it travels
around and influences all of the other places that need to be influenced, so
that a new balance can occur. What is also beautiful is that you who may be
sitting in Australia or in Germany or in Philadelphia have equal distant access
to the Ring of Ascension. So the Ring of Ascension is receiving information
from the many different places around the Earth. This Ring of Ascension is
not limited to a certain width. It is limited to the thoughts of the starseeds, and
it can be as wide as the starseeds are who are supporting it around the
planet. Or it could be narrow if you want to be more focused. But wide is also
focused. It is like a holographic ring, and simultaneously the fifth-dimensional
Ascended Masters are also participating in the Ring of Ascension. They
monitor the Ring of Ascension all the time. They are listening all the time to
what your needs are, to what the planetary needs are. They are listening to
what is needed. I think that it is especially important to know that the
response occurs sometimes right away. Other times it may take a while; other
times it may even be longer. The reason is because you as one starseed do
not know all of the many factors in the feedback loop system that need to be
shifted and changed in order for the request to occur. But the Ascended
Masters also are contributing their thoughts.

Remember I talked about the arcan power, which is the measurement of

the thought power, and you would need to have a certain level of thought
arcan power 10 arcans, 20 arcans. Then the more arcans there are in your
power of thought, the more likely that the changes that you are asking can be
influenced strongly enough to occur. But now by going through the Ring of
Ascension, you are interacting with the fifth-dimensional masters, and their
thought patterns and their energy can also be measured in arcan power. And
they have the ability to emanate much higher arcan power than you can even
imagine. But in order for their arcan energy, arcan thought power, to be
effective, it must interact with yours. This is one of the rules and laws of the
planetary spiritual healing.

Fifth-dimensional masters and teachers thoughts and healing powers

must be interactive with the third-dimensional inhabitants of a planet. The
Ring of Ascension offers that important medium which allows the fifth-
dimensional masters to interact with your thoughts and your requests for
telepathic healing, for planetary healing, for the Earth.


I want to suggest that at this point, you and I together will send a request
for planetary healing to the Ring of Ascension, and the Ring of Ascension will
be wherever you are, wherever your thoughts are. And I want you to choose
what healing thought you want to send to Mother Earth through the Ring of
Ascension. And then you can request that the Ascended Master Teacher of
your closeness, that is closest to you, will hear this, and that they also will
send their thoughts into the Ring of Ascension. So then you can understand
how powerful the energy of the Ring of Ascension can be. So we will meditate
for just a few minutes, and I will return.
The arcan energy power of your thoughts for planetary healing is strong
now. The guides and the teachers, and especially Sananda and Ashtar and
Sanat Kumara, are actively processing and using your energies to distribute
new healing light for the biosphere. So that ring of balance of light can be
distributed throughout the Earth. This is one very powerful tool, the Ring of
Ascension. And the Ring of Ascension can be used in conjunction with the 12
etheric crystals, because each of the etheric crystals has the ability to touch
the Ring of Ascension. That is why the etheric crystals can be raised out of
the ground, and the tops of these etheric crystals can actually be placed
inside the Ring of Ascension. Imagine what a beautiful energy this would be if
you were painting an image of the beautiful fifth-dimensional Ring of
Ascension around the planet. 1600 people around the planet, sitting in a
circular fashion, sending light to the Ring of Ascension with their Crown
Chakras. On top of the planet in the etheric world there are fifth-dimensional
masters and teachers simultaneously interacting, sending their thoughts and
light into the Ring of Ascension. Then the 12 etheric crystals from the planet
are raised and are interacting with the Ring of Ascension. It is amplifying the
power of your thoughts. Then at the end of the exercise, the etheric crystals
would be brought back down into the Earth, and they would be holding the
energy of the Ring of Ascension in the crystal formation. The etheric crystals
can hold fifth-dimensional energies in their healing powers to an extraordinary
degree. And so it is as if you are storing the healing powers. You have
worked so hard in your Ring of Ascension exercises. You are able to store
that energy in the etheric crystals. The etheric crystals interacted directly with
the Ring of Ascension.


Now a second powerful tool for the planetary healing is the Iskalia Mirror.
The Iskalia Mirror is similar to a gigantic mirror over the North Pole. But it
also is an energetic etheric mirror that has the ability to collect energy at far
distances from the galaxy. It is difficult to imagine, but you can understand
that even a telescope that has a mirror of 200 inches in diameter, given the
right circumstances and the right openings to the skies, can receive light
millions and billions of light years away, even though the light they receive is
so faint. So I just demonstrated that the uses of the astronomical world can
be so sensitive that they can receive light and energy back to the beginning of
the formation of this universe. Now imagine that there is a fifth-dimensional
etheric mirror. That is a mirror that can not only receive light in this dimension,
but can receive light in other dimensions. Because the fifth dimension
interacts, is now interacting on many different levels with the third dimension.
And this Iskalia Mirror is in a particular alignment so that it is receiving light,
fifth-dimensional light, from the Central Sun, and it is gathering that light from
the Central Sun. And we know that Jesus-Sananda originated from the area
of the Central Sun, and he is one of the founding fathers of universal light
along with his lineage, which includes Moses-David and also includes Buddha
and many other higher ascended beings.

And the light and energy from the Central Sun is now in a fifth-dimensional
phase of knowledge and wisdom. The healing light is now particularly a
planetary healing light to the Earth. There are many things you can say about
the 2012 alignment. There are many things you can say about the December
22nd alignment with the Sun. But let me assure you that some of the most
powerful fifth-dimensional energy that is ever experienced or seen on this
planet will be available at this alignment. The planetary alignment known as
the 2012 alignment, or the solar alignment, is not just the End Times energy.
It is not just the energy of upheaval. It is not just the energy of change, but it
is also a time when new fifth-dimensional energy is coming to the Earth. Now
this fifth-dimensional energy is already on its way. As I have said in earlier
lectures, the eclipse has begun. You are in the shadow of the eclipse of the
2012 alignment.

The energy of this Central Sun is coming to the Earth, but it must be
gathered and focused. It must be directed to the Earth. And to this end the
Iskalia Mirror has been placed by the Arcturians over the North Pole. It is a
mirror in large-size diameter. I will come up with the size as you need it. It is
at least one mile in diameter, even larger in your Earth terms. But the size is
not as important as the fact that it has the potential of gathering fifth-
dimensional light from the Central Sun. And the second fact that is obvious is
that this fifth-dimensional light that it receives can be focused on particular
areas on the Earth that are in need of planetary healing. It is also especially
suitable to direct the energy and light from the Iskalia Mirror to the Planetary
Cities of Light. The Planetary Cities of Light are special cities that are set up
so that they are sensitive and receptive to the fifth-dimensional energies.
They are sensitive to the new fifth-dimensional energies that are coming from
the Central Sun. That means that these are new solutions. These are new
ideas; these are new energies that perhaps have not been sent before. This
also includes new music. I want to say there are going to be new sounds,
new tones, new musical energies, that are coming to the Earth now through
this Iskalia Mirror which is receiving light from the fifth dimension.

I am going to tone the words Iskalia Mirror now.


I, Juliano, am calling on the Iskalia Light. It is coming from the Iskalia

Mirror and is directed towards the Ring of Ascension, now.


Iskalia Light from the Central Sun, the highest fifth-dimensional light, is now
being downloaded into the Ring of Ascension. It is being transferred directly
into the Planetary Cities of Light.


We have talked also about the Omega Light. The Omega Light is a light of
transcendent nature that we have spoken to you about that is particularly
useful for personal healing. And we have spoken about the usages of the
Omega Light, and then you are doing affirmations, particularly in your
subconscious energy field. But the Omega Light is also available for
planetary healing. So, yes, this time on the Earth July 30th, 2011 is a time
when great planetary energy of healing is needed. This is a time when we are
calling on all planetary healers to unite, and to use their powers of meditation,
and to use their powers of organization, and to use their powers of speaking,
to use their powers of creating energy fields around the Planetary Cities of
Light that is so dear to them. This is the time to activate and use the strongest
arcan power as possible, so that the healing energy is a planetary healing,
and can be in place holding together a powerful energy of planetary healing. I
will ask Sananda to speak with you briefly. I love you all. Remember 2011 is
the year of the planetary healing. I am Juliano. Good day.

(Sananda) I am loving your ascension work. I am loving your abilities to

interact with the fifth dimension. I am loving your desires to be on the fifth
dimension. And I am very pleased that the Arcturians have helped to
establish this Ring of Ascension around the Earth. It is especially at a time
when many people, many people see nothing but darkness on the Earth. It is
especially a time when many people see only polarizations on the Earth.
Especially this is a time when people see the destruction of many of the
biospheric treasures on the Earth. So the Ring of Ascension serves an even
more important role in holding together of a fifth-dimensional downloading

The Ring of Ascension is also connecting the Ladders of Ascension. The

Ladders of Ascension can reach up to the Ring of Ascension in your practice.
Remember we have downloaded Ladders of Ascension, and we are calling
on you to work with us to download another Ladder of Ascension at Lago
Puelo in San Martn de Los Andes, where a group of devoted starseeds has
been working so diligently for the healing of this planet. This area especially
has such a high potential for receiving and transmitting healing light and
energy. So we will work with you to set up a time and date when we can
establish another Ladder of Ascension. And this Ladder of Ascension from
San Martn de Los Andes can be in the city of San Martn because it is so
near to Lago Puelo. We will extend this Ladder of Ascension to the Ring of
Ascension, and by doing that we will ensure that all of the other Ladders of
Ascension are also going to be connected to the Ring of Ascension. For we,
the Ascended Masters, are committed to working with you for the Earths
ascension and for your ascension. We are especially sending love towards
you, for you are loving the Earth. This is a great service to us and to the
Creator, for the Creator has told us that the Earth is going to ascend, and that
there will be ascension in the Earth. So we are working together now in this
preparation for this interaction. So the Ring of Ascension is an interaction.
Ascension is an interaction of the highest magnitude with the fifth dimension.
Nothing pleases our Father more than to have the fifth dimension interact on
the third dimension and to send starseeds like yourself upward to the fifth
realm. Blessings from the Ring of Ascension. I am Sananda. Good day.