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The following are correctly paired concepts for DNA
Faculty of Pharmacy Replication except:
Pre-Examination in CHEM 600 A. Helicase: Promotes unwinding by binding at the
replication fork
SN:___ Name:________________________________________ B. DNA gyrase: Relieves the tension of the DNA
Year & Section:__________ Date: __________ C. DNA polymerase III: Excises RNA primers
D. Tus protein: Terminates the DNA replication process
Shade the letter of your best answer. This exam has 20 items.
8. Which of the following is not happening during DNA
1. These are the biomolecules that store information for cellular Replication?
growth and reproduction. A. The DNA double helix unwinds at the origin of
A. Carbohydrates C. Nucleic Acids replication.
B. Lipids D. Proteins B. Helicase promotes the unwinding of the double helix
by binding at the replication fork.
2. The following are the composition of the nucleotide unit C. Mutations are proofread by the 5’  3’ exonuclease
except: activity of the DNA pol I and pol III.
A. Nitrogen bases C. Phosphate residue D. After the excision of the DNA polymerase I, this
B. Pentose sugar D. None of the above enzyme also fills up the gaps after excision.

3. The following are incorrect concepts with the nucleic acid 9. The DNA strands have different roles in transcription. Which
structure except: of the following strand is needed for transcription?
A. The base sequence of the nucleic acid is read from A. Nontemplate strands
3’ end to 5’ end. B. A strand which is 3’ end to 5’ end
B. The sugar-phosphate backbone of the DNA C. A strand which is 5’ end to 3’ end
secondary structure is outside of the helix. D. The identical strand which is similar to the coding
C. There are 3 hydrogen bond pairs for guanine and strand except that T is replaced with U
cytosine, while 2 hydrogen bonds pair for adenine
and thymine. 10. There are three phases in the process of Transcription. Which
D. The protein found in RNA is the histone. of the following is incorrectly paired?
A. Initiation: Recognition of σ factor
4. Information Transfer is based on the Central Dogma. Which of B. Elongation: Addition of purine NTPs as the first base
the following is in sequence? of RNA transcript
A. Replication of RNA  Transcription  Translation C. Intrinsic Termination: Palindromes serves as the
B. Replication of DNA  Translation  Transcription termination site
C. Replication of DNA  Transcription  Translation D. Extrinsic Termination: Newly synthesized RNA form
D. None of the Above a “hairpin” loop

5. Which of the following is not a general feature of DNA 11. The processing of eukaryotic mRNAs includes additional post-
Replication? transcriptional modifications. Which of the following concepts
A. Requires primers is correctly paired with its enzyme?
B. Discontinuous all through out A. Capping of eukaryotic mRNA: Spliceosome
C. Semi-conservative B. Splicing of Introns: Lariat
D. Ordered, sequential, and highly accurate C. Polyadenylation at 3’ tail: Guanylyl transferase
D. All of the Above
6. In order for DNA polymerase to function, the following are
requirements except:
A. dTTP, dATP, dGTP, dCTP, and dUTP
B. Mg2+
C. RNA primer
D. None of the above

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Degenerate: Codon is needed to specify one amino acid D. Frameshift: Mutations that will remove a base sequence or a codon B. The following are correct mutations concepts except: A. DNA-directed DNA polymerase Unwinding of the DNA  C. DNA-dependent RNA polymerase A. All of the statements are incorrect. Insertion: Mutations that will add a base sequence or a codon D. It is required for the elongation phase. CGCTATAGCGTT A. C G C U A U A G C G U U D. DNA coding strand  Recognition by σ factor  Which of the following is for: RNA polymerase binds to the DNA  18. A-I-S-V C. Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases RNA polymerase binds to the DNA B. Which of the following steps are in the correct sequence for For numbers 18-20. Nonoverlapping: No intervening bases between codons B. Point mutation: Mutations that reflect a single base change C. The following features of the genetic code are incorrect April 3. DNA antisense strand  Recognition of σ factor  20.12. C. The ribosomal structure is for the eukaryotes. Give the RNA transcript of the following 5’  3’ DNA. Nonsense Mutation: Change in base will code for a stop codon © SJCC 2017 . V-S-Y-R D.2 . DNA template strand  Recognition by σ factor  B. None of the above 13. B. D. A. Translation Unwinding of the DNA 19. None of the statements are incorrect. The 70S ribosomal structure has the following definition except: A. It is composed of 50S and 30S subunits. Replication C. Give the corresponding amino acid sequence of the RNA transcript in number 15. Transcription Unwinding of the DNA  RNA polymerase binds to the DNA D. R-Y-S-V Prepared by: B. 16. U U U G C G A U A U C G 14. T T T G C G A T A T C G B. Commaless: No bases are shared between consecutive codons C. the choices are: the initiation phase in Transcription A. V-S-I-A Samuel Joshua C. G C G A T A T C G C A A C. Cao 2BMT – UST 15. 8:13PM except: Imbued with Unending Grace! A. 2017. 17.