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Expertise in liquid analysis

From sensors to complete
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Liquid analysis
2 The Liquiline Family The Liquiline Family 3

Memosens - The digital revolution

in process analysis
Get the most out of your process thanks to increased quality and reduced
operating costs

Memosens technology is revolutionizing liquid analysis. It converts the measured value to a

digital signal in the sensor and transfers it to the transmitter via a non-contact connection.
This means that moisture and corrosion, which distort the measured value or cause the
measuring point to fail, don't stand a chance. Memosens sensors can even be connected
under water! In addition, the transmitter actively reports any interruption to the signal flow.
The result is maximum reliability in terms of data transmission, a dramatic increase in the
availability of your measuring point and a guarantee that your process will run safely.

Memosens offers numerous benefits for managers,

system operators and plant personnel.

Sensor regeneration results in an up to 30% increase in

sensor operating life
Less process downtime, as the sensors are calibrated in a lab
More accurate process management as sensor maintenance
can be scheduled no unpleasant surprises
Endress+Hauser - Your partner Predictive maintenance as an integral part of the
sensor technology, resulting in improved plant management
Endress+Hauser supports customers around the globe with
a wide range of instruments, services and automation Expertise in liquid analysis
solutions for industrial process engineering. Around half of
the 12,000 "People for Process Automation" work in sales. Within the globally active Endress+Hauser Group,
They help customers throughout the world to make their Endress+Hauser Conducta counts among the leading
With Memosens accessories, you can benefit from easy management of your
processes safe, economical and environmentally friendly. international manufacturers of sensors, transmitters, measuring points and sensors
With sales centers in over 40 countries, Endress+Hauser is assemblies, analyzers, samplers and complete solu-
always near its customers. In places and locations where tions for liquid analysis. As a center of excellence, we Qualification and maintenance of Memosens measuring Memobase Plus can be used in conjunction with a standard
Endress+Hauser is not directly present, representatives have worked hard over the last 40 years to achieve a points PC as a measuring station in a lab, thus improving the
complete this global network allowing Endress+Hauser to top-ranking position on the international market. Correct measurements are the key to ensuring true process comparability of lab values and process values.
serve its customers quickly, flexibly and individually. Endress+Hauser Conducta has five production plants: reliability. With Memocheck tools, you can rest assured that
in Gerlingen (Germany), Waldheim (Germany), the measured values will always be transferred correctly. Calibration with quality buffers
Concentrated expertise Gro-Umstadt (Germany), Anaheim (USA) and Suzhou This is due to the fact that these tools simulate measured Correct calibration is the be all and end all when it comes to
The heasquarters of our production centers focus on (China). values for the parameters pH/ORP, oxygen, conductivity the accuracy of a pH measuring point. Our permanent
production, product management, research and develop- or chlorine, in addition to simulating a measuring error for calibration laboratory for quality pH buffers has successfully
ment, as well as logistics. At sites in Germany and Switzer- the qualification of digital data transmission. completed the exacting accreditation procedure laid down
land, we produce core components for our worldwide Memocheck establishes if deviant measured values are by the German calibration authority (DKD) in accordance
production. Plants in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, caused by factors other than the sensor e.g. the cable and with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Our customers can rest
France, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, the UK and the coupling, the connection to the process control system or assured that the pH measuring point they are operating will
United States assemble, teste and calibrate instruments and transmitter. always be accurate.
devices mainly for regional markets. You can use the Memocheck Sim hand-held device to
specify your own measured values or value ramps and to
Sustained growth Gerlingen, Germany simulate all sensors incorporating Memosens technology.
For us, profit is not the goal but the result of good economic Validation, qualification and fault repair made easy!
activities. The Group focuses on sustained growth on its
own strength. The basis for this endeavor is a sound equity Using Memobase Plus for measurement, calibration and
ratio of 68 percent. Profits are predominantly returned to documentation
the company this also ensures the success and indepen- Waldheim, Germany Gro-Umstadt, Germany
Memobase Plus is the all-in-one sensor management tool.
dence of the Group. Endress+Hauser was founded by Swiss With this software, not only can you calibrate the sensor
native Georg H. Endress and German native Ludwig Hauser and read out sensor data, but you can also generate reports
in 1953. Over the years, the company thrived and is now a on the history and status of a sensor, with measuring data,
global enterprise - wholly owned by the Endress family calibration data and the sensor life cycle made visible at a
since 1975. glance. Your process becomes transparent and the concept
Anaheim, USA Suzhou, China of traceability is taken to a whole new level. In addition,
4 The Liquiline Family The Liquiline Family 5

Memosens sensors and their assemblies

The Memosens sensor range covers all of the key The sensors can be connected via plug & play to devices The Memosens sensor family includes sensors with an
parameters for liquid analysis, such as from the Liquiline platform. A range of assemblies is inductive plug-in head or a fixed cable. The latter type
pH/ORP available for custom-fit installation in the process: does not require either regular recalibration or maintenance
Conductivity Fixed installation assemblies measures. All sensors use the standardized, digital
Oxygen Flow assemblies Memosens protocol which allows for easy and fast
Chlorine Retractable assemblies operation. In addition, sensors with a plug-in head are
Turbidity Immersion assemblies fully resistant to corrosion and salt bridges, thanks to the
Nutrients such as nitrate, ammonium non-contact, inductive transmission of data and energy.

pH/ORP sensors Chlorine sensors Conductivity sensors Sludge level sensors Turbidity sensors Oxygen sensors Nitrate and SAC sensors Nitrate and ammonium sensors
are available as glass electrodes are amperometric sensors with are available as conductive and These ultrasonic sensors Optical turbidity sensors are are available in amperometric These photometric sensors allow These ion-selective sensors
or unbreakable ISFET and enamel a membrane cover for ultimate inductive sensors in different continuously monitor the used mainly in the treatment or optical versions. The ampero- measurement directly in the offer prompt measurement of
sensors, with a ceramic, PTFE or reliability and minimum designs, to ensure a perfect separation and transition zones of water and wastewater. They metric principle is characterized medium, thereby enabling early concentrations thanks to online
open aperture diaphragm and a maintenance. fit for your process conditions. in clarification and sedimen- offer maximum accuracy in by stable measurement across a detection of load peaks. They measurement directly in the
reference system based on gel or Conductive sensors offer a high tation tanks and guarantee drinking water in accordance wide measuring range. The are suitable for a wide range of basin.
liquid for the entire range of degree of measuring sensitivity. safe, economic and efficient with ISO7027 and robust optical technology impresses process conditions and require They therefore enable fast,
applications. The ORP-sensitive Inductive sensors are not sedimentation processes. measurement in wastewater due with its high level of availability very little maintenance thanks load-dependent aeration
affected by dirt, high temperatures to compensation for soiling and and low maintenance. to an automatic compressed air control.
element is made of gold or
or corrosive media. aging. cleaning system.

Installation assemblies Retractable assemblies (pneumatic procedure). The particularly suited to hygienic Modular immersion assemblies measurement of pH or dissolved Flow assemblies connections, these assemblies
Fixed installations using instal- With retractable assemblies, pneumatically operated or heavy-duty applications, These types of assembly offer oxygen but are also used for tur- Flow assemblies are used for ensure optimum adjustment
lation assemblies are found sensors can be replaced quickly assemblies can be combined wherever regular cleaning is real benefits in immersion ap- bidity or nitrate sensors. The sys- installation in process pipes or to your pipe system. Different
particularly in batch processes, and easily and cleaning carried with automatic cleaning and required, or in cases where the plications such as those in the tem can be installed using differ- bypasses. These configurations materials make them suitable for
where the users have access to out without interrupting the calibration, as the sensor is sensor can come into contact wastewater industry. They are ent pipes, brackets etc. in almost are often found in waterworks, all types of applications ranging
the sensor between two batches. current process. They can be located in a cleaning chamber with an aggressive medium for suitable for sensors with dif- any location (pipes, rails etc.). in the beverage industry, the from hygienic to aggressive.
These assemblies are often used installed or removed either when in the service position. short-term measurements only. ferent connection threads. This chemical industry or in analyti-
in the production of pharmaceuti- manually or automatically Retractable assemblies are means that they are not only cal cabinets in power plants.
cals and foodstuffs. used for 12 mm sensors for the Thanks to a range of process
6 The Liquiline Family The Liquiline Family 7

The Liquiline platform

Reduce storage costs, save on installation time and increase operational safety. Liquiline System guarantees high-precision measurement of nutrients, sum
parameters and industrial parameters

Liquiline is the platform for all liquid analysis applications. Based on Memosens digital sensor technology, for Analyzers don't need to be complicated. Nutrients
It forms the basis of our ultra-modern transmitters, increased efficiency and quality in the field of liquid Here again, plug & play with Memosens Modern wastewater treatment
samplers and analyzers and has many benefits to offer. analysis technology and the user-friendly plants remove not only carbon
Uniform operation for greater comfort and safety during Wide range of fieldbus protocols for seamless integration Liquiline operating concept make but also nitrogen and phosphate.
operation into your process control systems: 0/4 to 20 mA, HART, for easier commissioning and opera- Online measurement of nutrient
Fast commissioning and automatic sensor detection PROFIBUS DP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP tion. In addition, the analyzers offer parameters plays a key role here.
thanks to true plug & play functionality Web server for easy remote access advanced diagnostic options that
Standardized components for reduced storage costs Complete flexibility from single-channel to 8-channel can be availed of easily by remote Metals, other water treatment
and longterm availability of spare parts devices, and can be extended at any time access. Low reagent consumption parameters
and tool-free maintenance ensure The requirements vary between
that customers save money. Our industrial sectors. However, most
analyzers guarantee reliable, legally process water is softened,
compliant measurements in accor- and almost all manufacturing
Liquiline transmitters for wide-ranging customer requirements dance with standard methods for: processes require corrosion-free
water that does not exhibit
Sum parameters turbidity, has no color and does
To assess the organic load in not contain iron or manganese.
water and wastewater, the four
main parameters measured

Process photometers
Liquiline CM44 is the most flexible transmitter Liquiline M CM42, the two-wire transmitter Liquiline CM14 , the four-wire transmitter Modern photometers enable accurate and reproducible used in the chemical and oil & gas industries. Inline
for all Memosens sensors. It measures twelve for the parameters pH/ORP, conductivity and for pH/ORP, conductivity and oxygen, is an
concentration measurement by determining UV absorption, measurement replaces time- and labor-intensive sampling
different parameters and allows up to eight oxygen, impresses with reliable data trans- instrument used for straightforward measuring
sensors to be connected. Liquiline CM44 mission and easy operation. It can be used tasks. The compact design of the Liquiline
color, NIR absorption, turbidity and cell growth. Due to and measurement in a lab and also prevents product
is available as a field device and also for in all areas of process automation, including CM14 makes it suitable for use in panels or their simple measuring principle, fast response time, low contamination. This saves the customer time and money.
mounting in control cabinets and on hazardous areas and hygienic applications. control cabinets, and it is a particularly maintenance requirements and low dependence on or All process photometers are connected to a Memograph
DIN rails. attractive solution for plant manufacturers cross-sensitivity with other process parameters, they can CVM40, which offers measured value acquisition and data
be used in a huge variety of applications. Their hygienic management with FDA-compliant data security. Thanks
design means that these process photometers are ideally to numerous communication protocols and interfaces, it
suited for use in the food and life sciences industries. With can be seamlessly integrated into process control systems.
Liquistation and Liquiport for safe sampling in all bodies of water. an approval for use in hazardous areas, they can also be

The stationary and portable samplers Easy operation:

enable the automatic extraction, One standardized menu for all
distribution and preservation of liquid devices, be it in the sampler or in
samples. Regardless of whether they the Liquiline field device, prevents
are used in wastewater treatment, you from making operating errors.
for the monitoring of water bodies Easy adjustment:
or in drinking water, the sampling Thanks to modular hardware and
process complies with all international flexible software, you can adapt
legislation. the sample to all applications and
Safe handling of samples: sampling conditions with just
Failsafe temperature monitoring a few hand movements.
prevents corruption of the sample. Simply complete: The OUSAF44 UV sensor The OUSAF12/ The OUSBT66 sensor The OUSTF10 scattered The OUSAF11 is a
delivers fast and reliable OUSAF22 absorption monitors cell growth, light turbidity sensor glass-free sensor for
Easy commissioning: Simultaneous sampling and process information that sensors allow the biomass processes and delivers highly sensitive inline detection of
Open communication standards measurement of different is fully consistent with concentration or the algae systems. measurements of undis- changing phases and
make for easier integration into parameters for modern laboratory results. quality of products and solved solids, emulsions solids.
your process. environmental monitoring processes to be and immiscible media.
accurately determined.
Analytical solutions
Complete turnkey solutions for your analytical measuring tasks

Depending on the measuring task in question,

we develop customer-specific analytical solutions
such as monitoring panels, cabinets or stations
as well as automation systems. We will support
you from the concept development stage to
implementation and commissioning. What's
more, with our global support network, you
can rely on Endress+Hauser as your partner
throughout the entire life cycle of your solution.

Our monitoring stations are supplied in turnkey
condition and contain all of the components
required from sample preparation right through
to the transfer of data to higher-level systems.
This guarantees easy installation, operation and
calibration. These monitoring solutions are
individually adapted to the customer's specific
ambient conditions as well as communication
and service requirements.

Our automation solutions support you in
optimizing your processes, be this aeration
control or phosphate dosing in a wastewater
treatment plant or the automatic cleaning and
calibration of pH measuring stations in the
chemical or life sciences industries.