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True Colors

Estimated Time: 45 minutes

Group Size: 24
Exploring Your Colors Assessment
Handout: About your colors
Pens and Pencils

Prior to starting:
Write on whiteboard the following headings: Qualities of a good team and
What makes all teams unique?
Separate the tables into four groups with a paper and pen at each section

1. Ask the whole group: What qualities make a good team? Assign a scribe to
write at least 5 qualities on the whiteboard.

2. Ask the whole group: What major component makes all teams unique?
Answer: People everyone is different. The group dynamic depends on
peoples personality.
a. Ask the group to continue thinking about these ideas through the

3. Pass out score sheet and inform group they going to do a basic assessment of
their personality to identify their TrueColors. (10 minutes 15 minutes)
a. It is very common to have two colors that tie for your top color. If this
happens, please choose one, you will be learning about all the colors
throughout this presentation.

4. Form four groups based on your color. Using the blank sheet of paper and a
pencil, have each group work together to complete the Plan a trip activity
(PP slide 2)
5. In order: Blue, Gold, Green, Orange (Repeat a+e for each color)
a. Ask the group to share their trip! (Pull up first color slide)
b. Ask the group what parts of the trip they put the emphasis on and
what aspects where forgotten? (Times, activities, travel, the
destination itself)
c. Pass out color sheet to the group, and show their colors personality
traits on screen
d. Ask the group if they see parallels between the parts of the trip that
they focused on and their personality traits listed on the
e. Ask the same question to the whole group

6. Tips and Tricks for working as a team: In order: Blue, Gold, Green, Orange
(Repeat a+b for each color)
a. Have one member from each color group read out loud the tips for
working with their color
b. Talk briefly about how each color may see themselves and how other
colors might see them
i. Do any of these adjectives surprise you?
ii. How do these words + phrases make you feel?
iii. Has someone described you using these words?

7. Finish up: Now that you all know a little more about yourself, think about
how you can bring those characteristics to the team, while also being
aware how to interact with different personalities or different colors.
a. REMEMEBR: People make a team unique and everyone is different.
Any group dynamic depends on individual persons personality.

8. Thank you!