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Emperor Tenji by David Bull

Emperor Tenji (male, 626-672). The 38th emperor of Japan.

Genre Edit

Autumn scenery

Story Edit

Quoting Kanade

This poem is supposed to have been written by Emperor Tenji, but it is believed that this was
edited from an anonymous poem in the Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves. A paddy shack is a
small cabin for farmers. When the farmers rest under the rough roof of sedge and strew, They
discover that their sleeves are wet with dew. So Fujiwara no Teika may have started with this
poem to convey the idea of an ideal emperor who understand the hard work of the farmers. -
Episode 6

Emperor Tenji, aka Prince Naka no Oe, is known for the revolution rising against Soga clan, including
the assasination of the old ruler Soga no Iruka. The incident was successful, and he later firmed the
foundation of long-lasting Japanese Imperial reign. This poem proves that he was highly respected as a
tender-hearted good ruler despite of the brutal incident of his younger age. Maybe the name of Oe Kanade
is taken from his alternative name?

Oumi Jinguu Shrine in Chihayafuru OP.The Emperor

Tenji is