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SIMs and Service Packs for iFIX 5.5 and Pulse 1.

Last updated 11/10/2014


* AlmODBC restores alarms which are in AlmODBC.tmp to RDB at every iFIX startup. (1-4082056981)

* Links with System.CurrentTime/Date may stop updating. (1-2929581301)

* Unable to save opened picture to another folder with the same name. Incorrect Error displays: "Another
picture, schedule, dynamo set or toolbar with the same name is already open." (1-3774062424)

* Intermittent Workspace crash when closing pictures. (1-3821143308)

* Improves OPC20iFIX performance. (1-3047161671)

* iFIX E-Signature fails after Server PC is rebooted. (1-3352925841)

* CA block not showing valid output for inputs of another CA Block tags F_ELO and F_EHI fields. (1-

* Alarm Areas with Swedish characters no longer work in datalinks. (1-3744716361)

* Alarm Areas with Russian characters no longer work in datalinks. (1-3500809011)

* FIXTOHIST does not correctly update Engineering Units in Historian for Digital tags. (1-3497825980)

* When trying to run iFIX as a service on a "blind" SCADA, error code 117 displays: "Windows could not
start the Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX service on Local Computer". (1-3413293951)

* Alarm Summary occasionally does not sort correctly. (1-2918442638)

* AlarmSummaryOCX user interface becomes unresponsive. (1-3086068486)

* Support for Proficy WebSpace and parameter passing. (1-3192127647)

* Provides a utility called ihFIXCtl.exe for iFIX users to start and stop iFIX data collector. (1-3339821821)

* Enhanced iFIX to provide support for the new Proficy Licensing Server. (1-3413293951)

* Enabled feature to allow a warm start delay of WSACTASK.exe after a SCADA Failover. (1-3211026484)

* SAC encounters a race condition when Failover SCADAS are started simultaneously resulting in blocks
not getting processed on either SCADA. (1-1506152127)

* When configuring Customize Quick Access Keyboard Accelerators, the Set Accelerator for field under
Customize Keyboard is blank instead of the value Default and keyboard shortcuts created get removed
when Workspace is restarted. (1-2641947101)

* Wrong NIC detected in a redundant SCADA configuration. (1-2825582945, 1-2874440854)

* Can delete an alarm from the alarm summary of redundant SCADA node with keyboard. (1-
* There are drastic differences in GRF file sizes when using SaveAs function versus using Save function.

* iFIX datalink confirmation property reverts to default value. (1-2989655589)

* Out of range for pipes thickness property causing repeated validation. (1-3027592032)

* iFIX Screen saver hangs when reactivated for Login. (1-1497449523)

* Runtime error '438' generated when entering "System." level objects as the Event Data Source. (1-

* Workspace crash using pictures containing AlarmSummaryOCX if value is extremely long. (1-

* Alarm Areas with Russian characters do not work in iFIX datalinks. (1-2943892191)

* Picture containing Alarm Summary OCX fails to load with error, "Error Number: -214196402 - Can not
load the control AlarmSummaryOCX". (1-3020478681)

* Property dialog window does not show new threshold table. (1-1848748188)

* Procedures created using AddEventHandler do not work. (1-1778880077)

* Standard Chart Y Axis incorrectly shows large number of decimals. (1-2478040095)

* AlarmSummary.OCX object status bar blinks/flashes. (1-2481018571)

* DblClick Event does not execute on copied button. (1-2462847851)

* Workspace crashes in pictures where standard charts are being manipulated via
"CGW_ApplyFileToChart" while also animating the visibility of the chart. (1-1834477821)

* Switching between unauthorized pictures after Login Timeout expires leads to a Workspace crash. (1-

* Find and Replace on Grouped Object when the picture name includes the string being replaced results
in a Workspace crash. (1-2738523522)

* Workspace leaks memory when replacing/opening pictures at run time with picture caching disabled. (1-

* Recipe upload doesnt work for Swedish regional settings. (1-1724903891)

* If the SCU configuration includes WSACTASK.exe with command line parameter of 'C', Alarm counters
do not show correct values, especially with AA and DA blocks having Suppress COMM Alarm enabled
and DI blocks with "Enable Event Messaging" checked. (1-1486095481)

* Alarm Horn and PlaySound not functioning when iFIX is running as a service. (1-1707981295, 1-

* Foreground Color Expert formats values incorrectly resulting in the animation color incorrectly displaying
as black in run mode. (1-2230067176)

* Gradient property is not applied when the area of the picture is extended. (1-1466624741)
* A_CV field of AA Block has wrong value when smoothing is enabled. (1-1919835041)

* Current Value of standalone Totalizer block is not refreshed in DatabaseManager. (1-1499269151)

* The AA and DA Blocks latch the data if the 'Suppress COMM Alarm' is checked on. (1-1537234492)

* If SAC has the command line option set to Suppress Comm or Suppress Over alarms - in some cases
the alarm counters display incorrect values.(1-1549768153,1-1574819941)

* Not able to select object to "Get Value" or Get Value From New Selection within Animation Expert
Dialogs. (1-1463373741,1-1505610441)

* Pictures with title bars may increase in height when repeatedly opened using ReplacePicture on a
system with a Windows display theme enabled. (1-1480524031)

* Changing background color introduces scroll bars in run mode. (1-1466624741)

* Global Search and Replace freezes Workspace (1-1544171037)

* Realtime Trend fails to update in standard charts. (1-1700281791)

* Workspace memory leak updating tag group definitions from VBA. (1-1499802001)

* Workspace leaks memory using Animation Objects. (1-1519732871)

* Workspace VBA "Application.Quit" not restoring Taskbar. (1-1535757661)

* The same alarm is acknowledged multiple times. (1-1550342780)

* Removed the periodic warning stating "the license will expire in XX days" to work with the new Proficy
License Server. (1-3413293951)

* Historical trend performance degraded in Standard Charts and Enhanced Charts. (1-2633535968)

* WebSpace and Terminal Server Client sessions cannot read historian data with latest historian SIM.


* Licensing errors when using Web Relay setup. (1-2502343028)


* Alarm distribution modifications related to SCADA Failover. (1-3211026484)


* Exposed Security methods to operate Data Provider Service. (41091)

* Exposed EDA methods to work with Alarms from Data Provider Service. (41118)
* Added new EDA, AAD and SUMQLIB methods to get/acknowledge alarms from Data Provider Service.


* View.exe is not suppressing all error codes listed in the Command Line within the SCU Task
Configuration Dialog. (1-2616633179)

* Not able to enter complete date in MM/DD/YYYY format in HTD->utilities->DefineTimeGroup-

>FixedDate, when date\month is in double digit. (1-1708680281)

* Enabling alarming from View.exe may corrupt the database. (1-1502824131)


* iFixOPC AE Server sends only 20 alarms per second to clients. (41614)


* TCPTask crashes while logging errors for rejected connections due to long node names. (1-

* TCPTask crash while accepting connections with long node names. (1-1856917291)


* Erroneously receiving "Detected Errors on Import" for PAR tag. ( 1-1481448341)

* Cannot modify Collection Offset defined in the Proficy Historian tab for a Database Manager tag. (1-

iFIX55_Pulse_ClassicHistorian_002A Classic Historian Support for 64-bit OS's

* Addressed installation issue with iFIX55_Pulse_ClassicHistorian_002

* Classic Historian Support for x64 OS's.

iFIX55_Pulse15_WebSpaceCompatibilityUpdate_002 WebSpace Compatibility Update (64-bit)

* Microsoft Updates (KB2859537) causes error "The handle is invalid" or other error message when trying
to launch any 32 bit applications from a x64 host.

* Microsoft Updates (KB2813170, KB2859537, KB2872339, KB2882822) causes issue where users will
not be able to start a WebClient session.

iFIX55_Pulse15_WebSpaceUpdate_001 WebSpace Update

* Once an iFIX WebSpace Client connects to iFIX WebSpace Server, the same user can no longer launch
iFIX or SCU on the WebServer machine.(1-1553600233, 1-1468161271)

iFIX55_Pulse15_SP2 - iFIX 5.5 Service Pack 2

* Recipes use .tge files, but TGE.exe is not available on 64 bit operating systems. (1-1490613187, 1-

* SCU may crash when e-books feature is not installed. (39773)

* AAMTCP does not work with the new iFIX 5.5 Failover scheme. (1-1484952731)

* Position Expert dialog shows some string truncation issues in Polish. (39928)

* Support strings in Historical Datalinks. (39373)

* Single login into iFIX WebSpace. (39375)

* Error "Adding tags failed" appears repeatedly in Alarm History, Alarm File, and Alarm Printer when iFIX
Database contains tags configured with Historian collection enabled and tags with Historian collection
disabled. (1-1475843116,1-1463973967,1-1501315924)

* Warning messages regarding hardware license key are truncated while iFIX is running as service.

* Un-translatable strings and string truncations in Color By dialog launched from Water solution pack.

* Dynamo Updater Wizard and Dynamo Converter Wizard tab captions were un-translated. (39396)

* Tag group editor "Get Symbols from Picture" does not work depending on the characters for symbols
when on a Chinese OS. (39764)

* A memory leak in WorkSpace may occur when pictures with animations are opened repeatedly with the
animated object highlighted. (1-1478284281)

* OPC Quality Uncertain is not properly recognized when connecting directly through Data Server links.

* Realtime Trend fails to update in standard charts. (1-1501534367,1-1502126411,1-1507296414,1-


* Network Alarm Manager crashes if there are more than the allowable 200 nodename entries in the
FilterAlm.ini file. (1-1505611021)

* Open and Replace Picture Subroutines fail when a forward slash "/" is used in the path specification. (1-

* TCPTask continuously issues an invalid assert error in the .evt file with LAN redundancy enabled. (1-

* Integrated the Sustainable Manufacturing Dynamos. Additional dynamo sets available: Bar Chart, Pie,
Table and Trend dynamo sets that can handle real time or historical data. The Historical versions of the
dynamo allow runtime manipulation of the historical properties as well as scrolling back and forth through
historical data. (39374, 1-1527475727)
iFIX55_Pulse15_SP1 - iFIX 5.5 Service Pack 1

* VMware support for iFIX 5.5.

* Workspace application memory usage grows as pictures with historical datalinks are opened and
closed. (1-1358936856)

* Error message is not displayed when user attempts to configure more than the maximum alarm areas
allowed for the Alarm Services defined in the SCU. (1-1080896891, 1-1445937911)

* Intermittent client connection loss after SIM upgrade. (1-1464239811)

* Attempting to switch modes with a user who does not have privileges to do so may result in a system
state that allows access to parts of the ribbon UI that were initially blocked. (38659)

* TagGroupEditor - Importing symbols from picture does not set dirty bit unless symbols are imported.

* Historical Datalink with Proficy Historian Data Source containing enclosing single quotes does not
display data.(38581)

* On a view node, a 5.5 picture with animations will take longer to display data than 5.1. This only applies
to animations with fetch limits enabled (e.g. for fill or rotation %) and use a datasource on a remote scada.
The delay increases linearly with the number of animations in the picture. (38703)

* Connected Nodename does not appear in the title bar of DatabaseManager, with the Ribbon Interface
enabled. (1-1039622856)

* Database export removes "<" from conditional statements. (1-1360912076)

* VisiconX Grid display problem when show milliseconds is set to true. (1-1059792852)

* Picture with Visiconx Grid control created in iFix 4.0 does not open properly in iFIX 5.1. (1-1198388111)

* Workspace may crash when closing a VBA Form. (1-1088999781)

* Project reference to Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library is removed when pushbutton object is removed
from picture. (1-1105317391)

* In a Trend Chart, pen number displayed instead of currentdata/nodata, when applying pens via .CSV
file. (1-1313672732)

* TXR database tag reads 80 characters rather than the length configured in the TXR database tag
configuration. (1-1392200241)

* Alarm areas for AR, DR tags change back to "ALL" after import. (1-869830021,1-957837996)

* TS Session is not shutting down correctly if Workspace is in config mode. (1-804898243)

* Setting up a X-bar chart for plotting with Auto Limits / Auto Calculation Mode on SD block.(1-

* When running in full screen mode with Environment Protection and the Ribbon enabled, the run mode
Ribbon and Key Tips may be incorrectly displayed when the ALT key is pressed. (1-1323126511, 1-
1462273878, 1-1158019881, 1-1259893887)
* iFIX screensaver does not display correctly across dual monitors. (1-1342589541)

* FIX32 STRTOK command not properly converted to iFIX Mid() command line. (1-1351268041)

* Enhanced Fix32 to iFIX Migration tools to support conversion of pictures using Tag Group Symbols as
parameters in the OPENPIC, CLOSEPIC and REPLACEPIC commands. (1-1412100210)

* On a Proficy Pulse WebSpace setup, Workspace startups even when failed to login to iFIX security.

* Missing warning message when iFIX/Pulse is restarted in DEMO mode. (38336)

* SCU Alarm ODBC configuration dialog resets password to two characters when containing a character
'5' in the third position of password.(1-987080532)

* Expression with Tag Group Substitution does not evaluate correctly at runtime. (1-1049792001)

* In the AlarmSummaryOCX configuration if different Font Type and Font Style are selected for different
Statuses of Alarms, at run-time when the alarm status changes or alarms are acknowledged, the Font
type and styles flicker between selected ones and the default ones. (1-1053766564, 1-1177102061)

* System.LoginUserName and System.LoginGroup are not displayed on an iFIX picture in the run mode.

* AADBACK.EXE hangs during iFIX startup. (1-1465421341)

* Windows taskbar is not accessible within Workspace when running in Full Screen mode. (1-

* ESignature Comments get truncated after 167 Characters. (1-1358954413)

* The filteralm.ini file is overwritten when adding new alarm areas in the SCU alarm configuration. (1-
1376525121, 1-1310168952)

* Timeout Error by vxData with stored procedure takes more than 30 seconds to execute.( 1-1129191041,

* MouseUpOffObject Event fires even if AllowMouseUpOffObjectEvent is disabled. (1-1139555411)

* MultiLine Chart Object does not appear on screen capture (CTRL+P). (1-1154779337, 1-1249651086)

* QP property of VisiconX data object does not show all the characters returned from stored procedure.(1-

* Database blocks may randomly go off scan. (1-1390715452)

* Popups may open slowly when objects are selected in a picture, especially if the selected object is a
group with many contained objects. (1-1224838101)

* Keyup event is not getting called in VBA code for the Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX control and the
Microsoft Textbox ActiveX control. (1-1377343601)

* Scripts of grouped objects fail to trigger when dragged out of parent group. (1-990142581)
* Historic Datalink not getting refreshed on changing the source in runtime. (1-1349390911, 1-

* Standard Chart on client node shows "No Data" from Proficy Historian or Classic Historian when the tag
name contains single quotes. (1-1350490310)

* The Multiple Command Script Wizard sometimes crashes when double-clicking an action in the
Configured Actions list and editing the action. (1-1055325053)

* Inserting a new row into a Threshold table with an input type of Boolean would result in empty combo
boxes for the input column(s), making it impossible to set the input values for the newly added row. (1-

Migration Tools Install

* Migrations Tools - Key Macro Exporter button gives KMEEXP.exe file not found error.


* Missing Events during device reconnection.

* CSMenu exception when repeatedly (and rapidly) clicking menu options.