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Confident Speaking levels 2-3
More Things to You can Say
I want to + (verb)
I want to eat some chocolate.
Do you want to eat some chocolate?
I need to + (verb)
She needs to go to school.
Does she need to go to school?
I have to + (verb)
We have to study for the test.
Do we have to study for the test?

1) Change I to different subjects

2) To ask questions put the Questions words or DO/DOES in front
3) Change want, need, have and not the (verb)
I wanted to read the book.
They needed to do the homework.
Mike had to go to the bathroom
Making Sentences and Questions
1) Question words first! Or to be or to do
2) Who/what is the subject and what verb

Who is that man next to the teacher?
He is my friend.
Is Chris next to the teacher?
No, it is not Chris.
What did you eat last night?
I ate Japanese food last night.
Did you eat pasta yesterday?
Yes, I ate pasta yesterday.
Where does she need to go after school?
She needs to go to the supermarket.
Does she need to go to the library after school?
No, she does not need to go to the library.
Making Sentences and Questions
Think about sentences before making a question
They are doing homework.
Are they doing homework?
What are they doing?
You were cleaning the house.
Were you cleaning the house?
Where were you cleaning?
What were you doing?
We ate some pasta.
Did we eat some pasta?
What did we eat?
She works at a hospital.
Does she work at a hospital?
Where does she work?
Describing() People and Things
Describing people Describing things
Hair Color
Height (how tall) Shape
Face parts Size
Clothes Where they are
Age Who has them
What they like
Where do they work
Where they are
Who they are
Describing Locations: Prepositions
Next to/Near
On the _______ floor
In front of/Behind
In the middle
On the right side of/On the left side of
Across (verb: to cross)
Presentation on 6/20/2017
- A short presentation with pictures (2-3 minutes long)

- I will send you an email about your topic

- Use the grammars and words we learned

- A role playing with the teacher

- We will have a conversation (asking questions and

answering, getting information you need)
- Use the grammars and words we learned