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GE Energy


Product Line
EPAct Efficient
Value Line Family of Products

Open Drip Proof Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
1-400HP - 150HP Severe Duty Explosion Proof
200, 230/460, 460, 575 Volt 200, 230/460, 460, 575 Volt - 250HP 1-200HP
GEGARD180077 Insulation System GEGARD180077 Insulation System 230/460, 460, 575 volt 230/460 Volt
Inverter Capable Inverter Capable GEGARD180077 Insulation Sys. Full Cast Iron Construction
Cast Iron Frame & Endsheilds Cast Iron Frame & Endsheilds Inverter Capable Brass Flinger on both ends
1.15 S.F. 1.15 S.F. Full Cast Iron Construction Non-Sparking fan
F-1 to F-2 modifiable F-1 to F-2 modifiable 1.15 S.F. Oversized Conduit Box
C-Face or Footmount F-1 to F-2 modifiable
Shaft Slinger

NEMA Premium7 Efficient

Energy $aver77 ODP Energy $aver77 TEFC X$D Ultra77 Extra Severe Duty X$D Ultra77 841 Extra Severe Duty
1-300HP 1-250HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
200, 230/460, 575 volt 200, 230/460, 575 volt 1-300HP 1-250HP
GEGARD180077 Insulation GEGARD180077 Insulation 230/460, 460, 575 volt 460, 575 volt
Inverter Capable Inverter Capable Full Cast Iron Construction Full Cast Iron Construction
Cast Iron Cast Iron 1.15 S.F. Meets or exceeds IEEE 841
Frame & Endsheilds Construction GEGARD200077 Insulation System GEGARD200077 Insulation
1.15 S.F. 1.15 S.F. Six Star Bearing System: 0.04 ips Six Star Bearing System: 0.04 ips
D.E. and O.D.E. Inpro Seal

Direct Current Motors

Permanent Magnet DC Kinamatic II CD6000-CD6900

- 3HP 1-500HP 500-2000HP
90 or 180 VDC Field 240, 500 VDC Armature 240, 500 VDC Armature
C-Face w/bolt on feet 150/300 VDC Field 150/300 VDC Field
Provision for tachometer TIG Welded Copper to Copper Sturdy TREC7 Main and Commutating
Drive Capable Commutators Field Coils are Standard
Cont. Torque to 5% base speed DPFG, DPFG-BV, TE TIG Welded Copper to Copper
with free wheeling diode Commutators
Application Specific

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IP54) Custom Vertical Vertical Motors

High Speed 1-800 HP Weather-Protected (WPI)
3-150 HP 230, 460, 2300 or 4160 Volt 5-300 HP
C-Face Footed Cast Iron Frame 230/460, 460 Volt (Part Winding Start)
230/460 Volt, 60 Hz at 1.15 SF WPI, WPII, TEFC GEGARD180077 Insulation System
200/400 Volt, 50 Hz at 1.15 SF Solid or Hollow Shaft Designs Cast Iron Frame & Endshield
and Derated to next lowest HP Normal, High or Extra-High Thrust Designs Stamp Steel Top Hat
GEGARD180077 Insulation System Standard or Energy Efficient Electrical Designs Ball Ratchet
CE Marked High Thrust
Qty 2 N.C. Thermostat Inverter Capable

X$D Ultra77 661 Extra Severe Duty X$D Ultra77 Extra Severe Duty Adjustable Speed Motor A$D
Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled 1.5-300 HP
Heat Exchanger High Torque - NEMA Design C 230/460, 460, 575 volt
5-75 HP 40-300 HP Totally Enclosed
380, 460 volt 230/460, 460, 575 volt GEGARD200077 Insulation System
Meets API 661 & IEEE 841 Standards Design C Infinite:1 Constant Torque Speed Range
GEGARD200077 Insulation System 1.15 S.F. 3 N.C. Thermostat
Roller Bearing L10 Life: 40,000 hrs GEGARD200077 Insulation System UL and CSA recognized
D.E. and O.D.E. Inpro Seal Six Star Bearing System with 0.04 ips Provision to Install Encoder
IP-55 Protection Recessed Steel Reinforced V-Ring Slinger
4 pt Cast-in-lifting Lugs for
Safe and Easy Vertical Lifting

Electric Vehicle Commercial Refrigeration MD800 Mill Duty

Systems 81 mm & 92 mm 5-500 HP
2-30 HP 2-90 watts Meets AISE Standard
36 to 80 VDC 100-1650 RPM Split Frame Design
Partial motor design UL and CSA listed Double Tapered Shaft
for OEM replacement Standard and High Efficient Class H Insulation
19T or 10T female shaft extension Shaded Pole or Permanent TRECTM Coils
Traction, Hydraulic Pump Split Capacitor
and Power Steering Threaded Shaft
Medium to Large Motors

500 Frame 450-7000 Frame Horizontal 8200-8900 Frame Horizontal

Low & Medium Voltage Low & Medium Voltage Induction Medium & High Voltage Induction
250-800HP 350-2,000 HP (250-1,400 kW) 500-22,000 HP (16,000 kW)
460,2300, 4160, 6600 Volt Up to 6600 Volts Up to 13,800 Volts
ODP, WPII, TEFC 2 to 10 Pole Fabricated Steel Frame Construction
Vertical or Horizontal Configuration NEMA & IEC Designs NEMA & IEC Designs
Custom Polyseal Insulation available API 541, 547 API 541, 547

8200-8900 Frame Vertical Wound Rotor Motors Large AC Synchronous Motors

Medium & High Voltage Induction 500-15,000 HP (11,000 kW) 1000-100,000 HP (75,000 kW)
500-12,500 HP (9,000 kW) Up to 6600 Volts Up to 15,000 Volts
Up to 13800 Volts Fabricated Steel Frame Construction Specifications & Standards,
Fabricated Steel Frame Construction NEMA & IEC Designs NEMA, CSA, IEEE, IEC, API 546
NEMA & IEC Designs WPI, WPII, TEAAC, TEWAC Solid Salient Rotor Design for 4 & 6 Pole
API 541 Customized design available for various
Normal or High Thrust Designs applications
WPI, WPII, TEAAC, TEWAC Proven design and manufacturing

AC Design Up to 75,000 kVA
Up to 13,800 Volts
Vertical and horizontal configurations
Specifications & Standards, NEMA,
Large DC Motors 4 & 6 pole for Steam and
Up to 12,000 HP (8,952 kW) Gas Turbine applications
Class F or H insulation 8 pole and above for small hydro apps.
Split magnet frame for easy maintenance All types of enclosures are available
High thrust & torque capabilities
Marine Generation and Propulsion,
Mining & Metal applications
Low Voltage Drives

AF-60 LP Micro Drive AF-600 FP Fan/Pump Drive

1/4 - 10 HP 1 - 60 HP, 230 Volt
230 & 460 Volt 1 - 1,350 HP, 460 & 575 Volt
Compact with built-in brake chopper, RFI Filter Ideally suited for HVAC, pumps, blowers, and compressors
and removable keypad with Quick Menu, H-O-A, NEMA 1, 12 Stand Alone drive options
and single turn potentiometer Built-in Modbus RTU, Metasys N2, & Apogee FLN
Ideal for pumps, fans, mixers, and conveyors P1 networks. Options for BACnet, LonWorks,
DeviceNet, and Profibus DP
Quick Menu, Fan/Pump Macros, 4 Auto-Tune PID
Controllers, Cascade Pump Controller, Real Time
Clock, Energy Savings Mode, and On-Board Manual.

AF-600 GP General Purpose Drive

1/3 - 50 HP, 230 Volt
1/2 - 1,200 HP, 460 Volt
1- 1,350 HP, 575/690 Volt
Ideally suited for constant torque and variable
torque applications
NEMA 1, 4, & 12 Stand Alone drive options
Built-in Modbus RTU
Quick Menu, Closed Loop Vector with built-in
encoder feedback and On-Board Manual

Medium Voltage Drives

Dura-Bilt 5i MV
400-5,000 HP
298-3,730 kWH
2000-2400, 3000-3400, 4000-4200 Volts
Compact Design
Heat Pipe Air-Cooled Inverter
IEEE 519 Compliant
Sensorless Vector Control
Copper Wound Transformer Included as Standard
5 Year Warranty
Genuine Parts
GE Genuine Parts were designed for your GE motors.
They will always fit perfectly saving you time and effort.

Coils from other suppliers almost always require some form-

ing and bending which can damage the coil insulation and
increase labor time. GE armature coil kits include clips and
soldering blocks. These fit perfectly and are two less items
we have to chase down when we rewind an armature

Robert N. Miles
GE Energy Services

Superior Product Quality

Genuine GE parts built to original designs using
Coils Bearings latest materials and manufacturing processes.
Armature Sleeve Bearings
Field Oil Rings A full complement of spare parts are available
Stator for the entire range of GE motors.
Ammortisseur Exciters Exact Fit and Specification
Synchronous Rotor Poles Rotor & Stators
Equalizer Average installation time is reduced compared
Accessories to competitor parts in GE motors.
Commutators/Collectors Air Filters World Class Service
Replacement Commutator Molded Equalizer Trays
Slip Ring Assemblies Speed Limit Switches Our Dedicated Renewal Parts Team is fully integrated
Heaters with technology and manufacturing.
Brush Assembly Thermostats Identification of common spare parts is based
Brushes Thyristors simply on machine model or serial number
Springs Converter Assemblies Spare Parts Program
Brushholders Oil Guages
Fans Customers minimize downtime with an adequate
Blower Assembly or Wheel spare parts inventory plan for their GE motors.

GEGARD Insulation System

Guaranteed Ultimate Performance on Inverter Power

This system exceeds NEMA MG1-31 This system exceeds NEMA MG1-31 (which
(which is 3.1 times the nameplate volt- is 3.1 times the nameplate voltage) for
age) for motors operating on inverters. motors operating on inverters. The insulation
The insulation system is comprised of system is comprised of class H materials and
class F materials and the varnish is non- the varnish is non-hygroscopic, anti-fungus.
hygroscopic, anti-fungus. The varnish The varnish is applied via a Trickle Treat
is either applied via a Dip and Bake, or process while a 60 Hz current is passed
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) through the windings. This causes the
process. The combination of materials varnish to flow through the winding resulting
and processes provides a minimum in improved penetration into the stator slots
Corona Inception Voltage (CIV) up to and an increase in varnish build. The current
1800 volts peak with a rise time of also cures the winding from the inside out,
0.1 microseconds. rather than oven baking. The combination
of materials and processes provides a
minimum Corona Inception Voltage (CIV)
up to 2000 volts peak with a rise time
of 0.1 microseconds.

GE Energy

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