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MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES ET EUROPEENNES DIRECTION GENERALE DE L'ADMINISTRATION ET DE LA MODERNISATION DIRECTION DES RESSOURCES HUMAINES Sous-direction de la Formation et des Concours. Bureau des concours et examens professionnels RHAB, CONCOURS EXTERNE ET INTERNE DE CONSEILLER DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES (CADRE D’ORIENT) AU TITRE DE 2011 EPREUVES ECRITES D'ADMISSIBILITE Mardi 14 septembre 2010 LANGUE OBLIGATOIRE : ANGLAIS ‘Durée totale de I'épreuve : 3 heures. Coefficient : 3. ‘Toute note inférieure & 12 sur 20 est éliminatoire, — QUESTIONNAIRE A CHOIX MULTIPLES — Réponse d un questionnaire & choix multiples portant sur la grammaire, les structures et les usages de la langue anglaise. — Durée : 30 minutes. Cette partie comporte 8 pages (page de garde non comprise). tO So SUJET: Effectuer les exercices directement sur le document. PARTIE A COMPLETER ET A SIGNER PAR LE CANDIDAT Concours externe et interne pour Paceés A Pemplol de conseiler des affaires étrangéres (cadre q’Orient) au tire de 2011 LANGUE OBLIGATOIRE : ANGLAIS - QUESTIONNAIRE A CHOIX MULTIPLES ‘Cadre réservé & Yadministation (ae rien éerire ci-dessous) __ | NOM PRENOM : N° de convocation : Signature (obligatoire) Multiple choice questionnaire Tick the correct answer box on the answer sheet provided at the end of the questionnaire. Only one answer is correct. all their apparent humility, they pride ~ their beauty. 2) With/herself/on b] For/themselves/of c}For/ themselves/on_d) With/herself/of 2) The murder suspect was confronted — ~ the evidence, --—-- his utter dismay. a) ageinst/at b)with/to —c) on/to d) tofat 3) The party broke — just after midnight. a) up b} down gin d) around 4) He looks no older. He for years. a) hasnot been changing __b) has not changed —_c) isnot changed __—_d)is not changing 5) - its reputation, the BBC is threatened a) Despite offwith/of b) Despite/with/in <)_ In spite offby/within 4d) In spite/with/in - deep cuts its budget. 6) The fog —--— at last and the plane ~ a) raised/could take off b) shot up/was allowed to take off ¢)_ went up/ might take off 4d) lifted/was able to take off 7) has been learned about DNA, but -~ a). Lots/that lot/remaining mounds b) Alot/this lot/resting mounds ¢)_ Much/that much/remaining mountains 4) Many things/these many/resting mountains ig. a speck beside the ~ of ignorance. 8) Texas is for undocumented workers a) amagnet _b) an attraction ©) an invitation 4) an enticement 9) Pedestrians — at crosswalks. a} have the right of way b) have the priority c) have aright of passage —d) have arrite of passage 10} Young people to have respect for their a) are supposed /olders b) are not meant not/youngers ©) should felders 4) are supposed/elders 111) "This office has no place for a shiftless worker” In this sentence, the correct synonym for the underlined word is: a) slothful bjidle cj lackadaisical d)all of the above 12) Nothing —---- stem the growing discontent of the people a) should b) could cl had better d) would rather 13) How long the floor? a) hasheheld b)he holds —_¢} he is holding d)is he holding 14) The gangster threatened to burn down the store the owner paid extortion money. a) ifnot b) since clunless d) as long as 15) They are running too fast fo much chance of a) there being/they will be caught b) there is/ them being caught ¢)_ being /having been caught 4) there to be/their being caught 16) Since the candidate his campaign, at least $20 million ~ a) has started/have been raised b) has started/was raised ¢)_ started/has been raised d) had started/were raised 17) He is afraid she their date. a) may have forgotten b) ought to forget ) must forget 4) can have forgotten Italian, German for five years, and then, at the beginning of 2008, she a} has studied/started b) studied/started ¢)_ studied/has started d)__has studied/has started 18) She ‘our voters believe that British governments of any party put the national - of the party. 19) Fewer than one — interest 2) in/above that b)_of/above the one ©) out/before that d)_in/ before the one 20} Thousands of people ~ a) would have been b) ought to have been ©) are reported to have been d) were said to be 21) There's no point a) tohide/at bin hiding/from o) hiding/to d) in hiding/to what you have done 22)- aban, it a) fit exists/it must b) Ifthere can be/it will co) fit must be/it ought to d)_Ifthere must be/should apply to all drinking and driving. 23) Climate change claims - more convincing ~ a) appeared/it/disagreed b) will be/if/will agree ©) would be/were/be agreed 2) would be/were/to agree ~~ climatologists themselves ~ 24) - there is nostalgia for the days of double digit growth . a) Little wonder b) How surprising ) Nomatter 4d) However much in Sweden as in the U.K. a) twice that high b) twice so high ©) twice as high ¢)_ twice higher 26} It was obvious that a) _allof them b) some of them c)_ none of them d) any of them had seen anything. 27) The debt is rising faster than ~~ a) before it ever has b)_itever has before c) itused to be before d)_everit has before 28) You certainly will get to travel a) after you have been b) after you will be ©) afteryou are d)_ after you will have been 29) We'd better get ~--~- right now, a} to go /wouldn’t we? b) going / hadn't we? ©) gone / hadn't we? d) to going/wouldn’t we? 30) There had been — a) much/haé been b) several/would be <) many/nad been d) many a/were time when she had wished he smarter. 31) The men were served separately ~ a) of b)off c)at dj from and before, the women, 32) It is now possible to rent campervans, --- campsites are --- scarce. a) but/yet b) though/still c) even/somehow d) iffalthough 33) Over there peaple never touch —in public, even---family members. a) another/in b) othersfin ¢) each other/among_ d} other one/with 34) They will be observed and commented —~ ajupon bjat c)of d)from 35) The child’s mother had a very uncaring attitude —-her daughter. a)to b) at c)with d) towards 36) The children had found a~--kitten. a) whimpering b) sitting ¢) running d) braying 37) The guests were -——--- the lounge and plied~--drinks. a)led inf of b)led into/at c) showed to/ some _d)shown into/ with 38) The beggar was a) turned off b) turned down c) turned over d) shut down 39) Don't worry, things will —-work out a) finally b) otherwise c) ever d) eventually 40) \f you sign this document, you risk being--- a ride, a)given b) offered c}taken for d) called for 41) He was too busy to----very much attention—--the document. a) have/for bj deliver/at_c) offer /at d) pay/to 42) Allof the people living in the countryside are for the cities. a) fearing b) running away c)hoping d) making a beeline 43) His house is isolated, literally ~--the beaten track a)on bin cloff d)of 44) The players —-the score to~ English a) calledone anather ) said/each other ¢) markedthe other ) counted/ to another 45) The doctor went on holiday before ~-- ~~ to practice. a) going dawn b) getting down c) settling down d) sitting down 46) Being very upset, he went to the window and —-it open. a) flung b)had c}fixed d) made 47) He exercised much~—in making the best of his materials. a) love b) ingenuity c) delicacy d) delight 48] He was ~-- - temper because he was not playing well. a) short of b) in good c) out of) with bad 49) The captain decided to --~-~as soon as possible. a) put off b)puton c) put by d) putin 50} After dinner he went to his room ~--he wanted to be alone, ‘a)and b) for c)so d) thus 51) She went into the dining room to check~—the table was properly a) whether/made up b) that/laid_c)ifforganised d) that/made 52) Young women travelling alone should sit with other women if a) at all b) otherwise soc) so ever d) it should be possible. 53) | don’t believe you were----introduced-—him. a) sometime/near b)once/to c}never/for d) ever/to 54) I've known several people who absolutely swore-—it a) with b) at_c) by d) on 55) You're not ready to do the same thing agait a)neither b) nor c)either d) nonetheless am | 56) You could have dane great things, and you settled -~-a quiet life. a) without b) at’ c)around d) for 57) He shaved and-—his bath, dressed and went into the dining room. a) scoured b) made c}had d) poured 58) The crew -——- prisoners who —-- ~ their oars. a) were/walted at b)was/ took care ofc) had been/had all_d)were/ managed with 59) In the opening match France ——-Uruguay. a) scored b)equalled c)beat d) tied 60) Your question is irrelevant the problem. a)to b)with c)for d)on © Correct answer = + 4 points ° No answer =0 point ° Wrong answer = - 1 point Tick the correct answer box as in the following example: Question n® | A[B[C[D. 1 xX [Question n° TAT BT CTD] Question n® 31. 32. 33, 34, 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41, 42. 4B. 44, 45. 46. a7. 48. 49. 50. Sl 52. 53. 34, 55. 56. 357. 58. 59. 60.