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The IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct speaks against active self promotions and
advertisement. In what ways would such restraints enhance the stature of engineers as
professionals? More importantly, given the advert of the information technology age
where virtually reality is becoming the norm, how would any violation of the IEM
Regulations on Professional Conduct be detected and dealt with ?

Answer :

First of all, engineering has been regarded as one of the greatest professions on earth that has
contributed in various positive impacts to the society and country. However, misuse of
professional knowledge or adoption of bad would incur various negative social illness to
society and country. One of the most profound social illnesses that has been closely linked to
the engineering profession is the wide spread of corruption or unwise practices amongst certain
group of engineers such as self promotion and advertisement.

IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct speaks against active self promotion and
advertisement. Self-promoting is unethical as typically large amount of money will be used for
promotion of in worse case the lobbying process. Those costs could be effectively used to
improve the existing system and could be spent for multi researches.

The Internet has emerged as a powerful tool for practitioners, professionals, teachers and clients
alike. In IEM context, not only it allow engineers to gather a wide range of information quickly,
but its also become a springboard for providing engineering services, particularly to
geographically isolated clients who would otherwise go without. This method of practice is
inexpensive, saves time, allows a lot of people to be well-informed of the services provided
But in contrast, he/she shall not present or exaggerate his responsibility in or for the subject
matter of prior payments. Brochures or other presentations incident to the solicitation of
payment shall not mispresentpertinent facts concerning employers, employees, associsates and
many more. Moreover, engineers shall not reveal facts, data, or information without the prior
consent of the client or employer except as authorized or required by law or this Code.
At this moment of time, the detection is only can happen when someone come across the
advertisement of the services provided by the engineers in the Internet, electronic media, social
media and many more. Those person who found and discover this unethical practice should
either report it to IEM or remain silent. If the person proceeds with the writing statement or
complain to IEM, IEM disciplinary board will either suspend the membership or the person
will be given a warning otherwise the offenders will happily get the benefits from his/her action
unethically. In contrast, if the person who found this unethical actions remain silent, he/she can
be categorized as abetting. Legal authorities can take actions against him for abetting with the
offenders. This process is a waste of energy and time and lastly the offenders will be released
because there are no strict laws in our country. In addition, our government does not impose
strict laws on this issues or problems because it is not getting serious and worse.

Futhermore, if all the engineers in Malaysia could be follow and embedded with the Code of
Ethics, the society will be served more equally in a professional way. This statement should
be start from low level such as university or college students. It is because in the future, all of
these students will be the engineers for any projects in our country Malaysia. In addition, the
Government through Ministry of Human Resources should evaluate the current situation and
to impose strict laws for the offenders to avoid this problem from being a cancer in the society.
Other than that, the clients should look for those self-promoting engineers in the Internet as
non-compliance person.

In conclusion, public society should be acknowledgeable in the basic Professional Conducts of

engineers in order to help curb this problem from getting more serious and worse.